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on Jul 22, 2014 in Moose's Camera Bag

LensCoat 4Xpandable Long Lens Bag


Before I say anything, watch this video first!

When Scott at LensCoat told me about their new 4Xpandable, I didn’t get it, not until I saw the video. As you can see, it’s now what carries the D4s/800mm all in one case. This one bag truly does fit all and that’s the beauty of it! It expands or contracts to fit YOUR lens. Now if you shoot Canon, it’s perfect. Shooting Nikon and you’ll find a tad of space around the shade but no big deal. Now Scott and crew have thought of everything, everything on this bag from pockets to strap management, it’s gorgeous. It can be a case or with the extra Universal Padded Harness and Waist Belt you can put it on your back and go. I’ve been trusting my gear to LensCoat for years and years and this is just another reason why.