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on Jun 8, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Speed in a Still

Speaking about speed in a still photograph is a challenge. While our viewers understand a car, plane, train move, actually saying that in our photographs takes a little thought. Since we are panning to get a sharp photo, we can use that camera movement to our advantage in this challenge. What we must do is what I encourage folks to do all the time, think about the background. Here are two examples to illustrate my point. We start with a slower shutter speed, the slower the shutter speed permits a great blurred background as we pan. But the amount of blurred background depends on how fast our subject is traveling and how close to the background the subject might me. You can do a simple test at your own home photographing a ball rolling on the ground to see how this works. In this case, I’m working with a P-40k from the Texas Flying Legends Museum and when it’s close to the ground, you can see how the background...

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on Jun 7, 2016 in WRP Ed Zone

Travel Dust

One of the first things I tell my folks on workshops after arriving is, “Check your sensor for dust!” And often the response is, “I just cleaned it before I came.” That might be the case but the mirror box of our cameras are not hermetically sealed. Dust in all its form live there and the vibration from travel, the car, the plane, the rolling bag, will most likely shake some of it loose and it will land on your sensor. It’s for this reason I carry the Gel Stick (I now get them from in my bag for quick and easy cleaning. So on your trip, remember that the first thing you want to do is get rid of that travel...

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on Jun 7, 2016 in Random Thoughts

Come Shoot Down Under with Us!

K&M Adventures is heading to Australia, 14-20 August, 2016 and we have an opening. We’re heading to a once in a lifetime location for critter photography, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. I first went there after seeing Sir David Attenborough’s special on the Satin Bowerbird. The nest he filmed at was still being used years later and I was able to shoot there for a couple of days. I came back from our time there with photos of an additional 50 species of really cool bird species hard to find elsewhere. It’s really an amazing place! Of course, the trail boardwalk that goes through the TOP of the forest canopy, the bar in the TOP of a tree and the friendliness of the birds don’t hurt the attraction either. We’re looking at the first week of August, 2016 for this adventure. The price should come in around $5400 which covers your lodging at O’Reilly’s, breakfast and dinner, transportation to and from the airport to the lodge, guides and instruction (they gave...

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on Jun 6, 2016 in Aviation

The Long and Short of It

There we were shooting the gorgeous Spitfire MkIX at sunrise. We had this gorgeous sky that, though bald had a killer glow growing in it. We were in front of the Texas Flying Legends Museum hangar at the Dakota Territory Air Museum on a ramp covered in fresh rain. It was just a great morning. And as always, I was looking around and behind me for other photo opps. That’s when I saw the moisture and light on the F-106 Delta Dart and I knew that was the photograph. So, I grabbed the 24-70VR and took a walk to get the shot. But as soon as it was in the viewfinder, I knew it was all wrong! Shooting with the 24-70VR, the first thing is I had to get close physical to get the shot. That made the plaque honoring the pilots who flew them in the 5th become a visual eyesore. But more importantly, it makes the nose of the plane visually more important that the wings. The...

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on Jun 2, 2016 in Aviation

Pilot Portrait – Tammie

Tammie’s second career is flying medivacs, something she does with great passion. It’s a thankless job often because her passenger is on the edge of death. It can be days of boredom waiting on call and then seconds of high tension action when the call puts the team in action. And she does it was that smile bringing reassurance and professionalism to her life saving job! I got two more pilot portraits in this past week, both with the D5, the first I’ve done with it and the D5 and it was sweet! This one of Tammie was the “rush” job. We had set up portrait for the afternoon (wanted the sun side lighting) but the thunderstorms were coming back so we had to push up the shoot. With the incoming thunderstorms comes the winds, fierce winds, it was a challenge but it was fun. The Helo is always parked in this spot on the call, ready to to fly so it was set in place. Tammie has those...

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