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on May 29, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

No Accident, There’s a Formula!

Osprey 0436

Yes, YOU can take this same photo! No matter the lens you have, there is a formula and it’s no secret. I’ve and others have written it many times. Here it is, don’t miss it.

SUN and WIND on your back

That’s it, nothing more! This is simple photography and simple flight we are using to make the photo. When birds come into land, just like planes, they fly into the wind to help them slow down. When the sun is on your back, the subject will be frontlit. When the wind is on your back, the birds will land facing you. This Osprey is coming to its nest, knowing the light and feeling the wind, no guess work involved in making the shot. The only thing I was wondering was if shooting with the D4s / 800mm I would be too tight when it flew in. But capturing the action is just a simple formula, the rest is being there.