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on Jul 12, 2016 in Random Thoughts

PSW – Red Rock 4am Precon

Many have been asking about our Photoshop World Precon next Monday. Yes, we’re really leaving at that time for a ton of fun. Those who know me know that’s my normal time out. If you’ve not received the email with details for the Precon that have gone out, here they are. At the bottom is something that didn’t get out in that email you need to know. Cya there! Greetings to All of My Red Rock Landscape Shoot Workshop Attendees! I trust that you’re having a great summer and I can’t wait to share part of it with you at my Photoshop World In-Depth Workshop! We’ll meet up at the entrance to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay at 4:00am. Please be on time, as the bus will be leaving at 4:15am. To ensure that everyone comes prepared I have provided, below, a list of items you’ll want to bring with you: Well-stocked Camera Bag: Actually, you’ll probably want what you would normally have if you were shooting landscapes...

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on Jul 13, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Great, Simple, Quick Advice

There is a great warchest of information created just for YOU and you might not know it exists. Nikon put all of us USA Ambassadors in a small room with a video camera (just that sounds entertaining if not nuts!) and asked for 30sec photographic tips. You simply head to an individual’s page and click on their mugs shots. Even yours truly has two tips there for you. As you watch them, just think about how they were filmed. Ambassadors crammed in a small room, all staring at you while you talked on camera. Someone has a helluva bloopers reel somewhere! Enjoy! Note: If you have other questions such as about registration and other Photoshop World needs, please contact KelbyOne. I’m just the host of this merry band, not the logistics guy...

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on Jul 12, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

When There is No Time to Light

I have the amazing SB-5000, Profoto B1 & B2 and they get dragged around the country because light is just that important to visual storytelling. But there are simply times when, either because of space or time, setting up artificial light to make up for the deficiencies in the ambient light just isn’t possible. For me, this comes a lot when working with aircraft restoration. In this photo example, I was very fortunate to document the restoration of Kermit Week’s gorgeous Stinson L-1 at Fantasy of Flight. Restorations of this nature don’t happen overnight. I made numerous trips over two years to photograph the progress of the L-1 as Paul kept bringing it back to airworthy. Restoration shops are places of business where space is a premium and getting work done essential. As a photographer, there are times when you have the luxury to bring in lights to help tell the story and move the viewers eye through the frame the right way. But the vast majority of time,...

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on Jul 12, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Lexar – Faster Than Me!

They are not new to the world, but they sure are to me and I’m bummed it took me so long to connect. The Lexar 32GB JumpDrive C20i Lightning to USB 3.0 Cable (long name huh) is a really way cool, miniature tool for this day and age (It comes in 64GB size too!). They are so small that in shooting the shot to show size, Sadie thought it was a dog treat. What this little jewel does is permit you to transfer anything from your computer to your iPhone / iPad without the use of iTunes (or vice versa). How does it do this … a free Lexar app finishes the connection and permits the transfer. Why might you want this? Instant posting of a photo from your camera, providing a video to your client’s device, the list can go on and on. Perhaps even a back up, the uses are endless. It’s a simple yet elegant tool you want to check...

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on Jul 11, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

The Silhouette – How Much Do You Need?

The silhouette is a dramatic and romantic way to tell a story about your subject. But just like everything else in communicating, the amount you say helps the viewer understand the story. The silhouette is by its very natural a dramatic image because of the character of the light. The most common silhouette comes in the early morning or late evening when we can so easily take advantage with its color. You can suck in everyone to look at your photograph with that red (make sure you’re shooting in Cloudy WB). We all are drawn to red so in using that you’ve done the easy part, grabbed the viewer’s attention. The hard part is telling the story once you’ve got their attention. That’s where knowing how much silhouette you need in the photograph. What we’re competing with are folk’s life experiences and perceived ideas. For example, a palm tree, everyone knows that shape so you don’t have to show that much for all to relate to the shape as...

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