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on Jul 23, 2014 in Great Stuff

“What are They Up To?”

Screen Shotbwp

Sharon & I are constantly being asked this about our sons, Brent & Jake. Both boys grew up in this industry and have since day one, been part of our visual communications business, seeing every side to it. Simply put, the boys make us darn proud! While they are still part of the family business, they aren’t either. Both live far away from us, running their own very successful businesses with the family coming together working on special joint projects during the year. Now Jake & I go shooting together (See Jakes gorgeous landscapes this week?) quite often and Brent is the master mind behind all our iBooks & apps. Brent & Jake have met so many of you over the years, many ask how they are doing and what they’re up to and now I can answer that real easily and do a little bragging at the same time. What you see above is from Brent & Jake’s first joint, very successful venture. You really should check it out because there’s some really great info in Brent’s post about it. The cool thing for us parents is knowing the three all contributed to the final product (though the project is still very much ongoing), the photo you see is Jake’s (sweet), the Logo is Brent’s (turned out amazing), the young lady in the photo is Brent’s better half Katt. Brent put all the graphics and content together creating the final product (which includes a great video Jake shot and Brent edited) and taking care of the client. So, that’s what they’ve been up to and all of them will be at Photoshop World in Vegas (Jake is presenting in the Adobe booth!!!). Say Hi, they have lots to share too!