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on Aug 18, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

V3 Peak of Action Challenge

Photographing Sea Otters requires understanding Peak of Action and waves. Peak of Action is a real simple principle, waiting for a moving object to come to a momentary stop to take a sharp photo. The example I always like to use is a bouncing basketball. There is a point as it travels up that it stops, before traveling back down and there is a point that it stops before it bounces back up. At that moment of rest, you have peak of action. Same holds true with a Sea Otter as they ride the ocean swells. Same does the boat you’re in to photograph the Sea Otter as we were last week in Homer, AK. On a rainy (see drops in the water) dark day, you need to use peak of action to get that sharp image. This means that when you are at peak of action, when you depress the shutter release, the camera fires. This is one aspect of the Nikon 1 V3 (this shot with 30-110 lens) I want to emphasis. When you depress the shutter release, the V3 fires! There is no shutter lag and in fact, when you depress the shutter release you might have 60 images because the camera shoots 60fps. This is just another very impressive aspect of this cool little camera.