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on Dec 1, 2017 in Field Reports

SnapBridge Major Update

Nikon has done a major update to their SnapBridge app. Once connected to your camera, you’ll find it a solid tool you’ll want to have. One of the major issues before was simply getting your smartphone to connect to the camera (only works with certain bodies). That has been vastly improved, once you make everything happy. What I had to do was make sure on the iPhone in the Bluetooth, the D850 was no longer in the menu (Forget this device). Then I had to delete the SnapBridge app (even though I had just updated it) from my device. Turn off the iPhone, turn it back on and then download the app again. With that accomplished, the D850 & iPhone couldn’t have connected faster! Reconnecting once both devices were turned off and back on was quick and simple as well. I hope more folks will check this out and put this tool to use, could be a real problem solver for...

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on Nov 30, 2017 in Random Thoughts

Think Tank Airport Advantage Updated

Think Tank just released an “upsized” version of one of our most popular rolling camera bags, the Airport Advantage Plus. This is a bag I use a lot especially on aviation and landscape projects where space is precious. The new Airport Advantage Plus roller combines carryon size requirements with the lighter weight for which airlines are becoming more restrictive. I can easily pack 2 bodies, 5 lenses and accessories in it and the Advantage EASILY slips in the overhead of the smallest regional jet. I will post a my packing guide for it shortly, but this will give you some ideas on how I pack it. Now why do I use rollers when I have my own photopacks? The MP-1 V2 is the only bag I carry my 800mm in around the world. Because it fits in every overhead safeguarding my lens. There are other times knowing the aircraft I’ll be flying in, be it commercial or private, a stiff-sided roller simply won’t work. So like many of you,...

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on Nov 30, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Epson Metallic … Who Knew?

You can tell it’s winter in the office, I’m printing like a madman (thanks for all the gallery print orders!). So much so, a complete Epson 700ml ink set just arrived last week for the P7000! I seem to do a lot of printing experimenting in the winter, perhaps it’s the long, dark nights and I’m so excited about the latest paper I’m testing. Epson’s Metallic Glossy paper for aviation is freakin off the charts! It has, out of the printer the look of a metal print but a roll of 24″x100′ Epson Metallic paper is less than a single metal print. Then you have your Epson Metallic mounted by the folks at TruLife Acrylic and light it and it simply JUMPS off the wall! No, this is not a new paper, just new to my printing paper locker. And no, I won’t use this paper on my wildlife or landscape images, it’s very specific to just the aviation. While Legacy Platine is still my favorite paper, for aviation...

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on Nov 29, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Breakthrough ND Filters are the Cleanest!

Long exposure is a very special way of bringing motion to our still image. Digital photography through open the doors to using this technique easier and more productively as we can see our results instantaneously. In the beginning, we’d lower our ISO to the lowest possible setting and close our lens down as far as it would go. That wouldn’t really get us down into a shutter speed of seconds let alone minutes. There is a really cool and simple Multiple Exposure method to blur water. These all work but to get to the really long exposure time of minutes, we need a filter. Up until recently the filters available left their own residue in our photos, a color cast. Neutral density material is tricky to make and finally, a company has made a breakthrough producing a super clean ND material and filter! The “new” Breakthrough filters are really, truly, fantastic! Both of these photos they were in use and you can see for yourself how clean those grays...

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on Nov 28, 2017 in Field Reports

Business in a Box

It’s no secret I’m a huge Epson fan, we’ve had their printers in our office for over twenty years. At a recent business dinner, an interesting phrase was used that really struck me, “business in a box.” The Epson P600 is a marvelous printer in every way. It’s at a great price, uses so little ink and can work with roll paper. And for all the right reasons, it’s incredibly popular. It’s so popular in fact, many photographers buy one and think that once they have P600 printer they are now a business, instantly! The printer is that good and its prints that brilliant, but the quality of the photograph is only as good as what goes into it. The P600 or any other printer can’t make a bad photograph, great. What a printer like the P600 can do is give you a great platform to learn how to be a better photographer and printer at a very affordable price. Then, once you have the images to support a...

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