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on Feb 21, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Epson Print Layout

It’s not even two weeks old yet and I’m in love. There are two things that are great about it, no, make that three. It’s really easy to use, it works really well and its FREE! When it comes to the hand to hand combat to get your finished file printed, whether hardwire or wireless, Windows or Mac, Epson Print Layout is the...

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on Feb 15, 2017 in Aviation

Exploit The Unknown

One aspect of the this job called photography I love is the unknown. Going after a specific critter and in that pursuit, finding an even cooler one. An unknown reward. Heading out for this landscape shot and finding a better, unknown view. An unknown reward. One of the greatest mysteries of our pursuit we truly never have all sewn up is the light. Light makes its appearance at its leisure whether we’re present to witness and celebrate it or not. And it’s that unknown that, while can be frustrating, can be the greatest reward when it makes appearance when we’re ready to capture it. I went after “The Beast” and I got it. Had been planning the shoot for some time, the idea was to take a winter moonlit night shot of it in the snow. But as it turned out having clear skies with a full moon at sunset isn’t a sure bet in the far north in winter (ya, I knew that). And while I didn’t get...

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