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on Jul 24, 2014 in Moose's Camera Bag

The D810 & Albert


The hummer returned to our meadow about a month ago, Rufous taking over at first. I would see them briefly between projects but could do nothing photographically about them. A week ago, this juvenile Allen’s took control of the meadow and we’ve not seen a Rufous since. As I’ve done for summers now, I put up my perch and started to get Albert, that’s what we named him, use to being a star. Now my MO is no different than what you see me do in this class. We have a feeder and knowing how male hummers gotta “own” a place, found a good lookin perch and attach it to a light stand. You’ll see lots of examples of this here on the site. The gear is real simple, D810, 80-400 being fired with a Pocket Wizard Plus III. I’m shooting remotely for one basic reason, I have no bloody time to stand behind the camera like I should right now. Argh!!!!


At the same time as getting Albert use to the camera, I’m getting use to the D810. Like I demoed in the video, the Unlimited Continuous shooting worked perfectly shooting with the remote. The D810 just kept on cranking as I pushed the button on the Pocket Wizard. Now the D810 has some new features I’m wanting to explore like a Clarity setting in the Picture Control (did you know Nikon improved the menu with a digital & analog scale now? Great!), Subject Tracking AF in LiveView (huge for video) and Highlight Weighted Metering just to mention a couple. Another biggie that I have to test and test and test for myself is the new Raw Small vs. Raw Large. Raw Large produces a 7360×4912 36.2MB file and the Raw Small producing a 3680×2456 9MB file. The reason why I think is important is two fold. The main one being that I don’t want that big file most of the time, just don’t need it for my work. The other reason is if a viable file, the Raw Small makes the D810 a multi purpose body with the simple toggle of a switch (I have it in My Menu). I’ve not shot enough to have files to print yet, but you’re looking at a quick test right here. The top image is a Raw Large and the bottom is a Raw Small. And being behind the clock, I shot before great light so raised the ISO to 800 just to push the system a little. Way too early for me to saw much but I can say I am impressed by the flexibility and problem solving of the D810.