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on Aug 29, 2014 in Aviation

Seconds Can Be a Lifetime

No matter your genre of photography, no matter the subject, the background is everything in a photograph. Whether it is tack sharp or totally out of focus, overexposed, perfectly exposed or totally underexposed, it is what sets the stage for your subject and finishes its story. I’m often asked how do you know the right background for your subject so that when you see it or select it, it’s the right one? This is not even an easy question to answer! That’s because just like every element in the creation of the photo from f/stop to lens, it’s a personal choice based on who you are, your relationship to the subject and the story you want to tell about the subject. And like any moment in photography, when it comes to the perfect background to tell your subject’s story your way, seconds can be a lifetime! I offer up this simple example to illustrate my point. The time stamp on these two photos are only 3 seconds apart. Shooting...

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on Aug 28, 2014 in Great Stuff

Dimmitt – Connecting the Dots!

I just LOVE this story Bob Dimmitt just sent me. This is real world and how as a photographer (and great MLP) you pay the bills and grow clients. Great job Bob … now in his words … Anyway, From “Click to Click to Cover”might be the apt description of my second cover. Just prior to Click I had taken a photograph at Hobby airport as I was leaving from a management meeting-three tower cranes (fixed cranes in the air, used more in Europe and just gaining acceptance in the US) building Southwest’s new terminal next to the runways. I would have expected conventional cranes that could be lowered when not in use given the runways. Anyway, I was talking to Beth, about to board, and saw this image across the terminal with light hitting the cranes. Ran over with the Df and 18-35 and took a few, then had to board. Not a lot of time but I got an image. The result was #1 attached. Big problem...

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on Aug 27, 2014 in Aviation

BTS – Howard 500 Flyover

Pietsch Pass is a special location for aviation photography I’ve been very fortunate to shoot from a time or two. In July, we conducted out first “real” shoot after some practicing. We had no way of knowing that a month later, we’d be putting it into action. The gorgeous Howard 500 made a stop at KMOT. Being good friends with Warren, when he told them of our special shooting location and said some nice things about me (really nice things), we made the mad dash to do the shoot. Sharon & I got in the truck and hauled ass (1hr drive) to Pietsch Pass, ran up the hill with our gear (I had the D4s / 80-400, Sharon her Nikon V2 / 10-30 with ME-1) and got in place. Just minutes before the Howard got on station, Warren arrived with a hand held to act as ground control. Well, I think the video tells the rest of the story...

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