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on May 23, 2016 in Aviation

KelbyOne Aviation Finishing Class!

I’m incredibly excited my KelbyOne class on Aviation Post Processing is now live. The second in the series (Landscape went live a few weeks back) is 90minutes of techniques combining camera and computer clicks. The Landscape class compliments the Aviation class and the Aviation class compliments the landscape course. Check them out, lots of love and technique in...

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on May 23, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Bigger – Better?

Just how large does the subject have to be in the frame for the perfect photograph? There are two really big problems with this question. First is the assumption that a perfect photograph exists. The second is that size matters. While we strive to do the best we can when we are behind the camera, if we could, would we really want to reach perfection? I for one wouldn’t because then the question would have to answered, what’s next that perfection has been reached. Besides, perfection is boring. Then there is this size thing, which comes into photography in so many ways. The one I run into the most often that downright screws up photographers is subject size. There seems to be this general feeling that bigger is better, that bigger makes it great just because of size. Content takes second fiddle, which often leads to a less than perfect photograph. Where in this dilemma is an answer that works? This size thing comes up the most in wildlife...

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on May 11, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

Song of Spring

I’m up at Magee Marsh, OH and even with 55 degree temps and the sky spitting at me, the sound of spring is everywhere! Jake had come up here a couple of years back and said, “Dad, you gotta go” and so I’m here. He was so right! Had a marvelous day in this new Shang-ra-la seeing some gorgeous birds sing the blessings of spring. What a day! What species did I see? Lost track to be honest with you. Spent a heck of a lot of time with Yellow Warblers (top photo) cause even though common in my backyard, these are wearing their spring best and singing up a storm and point blank range. I had really good birds as well like this Prothonotary Warbler which stuck around for quite a while. With these small subjects and travel being restricted to a boardwalk, I went out with the big gun, D5 / 800mm. With the over saturated light, shot with no flash, at zero exposure comp. Only out...

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on May 10, 2016 in Digital Darkroom

Moose’s ACR Presets

I wasn’t expecting the huge response to my latest KelbyOne class on Landscape finishing. Some folks have reached out look for my ACR Presets, missing the fact you make them yourselves in a matter of seconds in ACR. They see the above panel in the class and have been asking for the Flat, Standard .. other profiles. Well, they are all the SAME Preset except, the Standard uses the Standard Camera Profile, the Flat the Flat, etc. So, I click on my Landscape Preset then …. go to the Camera Calibration tab and click on Camera Profile which brings up the drop down menu where you simply select the camera profile you USED when you took the photo and then save that as your new Preset. The only thing that is changing is the Camera Profile, nothing else. What is Landscape-Cloudy? That’s simply the Landscape Preset with Cloudy WB set in Basic Panel. And Stars, that is camera specific so sharing its settings wouldn’t help as you don’t have...

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