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on May 25, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Face Detection Magic?

Ever since we first started shooting with the D5, understanding how it works with its new features has been a fun quest. The first big puzzlement came when photographing Sharp-tailed Grouse using Auto Area AF, the D5 grabbed on and locked focus in low light on subjects BEHIND grasses. Its performance defies IMHO how the classic AF systems work. They need contrast, strong vertical and/or horizontal lines to operate and in this scenario with the grouse, the lines were IN FRONT of the subject yet the AF system consistently locked focus on and delivered sharp images. And if Kevin hadn’t been beside me shooting with his D5 getting the same results, I would have thought it a fluke. But it’s not a fluke! While at Magee Marsh photographing the warblers as they danced in and out of the tree limbs, at one point the D5 locked on and in the viewfinder I saw what I hypothesize as being how the AF system works. In the upgrade of the D5...

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on May 24, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Just A Sliver

When the heavens put on a show, it’s one of the great events that can disappear as fast as it appears. Bringing that fleeting moment of majesty to life is the challenge because of in large part of its scale. When the tops of those clouds are 30,000′ or higher, how do you say “freakin huge” in the small medium of our camera? And if you have a storm as part of that story, bringing that power of nature to life just adds to the mix of complexity. There are lots and lots of ways to start to communicate this starting at the bottom and working your way to the top! You gotta have some scale in the photo, something that permits the eye to quickly saw, “dang, that’s big!” Photographers understand this but tend to put too much landscape in the bottom of the frame. At the same time, often the landscape is not as interesting as the heavens themselves. The sliver is even more important in these...

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on May 24, 2016 in Field Reports

Our Birds Need You!

Bird photographers, nature lovers, great outdoor enthusiasts, we can make a difference! Give this a read and see where you can help out our feathered...

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on May 23, 2016 in Aviation

KelbyOne Aviation Finishing Class!

I’m incredibly excited my KelbyOne class on Aviation Post Processing is now live. The second in the series (Landscape went live a few weeks back) is 90minutes of techniques combining camera and computer clicks. The Landscape class compliments the Aviation class and the Aviation class compliments the landscape course. Check them out, lots of love and technique in...

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on May 23, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Bigger – Better?

Just how large does the subject have to be in the frame for the perfect photograph? There are two really big problems with this question. First is the assumption that a perfect photograph exists. The second is that size matters. While we strive to do the best we can when we are behind the camera, if we could, would we really want to reach perfection? I for one wouldn’t because then the question would have to answered, what’s next that perfection has been reached. Besides, perfection is boring. Then there is this size thing, which comes into photography in so many ways. The one I run into the most often that downright screws up photographers is subject size. There seems to be this general feeling that bigger is better, that bigger makes it great just because of size. Content takes second fiddle, which often leads to a less than perfect photograph. Where in this dilemma is an answer that works? This size thing comes up the most in wildlife...

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