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on Jun 7, 2014 in Just Out!

Click2Click NYC in 1 Week

New York City 8796

14-15 June, that’s right, Click2Click is coming to New York! This is a two day, very intensive course giving you the knowledge and confidence to take your camera and make those great images you desire to tell your story. We start in the classroom getting to know our cameras. We then go out for very targeted photography to make the shots to learn more about our cameras. Finally, we’re back in the classroom taking our photographs we just took into the Digital Darkroom to learn how we finish what we started when we went click.

The price is $695 for the NYC course (includes instruction only). We start 0830 on Saturday, finish around 1700 on Sunday (we finish both days around 1700). This is a two day, 17hrs course for just 12 folks and we have 1 opening! You will need to bring just your camera body, basic lens, computer, functioning brain and energy. The class itself is being help in midtown Manhattan. You’re interested, just call Sharon now! 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506