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on May 11, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Are You My Daddy?!

It’s calving time on the plains. These orange bundles of cuteness look nothing like what they are going to grow up to be. But they don’t know that. And calves typically hang with their moms, never even knowing their dads. So when this curious calf wondered far from its mom to check out the bulls, well, my imagination took over my biological knowledge to simply ask, “Are you my...

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on May 11, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Where On The Earth?

I know one thing I won’t accomplish in my life, going into space. The earth though holds a humungous hold on my visual imagination after growing up with the images from Apollo. Getting a photograph of our planet from earth, I depend on my vivid imagination and the 8-15Fish. I point it up towards the heavens, trying to not tip over backward in the process, staring at the skies with their clouds looking for the “earth” in my viewfinder. I got one of my better ones yesterday. Just another split second of my...

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on May 8, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

One Word

Can just ONE word change the entire meaning of a sentence? We all know it can. What do you think ONE word can do to change the meaning of your photograph? When are often distracted from the visual communication, storytelling in our photography with little things and miss that ONE word that makes or breaks the story we’re trying to tell. However you want to think of it, gesture, lens, f/stop, background, DoF, whatever that ONE thing is, you have to THINK of it, see it, feel it, incorporate it into your photograph. Because we all know the power of just, one word. Note: DO NOT attempt this with a wild griz. This is a scientific griz used to understand more about griz biology and has limited, very limited association with humans. Jake still lives, his website is...

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on May 3, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Sharp Photos – new Class on KelbyOne

My new class on KelbyOne – Creating Sharp Images is now live! Know why you need to create sharp photos? Know what you need sharp and what you don’t need sharp? How do you do that when you take the photograph and maintain that in the digital darkroom. This is just the start of what my new class covers! Join...

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