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on Jun 28, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

Slow Progress … Still Progress?

After sitting, stewing, and sleeping on it, I came up with minor changes in our technical tools and ideas and they started to payoff for us. Still shooting with the captured by D500 / 300PF / 2x SB-5000 set up but have made better use of Auto Area AF. The idea, of course, is not only capture the photo but have a ton of fun and enjoy the magic that is hummingbirds. We got much closer to that today. Now it’s still not “the” photo I want, but it’s now moving in the right direction so while slow progress, it’s still...

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on Jun 27, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

So Far, Yet So Far!

I’m down in nirvana, or to birders better known as Madera Canyon. It’s been thirteen years since our last visit here and we have a great, advanced group taking on the challenge of photographing hummers in flight. The goal is not to take a photo of a hummer frozen in the air, the goal is to bring to life in our still the magic that is these flying jewels. Today, I went down in flames not even coming close to the goal! Thirteen years ago, we didn’t have such cameras as the D500 to use with flashes like the SB-5000 wirelessly (using WR-R10 powered by SD-9 and light modified by Rogue Flashbender 2) which makes a huge difference. And shooting with the 300PF is a simply a joy. And while we’ve come so far in technology and gear, the same challenge of subject and light remain the same. So while technically the photo is OK, the light pleasant, it is miles from my goal! Will I get there in...

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on Jun 27, 2017 in Aviation

UK Aviation – Amateur Photog

I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to have a 6 page spread in the current Amateur Photographer! And what great timing with our upcoming UK Duxord Aviation World War II Photographic Experience event comin up. Highlights some of what you’ll photograph, learn and experience! Thanks, Amateur...

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on Jun 26, 2017 in Thought of the Month

Decisive Moment – Sight Unseen

Lynsey Addario in 2009 embedded with a medevac team in Afghanistan. Her story of what unfolded from a historic, photographic and personal quest and mission as featured in April 2015 on Radiolab. The role of photography, ethics, business and most importantly integrity and the visual story come out in this amazing interview and story. It just might be the most important radio you listen to for your...

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