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on Aug 14, 2014 in Camera Tech, Landscape Photography

Cruising Alaska with the V3


I’ve been up in Alaska for the last week and one of the fun things has been shooting with the new Nikon 1 V3. I’ll be up front with you, I thought the camera would show up, I’d shoot some and then send it back. Such is not the case! I’ve shot and shot and shot with this camera and it is great! What you see here was shot with the 30-110 which I borrowed from Sharon. It was one of many times I borrowed that lens and just look at the results! I mean, look below at the enlarged section. Very stunning results as far as I’m concerned. This basically all metal camera that easily fits in your hand just produces what I feel and gorgeous images and at the same time, delivering fun!


I actually have some much more stunning and surprising images to post but we’re running to catch a plane, off to North Dakota. I wanted though to post this handheld image just to elaborate a little more on this amazing little camera. I’ve had a number of emails since my first V3 post and the answer is, I would pick this over the Coolpix A or P7800 for a pocket camera. Simply amazing!