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on Aug 30, 2016 in Aviation

The Amazing Old Rhinebeck!

Sunday at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome was simply, amazing! A Lexar sponsored B&H event, we had 75 photographers out in upper New York having the time of their lives. We had the company of a WWII B-25 pilot, Marty Biener as well as the classic “antique” aircraft of the Aerodrome. Sharon and I have been on the go since the event so unlike normal, I’ve not gotten to even look at all my photos yet. Saw some great images yesterday at the B&H Crit and more have come in since so I’ll have more to share shortly. Like, how did I make this reall old, slow 1910 Hanriot look like it’s going real fast? But wanted to saw thanks to all who came our and make it such a fun day, especially the Aerodrome!...

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on Aug 29, 2016 in Field Reports

The D500 & D750 … Which?

On our project, video is a HUGE component of the content we are creating. Being the producer, director, and still shooter, I shoot about 90% stills and 10% video shooting the D5. Brent on the other hand shoots 90% video and 10% stills (but as you can see above, he’s great with stills too!). We have D5s, D500s and D750s in the equipment locker along with a war chest of lenses. Brent being the video guy, I wanted to present you that side of the D500 & D750 as he shoots with them exclusively. Understand he depends on the D500 and that’s his primary body. So here is a working look at both the D500 and D750 in Brent’s words. Having been fortunate to fly with and film the Texas Flying Legends Museum for six months now, I’ve put a lot of time in on my D750, and now a D500, recording the flights and performances. So I wasn’t really phased when I was sent to Minot, North Dakota...

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on Aug 26, 2016 in Friday Thoughts

Lexar / B&H / Moose – Aerodrome Weekend!

Oh … this is going to be great! I can’t thank Lexar & B&H enough for making this possible, and free to all! Here are the details when it comes to gear, KISS! Here’s my list of gear: Nikon D5  w/128GB 2933x XQD Cards Nikon D750 w/256GB 1000x SDXC Cards 80-400VR3 70-200f/4 AFS 24-70VR 14-24AFS Nikon 16Fish SB-5000 AF Speedlight   and that’s it! I’ll have all of this in a sling bag for ease access. You don’t need any lens longer than 400mm and wide is for the static work. On the bus ride out I’ll go over all the photographic strategies from gear, settings, subjects and shooting techniques. It’s going to be a grand day and we can’t wait to share it with you! And here are the other details: Sunday 8/28 Visit the Aerodrome: Meet outside the B&H Super Store (420 9th Avenue NY, NY 10001) at 8:30 AM Bus Departs promptly at 9 AM arriving at the Aerodrome around 11 AM. During the ride, Moose...

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on Aug 24, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

It Hooked Me the 1st Day!

The very first morning I caught just a couple of frames and that was it. They were those kind of frames which give you a taste but leave you wanting more. And in this case, the frames were in mixed light of an unique individual so I couldn’t instantly key out the bird. And it wasn’t one we’d seen on our previous trip to O’Reilly’s. A day went by before we saw another individual and this time, had a long look and photographed a typical individual and I knew in the viewfinder was a Grey Shrike-thrush. It’s actually a common species, not that hard to see nor photograph if you know where it hangs out. But I was already hooked so I went into my normal mode, making the common, uncommon. The quest for the uncommon photo that told its story started with knowing the stage I wanted to set for my star. I wanted to speak to its living in a dark rainforest. With this idea, I started...

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