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on May 12, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Stuck in Paradise!

Yeap, flight canceled so dang it, I’m stuck in paradise. Ya, South Dakota and in particular Custer State Park as far as I’m concerned is a wildlife photographers paradise. Had simply an amazing morning of shooting all my favorites and to my hearts content. So while those images are ingesting, thought I would post a couple of clicks of a favorite critter, the Pronghorn. It was a gorgeous sunrise and as we went around the bend, we came upon a band of bucks. The youngsters were busy “sparring” while the adults went about trying to ignore them. This particular buck came close and just looked at us. Shooting with the D4s / 800f5.6, simply went click and watched the fun. Shot from the road, standing next to the car with breakfast waiting for us around the corner. I’m tellin you, it’s a wildlife photographer’s paradise!