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on May 7, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

“Why Me?”


We’ve been having abinormal weather of late with a single day of bigtime winter snows. On these days, our birds flock to the feeders and clean them out in minutes. I like to take advantage of the moment and shoot like crazy. We seem to have a huge number of Steller’s Jay this spring so they seem to be dominating my viewfinder. This is in part because prior to nesting their blues are so electric. At the same time, they are characters and that comes across in the photos.


The shooting is pretty straight forward. I’m inside shooting out an open window. Wanting a narrow angle of view to control the background, I’m shooting the D4s / 800mm. And with the dark skies, I needed some white light to clean up the colors and bring the blue to life. I have a SB-910 / SD-9 / Rapid Box Strip off to the right of the Jay popping in at -1 exp comp to simply clean up the color of the light, not to effect the exposure.