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on Aug 19, 2014 in Camera Tech

Keepin it Real Simple!


“How do you work in an open cockpit?” Received this question from a number of folks in response to my posting of the Wildcat photo. To start with, the pilots I’m working with are really the most important part of the equation! Next, I’m in a AT-6 Texan (the photo is lookin down into the rear seat), most just call them T-6, a WWII trainer. This particular model, the rear seat spins 180 degrees so you’re shooting looking backwards. The canopy is retracted so you are basically out in the sky flying along. Now you have shoulder and waist harness so you are part of the aircraft, you ain’t going nowhere! The camera, in this case the D4s / 80-400VR3 (no shade is a must) protected from the many sharp edges of the aircraft in a LensCoat Body Guard. And perhaps the most important took, the Vulture Strap which is around the neck. And that’s it, keepin it simple.