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on Jan 4, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

MagBeam Kiss of Light is Sweet

We’ve been very fortunate to receive a couple of feet of snow over the last 24hrs, perfect timing to try out MagMod’s MagBeam Wildlife Kit. After I reposted an old video on the BetterBeamer, a fan emailed telling me that it was so “yesterday” and I need to try out the MagBeam so I called up B&H and had one shipped to me. Being pinned to my desk, it was the perfect time to give it a whirl cause when shooting birds in falling snow, you need that kiss of flash light to bring out their colors. So with Sharon keeping warm dressed in her ski clothes while she works at her desk as the office doors are wide open, I shot from desk testing. The basics are pretty simple here, the Wildlife Kit is a new twist to the Projecta / Tele flash extender. There are many applications for this attachment, mine is simple, to increase the effective DoF I can shoot with when using flash fill. I’m...

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on Jan 3, 2017 in Aviation

Friday Gig … Oh Man!

Friday was a special day, couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the year! Jake and I cruised over to the westside for an assignment I had with a really cool airplane. Actually a Schweizer 1-26 or as the boys called it, a “poor man’s U2” is a glider. This is a glider but as you might notice it has a little assistance, jet motors! After we did the air to air, it was time for a little fun. What you see here is the still and video from that fun. The stills were shot with the D5 / 200-400VR2 and the video was shot with the Keymission 360. In the still you can see where the Keymission 360 was mounted. And if you have fun with the 360 video, you can see in it where we were shooting the stills. It was so much fun, hope you enjoy! And if you want to feel like YOU are in the Schweizer, watch the 360 video on your...

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on Dec 29, 2016 in Wildlife Photography

Is Snow Really White?

Is snow really white? Sure, it is in drawings and our imagination but in reality, is it really white? Since I look out at snow many months each year, I can tell you that it’s not always white. When is it truly white? When there are blue skies and bright sun. That’s when it’s white and bright (and exposure problems might occur). But as soon as you remove the sun, the color of snow radically changes from white to blue. Does its color really matter? It does if you have a story to tell. If you want to say it’s cold, blue is a great color cast for snow. You want to say it’s vast, you might want gray. That’s what you see in this photo of the Red Fox. How did I get gray snow and not blue (as there is definitely no sun at this moment)? I manually adjusted the White Balance. Yes, I know many just deal with that in post but being not only old...

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on Dec 29, 2016 in Aviation

New DSLR – Basics Confuse You?

One aspect of photography that tends to confuse photographers are the exposure modes. There are four modes, A, S, P, M, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program Mode and Manual. Personally, I use A Mode 90% of the time because you select the lens aperture you want for the depth of field you need to tell your story and the camera selects the correct shutter speed (and this is stepless). The other 10% of the time, I’m in S Mode because I need to control the shutter speed and the aperture doesn’t matter. The photo here of the SNJ is an example where I was in S Mode because I needed to shoot at a constant 1/40 to get the prop blurred. Does this confuse you? It’s OK if it does as most photographers get confused about these years after owning a camera. Well, I’ve got something for you and its FREE! Photography FUNdamentals is an iBook you can download for FREE courtesy of B&H Photo & Video that covers...

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