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on Jan 25, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Mono Lake Weekend

The Sierras have received a healthy dose of snow so far this winter with much more predicted to fall. That along with other factors lead me to believe we’ll have a gorgeous fall in the Sierras. So we’ve been granted a permit to have a photographic workshop at South Tufa, Mono Lake this October and we’re very excited! The Forest Service is only permitting two groups at a time at South Tufa this year which means to us, we basically have the place to ourselves! Starting the evening of the Sept 30th, we’ll gather and talk about photography and get ready for the next day. Sunrise on 01 Oct, we’ll be on the shores of Mono Lake enjoying its beauty and celebrating it with our images. Then after breakfast, we’ll go through ALL the photos from the morning to learn from our efforts then head back out to explore the High Sierra. Then we’ll venture back to South Tufa for a gorgeous sunset shoot. And if that wasn’t enough,...

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on Jan 22, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

Half An Hour Later

We’d past it some time back on the road, a bunch of vehicles had gone by the coyote, it just kept on trotting down the road. Along the Firehole River in Yellowstone, the groomed road the NPS maintains is a highway for critters as much as folks because it’s easy walking for them. This individual seemed very much on a mission so we went passed it and up towards Fountain Pots and began photographing the steam on the landscape. We shot with the wide lenses (24-70VR) and pulled out the really long lenses (800mm) and even drank some coffee. We spent some time just taking in the gorgeous view! Then we saw the coyotes make the bend in the road still walking on the road and coming our direction. Then the wait began. Where we were parked in a pullout that was alongside a massive meadow so figured the Coyote would leave the road and start across it to go hunting. It did for a short moment and then...

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on Jan 21, 2016 in Landscape Photography

Let It Snow!

Simply put, I love the white stuff! I realize at the same time that not everyone shares the same passion for snow, that being cold thing. With that in mind, I’m always looking for photographic opportunities where I can give the viewer the feeling of snow without them having to get cold. Whenever it’s actually snowing, the flakes are falling, my mind turns to this challenge. On our adventure in Yellowstone last week, had a number of opportunities to explore this challenge and one time in Hayden Valley was the best! What were the conditions that made it great? The first was the light which is always essential. The light was sidelight and spotty which means it was playing dodgeball with the clouds. Next, the clouds themselves were dark and ominous in the west. This combo, the light on the white snow and the dark cloud in the background provided the contrast to see the snow in the photo. Lastly, the snowflakes themselves were large and blowin pretty hard....

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on Jan 20, 2016 in Aviation

The Casual Pilot

I’ve been flying with Brian since almost day one. He’s a dear friend and a great pilot. And getting him to be in front of the camera while not in a plane one of my greatest accomplishments! Now when you say “portrait,” folks take this to mean many different things, usually some type of formality in either dress, pose or both. That’s just not Brian but even with the knowledge it was casual, taking time for a portrait took over a year of convincing. I think once it sunk in he could wear his Hawaiian shirt, he was OK with it all. And have his jeep in the photo, that just made it that much better. One of the challenges of this shoot was the background. The T-6 (plane) and jeep were placed where they were placed for two reasons. The main being the very busy background. They are visually blocking a whole bunch of junk. At the same time, the strong backlight of sunset help put other busy...

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