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on Mar 24, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

No Shot … Simply None

It’s real simple, there was no “shot” when we found the Barred Owl branchlings. They were high up against a horrible bright background when they themselves were in shade with all sort of distracting branches between them and the lens. It was a no win situation from the get go. Worst of all, stuck on a narrow boardwalk with everyone stopping to ask what we’re looking at. That’s because the branchlings were so far away in such horrible light, folks couldn’t see them. The D5 / 800mm wasn’t a secret weapon making the magic happen. No shot … simply none! Yet we stood there for nearly three hours. Why?! For starters, how often do you have Barred Owl branchlings to photograph? If you live on the west coast like I do where there are no Barred Owls, the answer is rarely. And if you’ve spent anytime with branchlings, you know that they will move. The question is will they move while you’re still watching and more importantly, will they...

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on Mar 24, 2017 in Aviation

It Takes Just a Nudge

It seems like such a small thing, and it is, but a simple nudge of a subject in the frame can make all the difference. Personally, I’m going to make that nudge in the viewfinder because I use ever pixel in telling my visual storytelling. When you have a static subject like a rock or stamp, it’s much easier and safer to move the subject around in the viewfinder to find the place you like it the best. But when the subject is moving like the SBD Dauntless here, you gotta know where you want the subject and commit quickly. You can see in these two frame to frame images how much the background changes in a matter of seconds. How do you make the choice of subject placement in a split second? There is no silver bullet for this one for a couple of reasons. The biggest is YOU as it is your photograph, your story. Next you have to consider the end use. Placement in the frame...

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on Mar 23, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Been Waiting for That Call!

Ever since the Epson P7000SE was announced, I’ve had one on order. Well the call just came in, its in route! Why the major upgrade? The inks of course, more inks means more subtleties can be printed. My photography is all about those subtleties so that’s really important. At the same time, the life of the prints is off the charts, 200-400 years … wow! Lastly my favorite paper Legacy Platine looks amazing coming out of the the P7000. You want to up your photography, printing is the best way I know of teaching yourself about your own photography. Once up and printing I’ll be posting my findings. Can’t...

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on Mar 23, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

The Stolen Moment

I have an amazing partner who is also my wife. Too often though, we are separated as I go off on this project and that event. We’ve been together a long time so I know the majority of her favorites and one of them is the Pileated Woodpecker. Goes way back in time when we watched them in Yosemite Valley in the ’80s. Well on my last adventure in FL last week, I was in a couple of locales where there were Pileateds. I wanted a photo to sent to Sharon just so you knew I was thinking of her. I saw one fly by here and another there, but never saw any opportunity to make a click. Then the last day in the last hour I received a text from Jake. He had two Pileateds in his viewfinder. So I grabbed the D5 / 800mm and booked it back down the boardwalk. Jake is really good at learning and applying all the lessons over the years shooting wildlife....

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on Mar 22, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Bags of Summer are Ready to Go!

The MP Series made in conjunction with MindShift and Think Tank are the PERFECT bags for your summer travels. The MP-1v2, MP-3v2 and MP-7v2 are designed to fit each photographers unique gear requirements. How? Just check out the videos! In a nutshell, full 360 foam, padded shoulder straps and it still fits in the overhead of every plane (except upper deck on 747). Want to buy yours, follow this link and you can order and get it coming to you instantly! And how do I pack the MP-1v2 with my gear, here ya...

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