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on Jul 21, 2014 in Just Out!

Where’s the D810 Review?

Screen Shot810

That’s what a lot of emails are saying today (guess there are a lot of thorough, intense reviews of a body folks have had in their hands for 10min out there). Well, there was a little screw up in shipping so I won’t have mine until tomorrow (price of living in the mtns). But I won’t be posting a review tomorrow. A reader had said that he had bought a D800 on my suggestion when it first came out and was disappointed, he wouldn’t do that again. To be totally honest, I feel his pain. While the megapixels are incredibly attractive, the down side of working those giant images killing a computer performance took the fun out of the D800. I think the D810 addresses those and other concerns but not until I have the answers will I be posting my thoughts (not a review) on the D810.

In the meantime, had you see this offer from Nikon? Switch & Save … that’s pretty darn cool!