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on Aug 31, 2015 in Aviation

Helluva Weekend!

Sharon & I were invited to spend the weekend with some really nice folks and their “fresh” out of restoration ’37 Stinson SR-9F. It was two great days with the Woods and their gorgeous plane in a part of California we’d never done an photo mission over. I was hired to tell their story. I’m still getting through the 5600 images taken during the air to air portion (shot a ton of statics & details shots as well). As usual, my primary gear was the D4s / 80-400VR3 which is killer for this. It was a first to have a Cessna 185 as the photo platform. It’s owner / pilot, Steve rocked it! A F4 vet, Steve was marvelous and key in making the main component of the A2A mission come true. The body of water you see here is San Francisco Bay as we’re heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve worked beautifully with ATC who cleared the skies for our photo mission so we could circle the...

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on Aug 28, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Weekend Enjoyment – AlvinII

Yep, Alvin is back, we call him Alvin II since they don’t live that long. With the extreme drought here in the Eastern Sierra (all of California), our meadow has gone to seed a solid month early. That means no flowers for the hummers so our feeders are getting sucked dry in just days! Sitting here typing, I can see 11 hummers buzzing around the feeders. And as usual, a Allen’s Hummingbird has decided that the best feeder is all his. This is who we call Alvin II. It also means time to photograph the captive audience. With the meadow gone to seed early, the hummers dependence on the feeders is more intense then norma making photography really darn easy! As usual, I have selected a nice manzanita twig for a perch, stuck in a Justin Clamp on a Nano stand about 2 1/2 feet from the main feeder. That’s where Alvin II hangs his hat as he defends “his” feeder. The perch is set up with the background...

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on Aug 28, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

Great Weekend Reading

There are many ways to juice up your photography. The best of course is behind the camera. The next is reading and filling your mind and soul with inspiration and ideas. I have two option for you for your weekend. The first is Photography FUNdamentals and it’s TOTALLY FREE!!! (thanks to our friends at B&H) Why is the title Photography FUNdamentals? Because photography has fundamentals the have to be learned and be FUN! Here’s a little more about this iBook that has had over 5000 installs … It’s interactive, filled with videos and photos, BTS, everything! And it’s free so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Grab it! Taking Flight is more than a iBook on just taking plane pictures. The eight chapters covers everything from gear to light, working with pilots to air to air strategies. There is also a chapter on finishing in Photoshop. While I’m biased, I think there’s so much here to fuel your photography, they’re a must have set of books....

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on Aug 27, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Grass Isolation

A vast majority of the time, photographers seek in their photographs to clearly see all of their subject. This is especially true for critters. There are some really, really good reason for this. When grass is in the photograph though, there is a tendency to want to make it go away. That single blade of grass going through the subjects face for some photographers is a disaster! When it comes to telling the story though, the grass is in the photo because that’s where the critter lives. The grass is part of their story. So then in telling the story of the subject, where it lives and dealing with the grass, you need to have a strategy that permits you to accomplish that all that doesn’t include a lawn mower. What I have to suggest might sound crazy, but here are two images to support my thought. There are three key components in my formula for working with critters in grass. The long lens, minimum DoF and highnoon light....

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