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on Jun 20, 2016 in Landscape Photography

The Magic of Five Minutes

Light is everything, everything in a landscape photograph. All too often though, the moment we happen upon a landscape we like, the light just isn’t there. But because we are there and all the efforts it took to be there, we click away anyways. It’s really not that different from that hail Marry pass. But unlike the hail Marry, we have options and the biggest option we have in our playbook is time! This is a simple illustration of my point. The side of this old miners cabin when we first walked up is what you see in the top image. The light was a little contrasty but more importantly, not very expressive. But I was there so I took that click. I had no real thoughts about the image other than it was a “I was here” photo. In my book, about the worse kind of photo. But we stayed just five more minutes prevuing the scene. Then the light radically changed, it had character and therefore, gave...

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on Jun 20, 2016 in Field Reports

Working the Flare

Flare, you see it artificially inserted in many of our films these days. We can easily though insert flare into our photos anytime we want, and it’s the real kind. Working with flare takes a couple of important tools, a lens that flares nicely (with a clean element which I so often forget to do), a camera that can deal with the exposure range and most importantly, a clear view of the sun. In continuing my exploration of the D5, I put it to the task of flare and was so pleased how easily it works with it. That puts the pressure on the photographer to make it work with a photograph and not just an added fade. In my handbook of working with flare, the first and most important reason of using it is to pull the eye through the image with pizzazz. The mind’s eye goes to light and bright first and with the brightness of the sun, the mind’s eye goes right to it. Using that...

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on Jun 17, 2016 in Aviation

Barry Needham

Wm Barry Needham, in 1941 this spry 21yr old Canadian found himself in England flying a Spitfire MkV in the RCAF. On 7 July, 1944, he was shot down by flak and became a prisoner of war (liberated 40days later by Patton’s 3rd Army). In between he sung E-boats, shot down a FW-190, straffed locomotives and with a fellow Canadian, chased off two FW-190s from a crippled B-17 whose crew was baling out by attacking the fighters even though he was out of ammo. He was and is just a regular guy who at age 95 (96 in 45 days) is living history sharing his story. For example on Sept 17th, 1943 he was told to scramble with a fellow Spitfire. They were to pursue two FW-190s from England and nearly across the channel. His partner shot down one FW-190 and just as the FW-190 was about to reach the French Coast and out of range of Needham’s Spitfire, he squeezed his trigger on his cannons and saw a...

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on Jun 14, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

IoSafe 1515+ – Six Months Later

My love affair with the IoSafe 1515+ and Synology is stronger than ever! I have come to rely on DS File in a way that a year and a half ago I would never have guessed. The beauty is I can access all my photos from ANYWHERE in the world if a client needs them. This sounds grandiose but twice now, being able to grab the Nef for a client while in their presence made all the difference in making the sale. The ability to retrieve and send files from the IoSafe 1515+ from my iPhone using products like HIGHTAIL without ever logging into a computer has become a common occurrence now part of my workflow. WRP files are all organized and easy to find, every images has it’s own unique alpha-numeric code, a system we initiated forty years ago here making finding any ONE image in the 2.6 million simple. I thought when I went to the IoSafe it was just to safeguard our digital assets. I had...

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on Jun 14, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Metal Wizards = Image Wizards

Image Wizards, simply put, they are the best! Printing serves many purposes in photography, from monetary gains to personal satisfaction. For these purposes and so many more, when I need metal prints, they are who I turn to and I’ve NEVER been disappointed. I was reminded recently just how simple, just how good and just how professional Image Wizards truly are when an order for a print of the above image came in and just days later (it was a very time sensitive order), it was in the hands of one very overwhelmed print owner. You can see for yourself in the following video my thoughts: How do I send prints to Images Wizard? First and foremost, I finish file the exact same as I would creating a paper print for my Epson printers. In the case of a metal print, I finish the file exactly how I would for Epson Exhibition or new (and mind blowing) Platine! You can use the Epson Premium Luster paper profile, ProPhoto RGB...

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