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on Nov 11, 2015 in K&M Adventures

K&M AirAdventure 2016!

Want to go flying? Better yet, want to photograph another aircraft while you’re flying? How about learning how to work with pilots, finding the aircraft, those dramatic static shots and so much more? We have the perfect adventure for you where this is just the start of your learning process. The K&M AirAdventure (air to air is separate) is like no other with its ground and air instruction providing you the knowledge you need to be out and shoot your own successful photo mission. Join us in 2016 and see what we mean! In 2016, we’ll be based out of just Minot, ND (where video above was filmed) and offering just three AirAdventures. The dates are: 27-29 May 01-03 July 09-11 Sept And because of our commitment to you the student, there will be only FOUR students per class! This means one on one instruction the entire time and when we say time, in the three days, only when you go to bed (if you do) will we not...

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on Nov 10, 2015 in Aviation

It Takes a Village

We photographers at times think we work in a vacuum when actually, no matter the genre, we never do. It’s just at times we recognize it and others, ignore it. I’ve come to realize after these decades that when we always recognize it, photography comes easier and rewards more frequent. That village that supports us starts at home, the spouse who puts up with our silliness, our passion and at the right moment, supports it. There are those folks at the camera store and manufactures who, though we don’t always recognize their help, actually do add to the success. Then there are the more obvious. The biologists and scientist I’ve worked with for four decades I have always cited as the essential element and reason for my success in my wildlife photography. These side by side colleagues who guide me to this day instilled in my more than just basic biology, but lessons that effect our entire business. And now they’ve been joined by the plane owners and pilots...

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on Nov 10, 2015 in Just Out!

Jake’s Book is Out!

We have our autographed copy, and it’s gorgeous! We are very PROUD of Jake’s efforts and the book demonstrates his passion for his craft and his subject. And Jake being Jake, 2/3 of the profits go back to the folks who engaged him for the project. Head to his website and thumb through the pages. You’ll get hooked! That’s if his video above didn’t do it for...

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on Nov 9, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone

P800 – Love ’em Reds!

“Why the P800, why add it to the office?” Printing is a major part of our business, the learning and refining of my craft and the simple making of money. Both of these require the best in paper and printers (and the skill to drive them). So, why did we add the P800 to the Epson 7900 and Epson 4900, here’s...

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