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on Aug 20, 2015 in Random Thoughts

“I’m Now Inspired!”

The purpose behind my photography lies beyond the sale. I am very honored to be in the 50th anniv issue of Nikon Owner Magazine! The extensive 18pg interview reveals a whole lot more than f/stops, talking about wildlife photography and its role in our lives as we protect the lives on our subjects for future generations. I just received an email from Julie who read the piece that said, “I’m now inspired!” She goes on to say hwo she loves photographing nature but never knew what to do with her images after she went click. Now she does and is looking to change the world with her photos. And that’s what lies behind my photography. More than ever we need to share the wonders we are so fortunate to witness. Remember … you can change the world with your photos! Thanks...

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on Aug 20, 2015 in Camera Tech

“You Use HSC?”

“You shoot with a 800mm lens, you use HSC?” This is what a person exclaimed at me at PSW last week in a hallway conversation. They exclaimed it when I said I do and in fact, used it quite a bit on my Africa trip the previous week. They asked the obvious question. Why? That answer is actually real simple, for the subject in the viewfinder I wanted no only the bigger image size, but I needed the faster FPS to capture the action. In the perfect world, first, I would be lying on the ground making on the shot. Second, I would move closer physically to make the shot. But I was in a Landie in Africa so neither was possible. I have the Video Record button on my D4s set so when depressed and sub-command dial is turned, the camera goes into HSC (High Speed Crop). So making this shot of a calling Wattled Plover (above straight, below with HSC) was really rather quite simple. It’s a...

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on Aug 19, 2015 in Random Thoughts

World Photo Day

Yep, it’s World Photo Day. More than 200,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook EVERY minute! Over 880 BILLION images were taken in 2014! And to celebrate this we have World Photo Day. Being that we are photographers, this might seem as silly as national donut day but we who love donuts, take that day very seriously. I thought about the day and thought we should put our own twist on it. I propose we make it World Photo Day to introduce a kid to photography. I love working with kids with a camera, they just see the world so differently. It just makes me smile. We were very fortunate that both of our boys seemed to take to photography. This is Brent at age four with “his” camera photographing a Black-chinned Hummer nest. He had a “toy” Nikon he played with so it was no surprise that his first word was literally, Nikon. Kids say the darndest things and when we place a camera in their hands, they can...

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on Aug 19, 2015 in Aviation

Nat’l Aviation Day

In 1926, the Ford Trimotor changed aviation as we know it. Prior to that, folks flew but only a handful as air transport was not only scary, but no fun. There were many reasons for this and in order to introduce the public to the idea of flying from destination to destination, Henry Ford and others came up with the Ford Reliability Tour in 1925. The Ford Trimotor, the first plane with a co-pilot, stewardess and inflight restroom ushered in what we take for granted today (and complain about). In 1939, Roosevelt established the National Aviation Day to celebrate our rich aviation heritage on Orville Wright’s birthday. The magic that is flight is still evolving. The Ford Trimotor (top image) opened the doors to flight to everyone. It along with a couple of other aircraft sparked the imagination of many a WWII pilot who took their aircraft on dangerous missions so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. Right after the war, the battle were put aside and...

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on Aug 18, 2015 in K&M Adventures

Air to Air For You!

We have an K&M AirAdventure coming up 11-13 Sept, Minot ND with an opening with your name on it! The video pretty much tells the story but if you’d like more info or want to register, give Sharon a call at 760.924.8632. Cya in the...

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