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Moose’s Gear Locker

updated 12.08.14

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Overall Gear Locker

What Goes into the Gear Choices?

The gear you own in large part makes your life as a photographer easier, makes your visual communication as concise as possible. Since as a photographer you are constantly learning and as a person you’re continually growing bringing more to your photography, your camera bag contents will naturally change. At least, that’s how it is for me. What you see above is the gear in my locker, below the gear in the photopacks / ThinkTank as of the date you see above.

We all need to be unique and true to ourselves in our approach to photography. So cloning what I have in my camera bag in your camera bag does not guarantee you photographic success and possibly robs you of your own potential. So why is this page here then? To be totally honest with you, to keep the email load down to just hundreds a day rather then thousands because photographers want to know about equipment. You must understand this though, the contents of my bag are based on my style of communicating photographically the projects I am currently working. And that’s based on my years behind the camera photographing wildlife, aviation, landscapes, life. There’s a lot that goes on in gear selection, the biggest part being the constant push to improve. It’s what I call the Darwin Theory of Photography – evolve or parish!

How do I select my camera gear? That’s a damn good question since at times, there is no logic to it. First, it’s normally in the Nikon line because that’s what I shoot. (And why Nikon, they stood behind me in the beginning and I loyal person). I don’t care if you shoot Canon, I just care you shoot and use your images to change the world! After that, it’s the tools (bodies, lenses, accessories) that permit me to visually interpret the world in my viewfinder so I can communicate the wonders I am so fortunate and photograph. The first three decades behind the camera have literally been focused on wildlife and now aviation. This information is here for that self serving reason, make it easier for you to do the same thing and make a difference! You could sum it up as I select the gear I have then by the simple mathematical formula of: What I’m Photographing + What I want to Communicate = Gear Used.

What follows is what I typically have with me based on the main focus of the project. What you see is what I have with me but not what I carry out into the field. I only select from what you see the tools needed at that moment. Moral: I don’t hike in the field with a photopack on my back or pulling roller bag behind me. What is listed except where noted is packed inside the Photopack/ThinkTank in which it is under. Those items not packed in the Photopack are now (click here to learn how I pack to fly) FedExed to the location in a Pelican Case 1660. I no longer trust any gear to check-in when flying.

And strictly for trivia, here’s how the product shots were taken. They were all done with the marvelous 70-180macro. It’s a common question so generated a simple page with the info.

What Moose Carries in his ThinkTank Airport Security

“Why the roller?” Good question knowing I designed the most popularly ripped off photopack design in the world. The answer is simple, age and health. Many years ago, a dear friend in the business after seeing his Doc about back problems, taught us all an important lesson. The xray revealed that decades of hanging a heavy camera bag on his left shoulder curved his spine! It didn’t take an xray to convince the rest of us to get the weight off our shoulders when we can. Thank goodness Think Tank makes the perfect cure for this problem. So, if I’m not shooting with the 600mm, then it’s roller time!

This is what I take with my on all my aviation projects. The ThinkTank AirportSecurity is too large for commuter flights for the overhead or under the seat. On those flights it goes to the Al la Carte and knock on wood, to this date I’ve never had a single issue. Why do I use this rather then the MP-1? It’s rather simple, I’m getting older and with all the stories of photographers having spinal issues from decades of carrying heavy camera bags, it’s just the natural course of life.

For info on how I pack the outside of the AirportSecurity click here and how I pack the interior click here.

What Moose Carries in his ThinkTank AirStream

This is a great little “weekend” roller that I use A LOT! The AirStream is just like its big brother the Airport Security except holds less. The cool thing about the AirStream is it slips easily under the seat of every jet I’ve flow in!

For info on how I pack the AirStream click here.

What Moose Carries in his MP-1

The MP-1 is the photopack I grab all the time for wildlife. This is because the 600mm is the longest lens I need for my current projects (and it’s easier to ship the 200-400VR than the 600VR). The list you see here is what I have with me on projects all the time. Items with a single * listed below tend to go FedEx in a Pelican case. Since I first started to use the MP-1, a few hundred thousand air miles ago, I’ve yet to have a problem getting it on any plane as carry-on on any plane. While it does weigh more than my ol’ back wants to carry, it does get my gear to where I need to work.

Here’s info on the MP-1 I use and here’s a video how I pack it .


* = FedEx to location
** = carry-over shoulder
+ = Gitzo 3540XLS for everything but 200-400VR & 600f4
++ = Gitzo 5560SGT is for 200-400VR & 600f4 only

WRP’s MP-3 Photopack

The MP-3 has been a workhorse of a photopack for me! The only difference between the gear in the MP-1 (above) and MP-3 is the selection of the longest lens. For projects where I’m depending on the 200-400VR is when I grab the MP-3. My MP-3 has a little over a hundred & fifty thousand air miles on it being shoved in more overheads than I care to think about without ever having a problem. It’s also been in more rain and snow and no matter what I’ve thrown at it, when I unzip the flap my gear has always been ready to go.

Here’s how I pack the gear into the MP-3.


* = FedEx to location
** = carry-over shoulder
+ = Gitzo 3540XLS for everything but 200-400VR & 600f4
++ = Gitzo 5560SGT is for 200-400VR & 600f4 only

WRP’s MP-7 Photopack

The MP-7 is my go to photopack for most of my event and convention shooting. It’s my location / landscape photography photopack. I don’t think you’ll find any other photopack like the here to see how I pack the MP-7.


* = FedEx to location
** = carry-on shoulder
+ = Gitzo 3540XLS for everything but 200-400VR & 600f4

Gear I no longer own but highly recommend