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on Jun 27, 2014 in Aviation

Story Behind the BTS Time Lapse


It started as just an article, it then evolved into a series of articles and now it’s an upcoming book. The book is all about pilots across the country who do more than just fly. These pilots are all about preserving, sharing and living the dream of flight while preserving our heritage of flight. The BTS time lapse I posted earlier (seen below) was from one of these shoots this last weekend in Wichita, KS. What you see above is the photo (prototype of the new Cessna 750+) after I kicked the pilot out of it because, well, it was cool without him (yes, I’m brutal but said it with a smile).

The book is more than a collection of portraits. There will be a whole bunch of sexy plane photos along with the text further telling the pilot’s story. It will also have a section on how the photos were made. I travel the county doing these on my own and the gear I have (listed below) makes a one man band successful. Won’t be out for another 18 months but wanted to answer the question what’s up with the time lapse. Here’s the gear that was used in making the photo and time lapse: