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on Jul 29, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

It’s Been Four Hours Newton!



“Did they come down,” “Can you see them,” “What are they doing” are just some of the questions I’ve received. Black bears in general have nocturnal habits and that’s true for moms with spring cubs. No doubt they were heading up the hill to their day den when our beagle decided to change their path. So once up the tree being a big, sturdy tree (we call it Tree3), they did what comes naturally during the day. They fell a sleep. Now the world is going by, the bears don’t care about the world and the world doesn’t know the bears are in our yard. Even the beagle when I took her out, could care less now about them. Shooting with the D810 / 80-400 in Flat to open up the shadows, you can’t really see them. Following the red arrows, the upper arrow is the two, spring cubs sleeping on one branch and the mom, the lower arrow kinda drooped over two limbs. And there they are, four hours later.