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on Sep 15, 2016 in Random Thoughts

I Made the List!

Thanks to all of you! Our little blog here made the Feedspot Top 100 Photography Blog list and that’s because of you, and I’m truly grateful. I had to laugh though when I saw under my listing it states I blog “about once a month.” I wish 🙂 But if you ever wonder about what blogs are worth visiting, here’s a list that just might help your photography move forward. Thank you all for your...

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on Sep 15, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Working @ f1.4

When you own a f/1.4 lens, you’ve paid good money for that f/1.4. With that in mind, shooting the lens closed down to any point beyond f/1.4 and you’re kinda throwing away money. I mean, if f/2 or f/2.8 does the job, why pay the extra money for a f/1.4 lens? With that thought, my f/1.4 lens collection (24mm, 50mm, 105mm,), they are always shot wide open. The DoF of these lenses at f/1.4 is incredibly narrow, that’s the point. Your focusing has to be incredibly precise then or your subject will be out of focus. There is simply no wiggle room, no DoF to save you if you’re off even 1/2″! So the tip I have to pass along is pretty simple, when shooting at f/1.4, use the S – Single AF Sensor mode. Why? This single sensor is highly accurate and can be easily and precisely placed on the point of focus you desire. It’s what I did in these and all my f/1.4 lens photos. When...

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on Sep 14, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

The Polarizer “Blob”

There are times when we need a polarizer to remove reflections that when applied, adversely effects the sky. Polarizers work using physics and when it comes to the sky, when those physics aren’t perfect, you see a dark blob in the sky where the polarizer is only effecting part of the sky (2nd image). Seeing this in the viewfinder can be at times, difficult and others, impossible. One real easy way to see the “Blob” is using the LiveView on your camera. You can see above the simple example. The LCD shows off the “blob” really dramatically making it really easy to see it. But we still need to remove the reflection so what do we do? Using the LiewView, we polarize fully and then slowly rotate the polarizer to “unpolarize” as much as needed to remove the “blob” while maintaining as much reflection removal on the subject. You might be wondering if there is a post processing fix. Sure, but it’s so painful it’s not worth your time...

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on Sep 13, 2016 in Aviation, Simple Click

1/40 + Light = Action

My subject for the day was our dear friend Bernie. The most common way folks see Bernie is wrenching on a plane and this week, he’s at the Reno Air Races as chief mechanic on the Unlimited Class Voodoo doing what he does so well. He’s really good at what he does though and I wanted to say that visually. So during a run up test on Voodoo was a great opportunity to say just that. I sure wouldn’t want to stand there and to say that in a photograph meant be close (70-200f4 AFS) and a lots of clicks at a slow shutter speed (D5) to get the one with the right body gesture. Simple formula once you think through what you want to...

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on Sep 12, 2016 in Field Reports

Nikons 105f1.4 AFS – Amazing!

I’ve had the most amazing weekend of shooting and in large part, shooting with the new Nikon 105f1.4 AFS lens. First and foremost, it’s one sexy lens. It has a 82mm front element and the rest of its stubby barrel is just as wide. It has a really large manual focusing ring with remarkable quick and smooth response which is really important when shooting with such narrow DoF. It does not have VR which might bug some, doesn’t bother me. I’ve only shot it at one f/stop since I got it, f/1.4 (Thanks B&H!). My “real” shoot that I really wanted this lens for is later today so I spent the weekend like always, married to a new piece of gear shooting it at lots of subjects. Here is my dear Sharon posing on her birthday while up in Minot celebrating. The band of focus is on her eyes and the C-53 just 10″ behind her is out of focus. Gorgeous! This is a pricey lens, a very specific...

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