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on Oct 18, 2016 in Aviation

Get Me A Subject!

If you want to drive me nuts, give me great light and nothing to shoot! There is simply nothing worse then to waste great light so when it started to unfold Saturday at the Nut Tree Air Fair, I instantly started to pace. What makes it great light you ask? The range of light is less than three stops and that’s part of it. More importantly is the way the light is being bounced and modified by the clouds. There is a reason you see so much of my photography including clouds, it’s the light! Luckily for me, right then they decided they needed to move a plane to get to another plane out of the hangar. And the plane they had to move is this gorgeous, simply spectacular 1929 Waco DSO … I was so upset that’s all I had to throw in the great light 🙂 Being a California boy, the gorgeous hills in the background with the oaks in the light was the perfect background. Working...

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on Oct 18, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

All Confused!

We were walking the back trails at Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. I was looking for Moose so was looking for something big. I had just made a turn on the path when I caught out of the corner of my eye movement, something small and gray under a tree. My mind said Lynx since they are here. I slowly moved forward to see what the movement was and I come around a tree to see a male Spruce Grouse … displaying! This is October! I moved forward a little more and I could see a second male grouse displaying. What gives, courtship is in May … they are all confused! Then I spot the female up in the spruce and the dots connected. Now why the males thought in October they had any chance with this female is still a mystery but I didn’t care. For those of you who have not seen a Spruce Grouse in the wild, they are not a smart bird. You’ve seen in the...

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on Oct 17, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

When 1/8000th Isn’t Enough

I’ve been shooting with the new 105f1.4 AFS a lot in situations you’d normally not think meant for the 105f1.4 like above. Most pigeon hole this lens for portraits but if you expand your definition of “portrait” you might find what I’m finding. Shooting with the 105mm at f1.4 is darn cool producing very unique results! But here’s the hitch, go out shooting at highnoon like I did this weekend at the Nut Tree Air Fair at f1.4. You’ll see 1/8000 blinking at first, then have little red flames around it and finally it just yells … OUCH! At ISO 100, even at 1/8000, the shutter speed isn’t fast enough for the right exposure when shooting at f/1.4 in this scenario. And if you dial in any exposure comp, you’re in more of a world of hurt (and going to L1 doesn’t help). What to do? The solution is actually real simple, just attach a polarizer! That instantly cuts down two stops of light, permits you to still see...

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on Oct 14, 2016 in Aviation

Speaking of the Project

We … Brent, Jake, Sharon & I are part of a very special project. I’ve talked about the project during this past year, the first of its three years and I’ve been asked many times what’s it all about. Some of it simply can’t be discussed right now. This video Brent created from our last event says in photographs pretty well what it’s all about. Being a visual storyteller, being able to tell a story in this way is important which is why I bring this to your attention. To learn more, please visit the Texas Flying Legends Museum website....

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