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on Feb 4, 2016 in Camera Tech

400,000 & Counting!

My favorite app just announced to me that I’ve just now traveled over 400,000 air miles in the last five years. No wonder my Eagle Creek Duffle looks like hell! All those miles are photographic related, traveling to and from projects with camera gear. If you’re new to traveling with gear, it can be scary and some of the kind words of advice I see, of not much real help. So I thought I’d put out my formula for traveling with gear in the hopes it might give you ideas and confidence. I basically have two modes of traveling with gear and they both depend on the subject of the project. For everything except wildlife, this is what I do. Depending on the size of the project, I use the Think Tank Airport Security, Int’l or Airstream. All three of these bags are rollers and I use the one that holds the amount of gear needed for the project. Aviation project is always going to be the Airport Security,...

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on Feb 3, 2016 in Friday Thoughts

OK, So it Sucks

It reminded me of a drug deal. Standing behind a booth at an annual trade show, I handed him the dvds and he gave me cash. This is how for years I delivered and was paid for articles for a European magazine (this was long ago when the images were film based and scanned for delivery). After doing this for a couple of year, I got a call one day from the editor, “what does suck mean?” (with in a very heavy Slavic accent), he was editing my text I’d given him. I said, “Sucks mean that its so bad it has no redeeming value, indescribably bad, not worthy of showing, really bad, stinks and should have never been taken in the first place. It sucks.” After a long pause he said, “sucks … it says a lot!” OK, so your photo sucks … so what? If you’re being paid a lot of money to create it, you might have an issue but otherwise, really, so what? For a...

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on Feb 2, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Hoar Frost Heaven

With greeting the sun comes surprises and photographically, always something fun to work. In the 21 degree fog of Fargo, Hoar Frost blanked the landscape. Chuck had never, ever, never, seen Hoar frost let alone photographed it! His head was spinning and spinning and it wasn’t from the Clover coffee and Starbucks, so off we went looking for great examples to photograph before he jumped on his flight home. What really made this location so sweet was the light on the horizon. The sun was up and hidden in the overcast but there was a stripe of light still with the morning glow. That stripe of light sets the mood and being yellow, makes the white that much visually white. The last element to setting off the hoar frost were the dark tree trunks. The shooting was simple, D4s / 70-200f4 AFS and the finishing was ACR, Nik Pro Contrast, Tonal Contrast and Detail Extractor. And Chuck, he was all smiles when he boarded his flight. Can’t ask more...

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on Feb 1, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Trees in the Fog

It was like a syfy movie, one moment blue skies and the next a dark, ominous fog rolled in and covered the landscape. At first, it kinda put a blanket on our fun but then we started to drive about looking for targets of opportunity. There are rows of trees between the large plots with most not having any real character, just serving their roll as wind breaks. This particular row though with its shape and the fog caught our imagination so we stopped. The photos came easily, the top photo taken with the 24-70VR and the bottom taken with the 70-200f4AFS. The finishing is right out of ACR, even easier. I really love these kinds of photos and simply don’t get the opportunity enough to make...

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