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on Sep 26, 2016 in Aviation

Settings Can Make the Shooting Easy

In the struggles to make a photograph we want to call our own, we often jump through all sorts of hoops which, in the long run come up short. There are lots of times if we just had the right settings from the start, the rest would be easy. This leads us to two conclusions: when setting up a shot, look for that setting from the start and, when you find that setting, exploit it to its fullest. Case in point … We found ourselves inside a WWII hangar last week, a really classic hangar! Its sheer size meant it was constructed with huge roof windows and giant doors. Both of those make for great light. The size and the light dictated the gear, for size and keeping the lines true, the 24-70 and the light, D5. The trick as it were, was to be there when the light was working its magic. In this case, we waited for hours for the afternoon light to paint across the hangar...

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on Sep 26, 2016 in Just Out!

MC24-EL … Great Sound is Everything!

The video really says it all, well sounds it all but here’s some additional trivia. First and foremost, I love the Senal MC24-EL Shotgun mic! This heavy duty, beautifully sensitive, full sound mic is serious sound. What I have is the MX24-EL Long Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit which I highly recommend. Second, it runs on just a AA, no phantom power needed. Nuff said, stop reading and start listening to the results!...

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on Sep 23, 2016 in Aviation

Obligation to Client – Storytelling

Jake and I have the great fortune to be apart of the Atlanta Warbird weekend that starts tomorrow at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport just outside Atlanta. We are here with the two Texas Flying Legends Museum P-40s to honor the AVG’s 75th. Our job is relatively simple, tell the story in stills and video of how the aircraft and their pilots spent their weekend as part of this celebration. The first day, Thursday, was all about the media and the media ride. The concept is simple, the media tells the story of the event and therefore gets the public to come out and see the planes. It’s a great thing! The media was out in force because we were incredibly fortunate to honor AVG Frank Losonsky. He was in China with the AVG, Flying Tigers. He is living history with great stories! The event started off with Frank being flown in the TFLM P-40e across the skies of Atlanta. He really enjoyed that. Then came the interviews. As I said, our...

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on Sep 21, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

LensCoat LensHide – I’m in Love!

The LensCoat Lenshide is simply a thing of beauty (it folds up to the size of a text book)! I’ve had it for months and every time I get out from using it and pack up, I’m so focused on the task I end up cursing at myself because I keep forgetting to shoot a cute video I have in my mind. The concept is real simple, when working with wildlife, break up the human form so they don’t see us. It’s so simple (KISS) it works. They are having a special on the LensHide right now so didn’t want to delay telling you about it any longer. But I promise, I will do that video! But it in the...

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on Sep 20, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

The History in Our Files

It was a long time ago, 1989, when I dragged the family up the California coast to a lighthouse. We’d not been there before, it had taken a bit of leg work to even gain access and as we drove up in the station wagon, I had no clue what I was photographically getting into. The biologist walked up, opened the door to the base of the lighthouse and inside were the last remaining Morro Bay Kangaroo Rats in the world. Just eight at the time, just eight. They were living in manmade plywood box arenas in the hope they would breed and make more. At the time, there were none known in the wild. Today, there are none and the search for a small pocket in the wild that might have survived is underway. I so regret my lack of skills then and the quality of this photograph today. It was taken in the crudest of ways. It was my first, very first small critter shoot and I...

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