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on Jul 19, 2014 in Aviation

Workin “The Pass”


Being that I didn’t post for the last couple of days, thought I’d put up a Saturday post to entertain you for the weekend. Being very fortunate to have some amazing friends with some amazing aircraft in some amazing country, there is some amazing flying I get to participate in and photograph. This is just such an opportunity. This is a very rare FM-2P Wildcat that needed to be flown to be exercised. With that being the case, it was arranged that I would race back to the private airfield (had to drive 50min to get there) and in an hour, the Wildcat would do some air work around me (10min flight for it). So Sharon and I jumped in the truck and raced back to the ranch, up the hill (with D4s / 80-400VR3) to get into place.


I receive a text “launching” so I knew I had ten minutes before they arrived. I know what’s coming, this is not our first rodeo. Even so, it’s hard to press the shutter release when you see a magnificent warbird being flown on a strafing run as you might have seen in WWII pass before you. The first pass I was at 80mm but on the second I went to 250mm and while I knew it was a low percentage shot, I did get this one frame I really like (panning, panning, panning!). One aspect of flight I’m always trying for but it’s a huge challenge is communicating speed in a still image. When you can get a background that is close to the subject (major challenge with a plane) and you can blur that background, then the mind says, speed.

You should know, this same kind of opportunity is available to you as well! The relationship I have with this pilot is one that has come over time working on many projects up to this point. It’s really no different than the relationships I have with biologists getting me into projects with critters otherwise not approachable. The whole process is up to you! Getting it started, growing it and making it one that benefits all. It starts with the craft, the making of the photograph, the storytelling. Then finding, working and building the relationship which takes as much time as the craft in some cases. Then together you come up with the photographs that tells their story using your craft that you share. It’s a real easy formula that works every time once you put in the time. Today’s a great day to start yours!