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on Nov 18, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

IoSafe 1515 Rocks our Business!

My love affair with the IoSafe 1515+ and Synology just keeps growing the more I work with it! I have come to rely on DS File in a way that a year ago, I would have told you I would never need. The beauty is I can access all my photos from ANYWHERE in the world if a client needs them. Then get the files to them from my iPhone using products like HIGHTAIL without ever logging into a computer! Done this twice providing quick service. Now you have to have your files organized and being anal, WRP files are all organized and easy to find. Clients typically already know the file they want having the file name, so it’s just a matter of some taps and they are in their hands. Yeap, every images has it’s own unique alpha-numeric code, a system we initiated forty years ago that you can find here that everyone is welcome to use. I thought when I went to the IoSafe to just...

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on Nov 17, 2015 in Digital Darkroom, Field Reports

ImageWizards Spectacular 65!

They are nothing short of spectacular, ImageWizards 65″ metal prints. Our office is ALL ImageWizards metal prints with our latest additions the most spectacular I’ve even seen! And just so EVERYBODY can have the same experience, ImageWizards is offering Moose Fans this special Thanksgiving deal, prints 30×45 and larger, 15% off the printing and FREE wood crate (use Promo code: Moose thanksgiving 15%off)! Hell, I might have to get two more with that deal! We simply can’t get enough...

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on Nov 17, 2015 in Aviation

The Amazing Stan

Veteran’s Day is a time when we honor those who have served our country and all too often, paid the utmost price for the freedoms we treasure. Every Veteran’s Day for years though, a small group of elderly yet spry British gentlemen journey across the pond to come back to a place they trained as young teenagers to pay tribute to those who did not return. In that training, some of those young men died and at a time of war, they were buried where they trained, Phoenix, AZ. This group of British veterans, most in their nineties now, fly over the cemetery on Veterans Day where their comrades lay to pay tribute to their sacrifice. They are not forgotten. We’ve been moved by this remembrance and tribute for years but noticed the numbers of gentleman coming here from England getting smaller each year. This year, only Stan was able to make the journey. In 1944, Stan Whalley was 18yrs old when he left England and came to the...

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on Nov 11, 2015 in K&M Adventures

K&M AirAdventure 2016!

Want to go flying? Better yet, want to photograph another aircraft while you’re flying? How about learning how to work with pilots, finding the aircraft, those dramatic static shots and so much more? We have the perfect adventure for you where this is just the start of your learning process. The K&M AirAdventure (air to air is separate) is like no other with its ground and air instruction providing you the knowledge you need to be out and shoot your own successful photo mission. Join us in 2016 and see what we mean! In 2016, we’ll be based out of just Minot, ND (where video above was filmed) and offering just three AirAdventures. The dates are: 27-29 May 01-03 July 09-11 Sept And because of our commitment to you the student, there will be only FOUR students per class! This means one on one instruction the entire time and when we say time, in the three days, only when you go to bed (if you do) will we not...

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