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on Jul 28, 2014 in Aviation

Which One Doesn’t Fit? Why?

The Golden Era of Aviation, an early period in aviation that instills deep romantic feeling today, the aircraft of this era are also known as antiques. This gorgeous ’31 Waco QCF falls into these categories, Golden Era and romantic. We photographers tend to get wrapped up in camera and technique, exposure and sharpness and while these are important components to a photograph, they should not be our end goal. Jay Maisel has wisely stated where we really need to start with, Light, Gesture, Color because within these we tell the story, we reach our viewer’s hearts and that should be our goal. Case in point.

It was again one of those magical evenings in North Dakota where once in a lifetime opportunities seem to come. On this gorgeous evening we went flying which turned in to an air to air shoot. I quickly grabbed the D4s / 24-70AFS, jumped in the cub and took to the air. It was so spur of the moment, there was no brief, no flight plan, just heading out to catch the setting sun. The gear was in hand, the technique in place and with the pilots, the subject in place. Killed a few pixels this night, these kind of flights don’t come around often. And which images came through as successful, at the minimum reaching Maisel’s words of wisdom? Well, recognizing them after the fact is in part how you learn to recognize them in the viewfinder. Which one of these six didn’t meet the goal, why? Learn to see and feel this and you’re photography will vastly improve.