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on Jun 30, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

New Life


Sunday morning was simply, amazing! I was back in FL for the weekend and it found me at the Black Skimmer colony. New life is everywhere and watching it, hearing it and witnessing it is one of the great joys of wildlife photography. And the joys of wildlife photography continued when it was shared with so many other shooters. My dear friend Kathy and gang (Mike, Tony, Leslie and the rest of you) make me smile. Not just the kind words and open arms, but all the smiles you have as you too chase the critters with your lenses. There were 70-200, 80-400, 200-400, 600 and of course the 800 all trained on the adorable chicks peaking out at the big bad world for the first time. The whole experience for me simply brings to wildlife photography, new life!