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on Aug 15, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Gull Island

So I was getting pretty serious about the V3 being a tool that solves problems for my photography. To prove it even more so to myself, thought I would take it on a stress test. While in Homer, we were able to venture out for a few hours to a favorite location of mine, Gull Island. On a gorgeous rainy day, we went for a cruise and all I took was the V3, 10-30 and 30-110 loaded with a Lexar 68GB MicroSDM (which I’ve not lost yet, a record for me). The V3 can shoot up to 60fps which is why I have the big card. I have it set to just 10fps though.

First, the V3 did just fine in the rain, not even an issue. Having the small, light camera and lens (smaller than your palm) on the open seas was really a treat as it was very simple to hold and shoot. And as you can see, the image quality is truly sweet. The V3 has a “viewfinder” that permits you to see through the lens so shooting is basically like shooting with a DSLR. All the settings are basically the same as on my other DSLR but the zooming from 30 to 110 takes only a second as the throw is so short. At this point in the Black-legged Kittiwake colony, eggs have hatched and some kids have already flown the coop. I prefer to look for patterns in the nest platforms and the rock and for small snipits of family life. The V3 worked very well in capturing those aspects just like the DSLR would have. No, the V3 is not the perfect wildlife rig! I wanted to see if it could take the stress of the environment and produce the same great quality. I’m very impressed!