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on May 30, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Simple Blessings


My Thursday morning was anything but a yawn! I’m incredibly fortunate to have so many friends here in Florida. One of those friends is simply the sweetest lady whose giant heart and arms are always open. Knowing I was coming down I dropped Kathy an email to see if she had a morning to go shooting. She’s just a hoot to be with so couldn’t think of a better person to spend time with. Well we meet up today at 06:30 and hit the beach. We went to a Black Skimmer colony you can access during the week that is a photographer’s paradise. At this point in time, it appears most of the skimmers are on eggs and the start of hatching is just starting.


I’ve worked Black Skimemr colonies before but never one where you turn one way and shoot the colony, turn the other way and photograph them skimming. That was pretty cool. We started photographing them in the shadow of a large condo and then as the sun peaks over, it backlights some of the skimmers for a while like you see above. It set them crazy bills to glowing which is very cool! There are about 250-300 individuals in the colony so it’s pretty packed and very busy. This keeps you constantly looking for photo opps which are non-stop. We shot the entire time kissing the sand creating intimate images.


You probably noticed them crazy bills the skimmers own. The lower mandible is longer that the upper one (something they are born with). The lower mandible is dragged in the water as you see and when they feel a fish, the bill snaps close. In our four hours at the colony we photographed nesting, copulation, fights, fish exchange, eggs shell disposal, feeding, preening, bathing and a whole lot more depositing 3k image on the hard drive. And the whole time enjoying the company of great friend who filled me in on all the natural news for the area. Good shooting, good friend, good conversation early in the morning. Simple blessings! Thanks Kathy!!