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on Jun 20, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Eco ProFessional 2

Dawn di-GPS has just come out with their latest version, the Eco ProFessional 2. The biggest is the addition of a digital compass. What this does is provide you with a Heading, or the direction the camera was pointed when the photo was taken. It also has built-in flash remembering the last GPS coordinates in case you want to apply them to a different photo. For me, this replaces the Eco ProFessional because that Heading every so often would be really useful info. If you’re wondering, yes you can screw in the WR-R10 to the Eco Pro or Eco Pro 2 and it function. Pretty...

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on Jun 14, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Getting to Know Your Best Friend – Your New Camera

It is essential you get to know your best friend, your new camera body! But how do you do that and at the same time, make it an integral part of your photographic arsenal? Well in this video I give you some ideas on just that topic from learning its functions to imputing you first settings. I mention in the video my settings, you can find them here. A CRITICAL thing I didn’t mention in the video (because I stopped reading my list, duh!) is to do the Teddy Bear Exercise to understand the meter, the advice your best friend provides and make the exposure...

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on Jun 13, 2017 in Field Reports

Nikon D7500 – 1st Impressions

Ever since my post yesterday I’ve had lots of questions about the D7500 which is great! It’s fun to see excitement about a camera body. There have been lots of good questions, many I don’t have an answer too since I’ve only been shooting with it for a few days. To answer some, ya it feels really good in the hand and is very light. Shooting with the 300PF worked really well as you can see above. Its firing rate is pretty impressive for such a small thing with a really nice buffer. The viewfinder is really bright but it does have the square exit pupil which personally drives me nuts. The big question, would I recommend it? From my first impression, ya, it’s a really fun, light responsive DX body producing sweet files! The Arctic Hare was real fun to work last night at midnight. At first, we seemed a little shy but within five minutes we were walking around working it in the last rays of the...

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on Jun 12, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

The Nikon D7500

Yep, a D7500 arrived on my desk last Friday from B&H and I’ve just started shooting with it. After mentioning that in my podcast this morning my email lit up. The question comin in, “Should I buy one?” My first thought is always going to be, yes! But in reality, I don’t know that answer yet for myself let alone you. My initial impression is, it’s a sweet little camera. I’ve only taken a few serious photos so far with it but its feel and results are pretty sweet. But I’ve just begun and I’ve done no prints from it yet. So I’ll work on my settings list and will shoot more and let you know my thoughts when I have some...

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