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on Feb 1, 2016 in B&W Photography

The ‘Ol Farm

Had a marvelous week up in Minnesota with some great folks enjoying new territory for me. Cruising the countryside, we meet some more nice folks and saw some really cool pieces of Americana. Originally when we stopped for this photo I was seeing it in color but as we shot I went from long lens to short and from full sun to partial. After I switched to the 24-70VR, the sun went behind the clouds and that combination changed my mind from color to B&W. What changed is the play of whites from the foreground and the sky when the cloud came. It sounds likes a simple thing but it’s all it took for my mind to see this in color and then B&W. It’s a small thing but it’s the little details that make all the...

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on Jan 28, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone


Yep, a Moose podcast is in development! Plans are to have it up and running in February, a twice monthly podcast about photography. I’ll be covering everything photographic from behind the camera, behind the computer and behind the dollar and so much more. And it’s meant to be interactive, to help you with your questions. So you got one or more, send them to Moose Podcast (emails sent to this address will get no direct response) and I’ll do my best to get them answered. And then watch the site for when they begin. It should be...

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on Jan 27, 2016 in Aviation

EAA Sport & KelbyOne

I’m up in North Dakota and just told that the new EAA Sport with my piece on the Starduster Too just came out today. I’m Soooo excited because it’s a great American story about some really amazing folks. The magazine isn’t on the newsstand yet but you can see how the photos were taken because they came from my KelbyOne class on Air to Air photography and Photographing Pilots. I owe a big thanks to Bob for letting me play with his gorgeous plane and Warren for making it look so good in the air! So it’s now full circle. Gives me goosebumps of...

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on Jan 26, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

Winter Heat Shimmer

Most think of heat shimmer as a summer issue when in reality, it can happen anytime. The last place folks think heat shimmer might occur is in winter and with snow on the ground. What you have here are two images, soft images because of heat shimmer. The top image is the most common example of heat shimmer issues, a photo that you know should be tack sharp but simply isn’t. The bottom photo if you look at the elements behind the Coyote, you will see a “shimmer” in them, elements not sharp but lines are just not straight. Both were taken with the 800mm / TC-14eIII with the subject across an expanse of snow. There is only one way I know of dealing with heat shimmer when it occurs, wind. When there is a breeze heat shimmer disappears. So in this case I watched the grasses around the Coyote and when I saw them moving in the breeze, I would shoot. And when I saw the grasses still,...

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on Jan 25, 2016 in Random Thoughts


“Do you ever feel apprehensive?” Man, is that a loaded question! In this case, the emailer was asking about whether to buy the D5 of D500? The response for me was real simple, both. But when I first read the email, my mind wasn’t on gear, but photography. Gear to me is a slam dunk proposition, it’s a tool and like any tool, if it fits the job than I need it in my bag. But when it comes to a particular photograph, project or visual statement, I’m full of apprehension. I have it sometimes to the point to where I literally don’t sleep. And I think that if you value your craft, love being a storyteller and I hate to say it, want to stay in business, you’d best have apprehension. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it but when you strive for the best from yourself, you’ve gotta ask yourself hard questions and some of those answers probably scare the crap out of you and...

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