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on Feb 23, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Klean Kanteen

While we’ve received 510″ of snow this winter (that’s right 42′), ya still need to drink water. Tired of plastic water bottles, both one use and refillable, I was thinking of going metal like I see so many doing. While clicking around on the B&H site (we all do that) I saw they had the 20oz Klean Kanteen with the B&H logo. I stuck it in my shopping cart and glad I did. Works for hot or cold fluids, easy to clean and flashes my favorite stores name. I tell ya, cruising the B&H site can get one in real...

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on Feb 23, 2017 in Field Reports

They’ve Got The Juice!

Batteries are such an important “minor,” major component of our shooting. No power, no shooting, it’s that simple! So I’m always on the quest for the best battery I can find so then I can forget it. Got the new MX AA NiMH Batteries (8-Pack, 1.2V, 2550mAh), that’s right 2550mAh rechargeable batteries and do they pack the power! First thing, I stuck them right from the package into the SB-5000 and I popped off repeatedly over 100 flashes without seeing any reduction in recycle time. Then I put them in my favorite AA charger, topped them off and popped off a few hundred more flashes with no slow down in recycling. My testing has just begun but see an improvement over my last brand so I’m sticking with these. Gotta love that...

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on Feb 22, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Bird Feeder Moment

With the heavy snows come the birds. We can’t watch all the feeders all the time so Sharon asked to put a Keymission 170 up on the tree 3 feeder to see who was coming in. In its housing, it ran for nearly 5 hours. Na, I didn’t post all five hours, just a few minutes of the fun....

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on Feb 21, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Epson Print Layout

It’s not even two weeks old yet and I’m in love. There are two things that are great about it, no, make that three. It’s really easy to use, it works really well and its FREE! When it comes to the hand to hand combat to get your finished file printed, whether hardwire or wireless, Windows or Mac, Epson Print Layout is the...

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