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on Jul 7, 2014 in Aviation

Freedom, Friends & Foley!


Sharon and I flew up to Minot, ND to spend the 4th with our dear friends as we did last year. It was to be a “quiet” 4th with perhaps a little flying. Well, it turned out to be an amazing busy, massive blast of a time goofing off. We no sooner had boots on the ground and we were up in a Mooney 231 scouting for an air to air the next day. Then we did some more flying, then we did some more flying and then some more. Finally got my dream flight in a TBM Avenger doing bombing and straffing runs. Unbelievable!. Then we spent that day at a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior project with a great group of folks. Meet a great military photog Arron and was treated to seeing some truly amazing images. We never got back to our room before 2AM for two nights! Some of the flights I shot just video so much so filled the 32GB Lexar XQD twice, really cool video which at this point along with 7k images have just been dumbed on the hard drive. I have been so busy, not even had a chance to go through them and if you know me, that’s radical!


All of this and I only came planning on one shoot, the next in my pilot portrait project. I brought along the Profoto Kit (Logistics Manager 30 – Rolling Gear Case, B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash,Lithium-ion Battery for B1 500 AirTTL,Fast Battery Charger,Air Remote Transceiver,50 Degree Magnum Reflector,Honeycomb Grid, 10 Degrees,Air-cushioned Light Stand) with me for it (you can see the basic set above). I ended up doing portraits and even a senior portrait. Spent a fair amount of time at the airport which included working some with the Texas Flying Legends aircraft getting ready and heading out to an airshow this coming weekend. I came light shooting mostly with the D4s, 24-70AFS, Df, 24f1.4 and 85f1.8. While the plan was for a quiet 4th, it turned out to be stuffed full. I’m behind in my storytelling so stay tuned the next few weeks as I get you all caught up on our adventures and the lessons learned behind the lens.