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on Feb 3, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

“You Want …. What?”

The business of photography is a huge roller coaster ride. This is in part because it’s a marriage of our creative talents with those needing those talents to tell a story or sell a product. This means there are human beings involved and as soon as you add that to the mix, the roller coaster ride begins. Case in point, delivering to a client what they actually need compared to what they think they want. When it comes to a photograph or series of photographs, this can be a challenge where being a mindreader doesn’t always help. It actually requires acute listening skills and combining that with current trends with our spirit to visually communicate to come up with the perfect final result. A simple example would be working with a photo buyer and in listening to what they are saying, even though they say they want horizontal format images, you add in the submission a couple of perfect vertical format images (or vise a versa) because that’s what...

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on Feb 2, 2017 in Random Thoughts

“Why’d You Start the Blog?”

The questions the hit my email box are humdingers at times! And that’s why the website was first launched back in 1995. In my infinite wisdom, I figured if I’d create this new thing, a website (we were the first wildlife photography website in the world) where I could answer everyone’s questions, then my daily email load would go away. Stupid me! Coming up on 4000pgs now, the website demonstrates that all the answers aren’t out there because as it should be, we keep asking new questions. That search for knowledge, that thirst for learning for many is stronger than ever and we turn to the internet seeking those answers. But it’s kinda like The Curse of Oak Island, you keep digging, get mud all over yourself only to discover rather than finding an answer, you’ve got two new questions. The one reason we did NOT start the website or blog is for our business. Yes, it brings in many of you great folks to our events and workshops...

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on Feb 1, 2017 in Random Thoughts

“I Want to be a Professional!”

I receive an email saying this probably once an hour. Ok, maybe once every other hour but it’s pretty much none stop. Over the years I’ve had all sorts of comebacks to this but of late, I tend to stare at the question wonderin how I should answer it. Why, what’s the change? The change is I’ve gotten older and with that some knowledge has stuck in my thick head that in part stops me from saying my first knee jerk answer. And the other is, wondering what gave birth to this question from those who ask it. What do they think they are missing in their photography to seek or ask this question? That brings me to the photo you see above and perhaps my current answer to the “big” question. This photograph of a Mountain Goat billy was taken a couple of lifetimes ago. I remember clearly seeing the opportunity, the panic to get parked and to the billy before the photograph would disappear. I remember all...

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on Jan 31, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Doing Your Planning for Spring … Now?

Some of the best photography only comes with planning! While we might just be a month into winter, spring is just around the corner. If you’re into wildlife photography, that means it’s baby time. Are you ready? Do you have the gear you think you need for nesting birds or baby mammals. Nesting birds need short lenses like the 70-200f2.8 FL or 300 PF and at least one SB-5000 though two would be better. You need to know and do ratios with those two flashes using a WR-R10. How do you do all of that in the dead of winter, figure out the lenses and flash ratios? Get yourself a old fashion baseball and place it in shade, light it with the flashes until you create the ratios you like and no one can tell you’re using flash. The time to learn this is now, not when you have a nest in your lens. What if you’re into aviation, you ready for the spring airshow season? Unlike wildlife where...

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