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on Jul 30, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Newton Got It Right

Around noon, the family woke and made their way down the tree. Mom came down first and when we got eye to eye (she’s perhaps five feet away from me), I recognized her as the cub I’d seen in the same tree in years past. She’s not a cub no mo, she’s now a mom teaching her kids living with man. Now I lucked out when they came down because the thunderstorm had started to form really mellowing out the light. I also shot in the Flat Picture Control which I’m liking more and more in contrasty light (all images taken with D810 / 85f1.8 @1.8). Once mom was down, she “huffed” bringing the kids down. Now kids being kids (spring kids, born during the last winter), didn’t take the direct route but played as they went. Part of that play was to come over and see the funny human with the black box attached to his forehead. The whole thing didn’t last more than eight minutes, but it was fun to see the new family and know we knew that mom back when. Oh, and Newton it turns out does know wildlife 🙂