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on Jul 29, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Newton Knew Wildlife?


The Eastern Sierra experienced a very much welcomed down pour yesterday that lasted for nearly 10hrs. The summer thunderstorms though caused a shut down of computers as the lightning bounced around the office delaying blog posting. At 06:24 this morning our beagle put out the bear alert and sure enough, the mom (seen here) and two spring cubs had been treed by her diligence. By the time I got to the tree with a camera (D810 / 85f1.8 was handy) only mom was visible (I’m on our deck looking at her). So now we’re sitting here, beagle now inside, waiting to see if Newton is right, what goes up must come down! On a photographic side note, this was shot in the new “Flat” Picture Control setting which when it comes to shadows, is magical!