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on Jun 12, 2014 in Camera Tech

Central Park f1.8

DLCNYNC10359 as Smart Object-1

We had an absolutely marvelous day yesterday walking Central Park with one hundred and twenty folks for our B&HPhotos folks. We had a treasure trove of subjects from nesting Red-tailed Hawks, Black-crowned Night Heron, plants, flowers, trees and of course, people. Mary was on the edge of the lake painting when the group strolled past. She was very kind and patient as everyone took her photograph. I finally went up and thanked for your patience and if she wouldn’t mind if I took her photo.

DLCNYNC10550 as Smart Object-1

I shot the majority of the time with the Df and 85f1.8 and really enjoyed it and the results. Both of these shots were taken at f/1.8 and you can see it did a marvelous job. With Mary, it did a great job of making the busy background disappear and with the building window, a crisp rendering. We finished our day at the Red Eye Grill having dinner with a delightful WWII vet who flew C-47s. It was simply a marvelous day enjoying all the Big Apple has to offer, sights, sounds and people.