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on Mar 23, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

The Stolen Moment

I have an amazing partner who is also my wife. Too often though, we are separated as I go off on this project and that event. We’ve been together a long time so I know the majority of her favorites and one of them is the Pileated Woodpecker. Goes way back in time when we watched them in Yosemite Valley in the ’80s. Well on my last adventure in FL last week, I was in a couple of locales where there were Pileateds. I wanted a photo to sent to Sharon just so you knew I was thinking of her. I saw one fly by here and another there, but never saw any opportunity to make a click. Then the last day in the last hour I received a text from Jake. He had two Pileateds in his viewfinder. So I grabbed the D5 / 800mm and booked it back down the boardwalk. Jake is really good at learning and applying all the lessons over the years shooting wildlife....

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on Mar 22, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Bags of Summer are Ready to Go!

The MP Series made in conjunction with MindShift and Think Tank are the PERFECT bags for your summer travels. The MP-1v2, MP-3v2 and MP-7v2 are designed to fit each photographers unique gear requirements. How? Just check out the videos! In a nutshell, full 360 foam, padded shoulder straps and it still fits in the overhead of every plane (except upper deck on 747). Want to buy yours, follow this link and you can order and get it coming to you instantly! And how do I pack the MP-1v2 with my gear, here ya...

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on Mar 22, 2017 in Moose Adventures

Yellowstone Fall & Spring Workshops

Yep, Jake and I are teaming up for two Yellowstone Adventures, 25-30 October 2017 and 18-23 May 2018. We going these dates specifically for wildlife, Elk in rut, Elk & Bison with calves, migrating and nesting birds but you’re in Yellowstone, so geysers and sweeping landscapes are all part of the Adventure as well! You can pretty much figure we’ll be explore the entire park, the features, fall color, spring greens and all the critters we can. We can’t wait! You’ll fly into Bozeman, MT where we’ll pick you up and head down towards West Yellowstone where we’ll be based most of the time. Because of the nature of shooting in Yellowstone, we’ll be working out of two vehicles so everyone has their own window to shoot out of. We will be taking just FOUR photographers per Adventure (2 spots left). The price is $2180 which covers instruction, transportation to and from airport and entire week and a whole lot of fun! Call Sharon 661.204.1506 if you’re up for...

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on Mar 20, 2017 in Landscape Photography

Dance of Light

Light is this powerful tool that moves the mind and tugs at the heart. You can witness this every time you see a live presentation on stage. While contained within the physical space of the stage, the lighting crew moves you through a scene creating depth and tapping emotion with light. What is lit and what is not, the warm light here and cold light there, what’s in the spotlight and what is hinted at, each light doing a job that the mind grasps onto and the heart relishes. This is the same light we must seek in our photography! We are so very fortunate to witness the many wonders of our world and with that great fortune comes the responsibility to share it with others not so fortunate. That chilly morning you’re up early in the high desert where the newly white topped mountains are veiled in the last clouds of the storm. The sun battles to get all its rays through to warm the day only to...

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