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on Sep 25, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Struck Colorado Gold

It’s just … gorgeous! We’re here in Cripple Creek, CO just a tad before peak fall color and it’s truly spectacular! The right combination of water and temperature has been right cause the landscape is celebrating the end of summer and the start of fall in grand fashion. So far we’ve been working almost within walking distance of of where we’re staying (the magnificent Carr Manor) there is just so much to see and work with. We have just begun our explorations for the week and we’ve struck gold! One of the truly fun things once you have found great fall color is then exploring it photographically. One of the key things I personally do is always include some element(s) in the frame. That’s because the mind’s eye sees that green and then by association makes the yellow much more vibrant. By doing a number of basic in camera basics like this, you have to depend on far fewer in post (like the saturation slider which I never use)...

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on Sep 24, 2015 in Field Reports

The Commercial Shoot

It’s been a while since I’ve done a full blown, working comp, big stage commercial shoot. To say I was rusty is being kind. Now I never was really fast at it, often looked for small details that never really show up in the photo. Sharon worked hard and spent almost three years getting us the client so I wanted to deliver more than they expected. The client is AvFuel and the setting is kinda our home, Minot Aero Center. And the job is to show both AvFuel and MAC doing their daily thing. So with the comp and list in hand, I went to work. This top shot is pretty darn simple, business jet in front of the big, new hangar. To bring it home visually to Minot, shot it after a blizzard had gone through. Simple D4s / 24-70AFS click. Check that off the list. The next shot might seem simple but it’s one the lawyers got involved with. The pumping of JetA must be done in...

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on Sep 23, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

The Art That’s Essential

Ya, ya, I know you’re saying you’ve read this before and you’re getting ready to click off the page. I know, I’ve talked with folks lately who did the same and they missed the opportunity of a lifetime because gosh dang it, they didn’t practice their panning! And to be honest with you, I’m tired of coming across this. I simply don’t understand how photographers can call themselves photographers when they can’t pan. While you can fix most things in post (such a horrible crutch) the one thing YOU STILL CAN’T Fix is soft images! It ain’t sharp when you go click, you’re screwed! It all begins with another essential technique, basic handholding. I’m always amazed when I see so many shooters doing everything but the right technique. Then you must, must pan correctly as well. And all if this must be practiced. I see the disbelief in folks faces when I make presentations when I say I practice these two things EVERYDAY whether I’m really shooting or not....

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on Sep 22, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Where Do You Fall?

I’ve seen many versions of this quote but I like it best from the source. Now deciding where on this you fall is not a good or bad thing, a slam or pat on the back. It is though something you might ponder to open your mind and heart so your photography can...

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on Sep 21, 2015 in Aviation

A Romantic Sunset Flight

“This flight’s for me” is what Warren said after we finished the brief. The photo mission had no specific goals other than to have a romantic sunset flight on a gorgeous North Dakota night. The plane is a rare one, a ’32 Monocoupe 110. Back in the day, it was the speedster winning many a pylon, derby and cross country race. So one photo I had in mind was that “Pylon 4” shot with the Monocoupe up on wing edge. Did we get it? You’ll have to watch and find out. Equipment Used: *D4s *80-400VR3 *Vulture Strap *2x GoPro 3+ Silver *Lexar 256GB CF *Lexar 64GB Micro...

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