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on Apr 26, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Day 1 Storm Chasing – Ames, OK

It’s been a few years since I was storm chasing but it took very little time for me to remember one of the things I love best about it. That’s seeing parts of our amazing country I didn’t know existed. We stopped in Ames, OK for an hour waiting for the wx to commit. It was right at the Ames War Memorial and Ames Astrobleme. The war memorial was pretty self explanatory and very well done. It represented some of our best young men who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. Amazing to me how this very small, rural town can do so much to say thanks when much larger don’t. Well done Ames! The other cool thing was the Astrobleme. What’s that? It a meteor crater found during the exploration of oil that was some 900 feet under ground, covered up my thousands of years of erosion. Never knew there was this meteor crater here and if I hadn’t been storm chasing and stopped here,...

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on Apr 25, 2016 in Field Reports

Ninja Assassin 4k

The D5 opens up a great window into DSLR video production with its 4k abilities. When shooting 4k, you are limited though to just 3min clips when recording to the XQD. For many applications and filming, this works just fine. But a few of the products I’m currently creating, longer is needed. The solution to this and more is beautifully solved with the new Ninja Assassin 4k. Plug the Ninja into the HDMI, remove the XQD from the D5 and shoot, that’s it to unlimited shooting. To make life really simple, install the SSD into the Ninja and have two Batteries and you’re set for all day. While doing this, you have the beautiful Ninja 4k monitor to look at and operate the video recording. I’ve had a number of monitors over the years which includes an earlier Ninja, none compare to this one for ease of use, quality of image and problem solving. It’s a great addition to the D5...

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on Apr 21, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

DSLR Parka – Brilliant!

This is simply a brilliant product! Where have you been? The DSLR Parka Cold and Rain Protector is so simple but sooo effective I wonder why it didn’t come out long ago! It’s real simple, you place your camera / lens inside and place your hands inside and you shoot. You can shoot easily down to zero with no gloves easily with this. You can put a flash through the top slot and see everything through the viewfinder and LCD with clear back panel. It’s real simple to attach or remove and get your hands inside to your gear. The inside lining is soo soft as well, it just screams “come in!” It fits any body, any lens as well as any size of hands. If you’re shooting with a Nikon AFS lens, be sure to have it set to M/A and not A/M. Otherwise, this is the perfect outdoor photographer accessory. Where’s the snow when you need it? Oh, BTW … it makes a great sound blimp too!...

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on Apr 20, 2016 in Digital Darkroom

DeHaze is DeWonderful!

The relatively new DeHaze feature in Photoshop is a great tool that hasn’t received much love. Many don’t know it exists (in ACR / LR) and if they do, don’t apply probably as much as their images could use. The biggest thing about DeHaze I want to bring to your attention is when you’re behind the camera! I’ve found some shooters don’t shoot because of what they’re seeing in the viewfinder which is crude that could be spectacular with a touch of DeHaze. Here are two examples from our recent time in Santa Fe, NM to encourage you to explore it. What you see above is the finished photo with DeHaze and the bottom photo what we saw with our eyes. When we were at San Francisco de Asis Mission Church outside of Taos, it was raining and snowing (we really had marvelous shooting wx all week!). The light was flat the vast majority of the time. Now Ansel Adams made this little chapel famous with the SHADOWS he...

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on Apr 18, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

The Grassland Drummers

This morning was twenty years in the making and it DID NOT disappoint! The Sharp-tailed Grouse was a species I sooooo wanted to photograph on their lek. I have tried over the years many times to get on a Sharp-tailed Grouse but with no success but finally two weeks ago, it came true. Why were they so important to me? This vanishing member of our great central grasslands was the inspiration for many cultures and its performance one I’d seen in photographs since I was a kid. Seeing it in person let alone photographing it has always been on my top five list of wild heritage experiences. To look through the window and see them thirty feet away at the Calamus Outfitter blind was for me, a dream come true! Smaller than the Prairie Chicken, even though they share the same habitat, they are very different. You can see how they look differently. They utilize the same habitat but evolution has changed the way they attract a mate. Where...

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