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on Aug 12, 2010 in Field Reports

It's A S38

This movie requires Flash Player 9 If you saw the movie The Aviator then you saw Howard Hughes fly this puppy around. This is the actual Sikorsky S38 Flying Boat that was in the movie, not the one owned by Hughes. And it’s wicked cool! This movie requires Flash Player 9 When we first came up to it, it’s where you see it now. It pulled off the ramp and parked right here. To eliminate the clutter in the background, I kissed the dirt. This movie requires Flash Player 9 But it parked in the wrong place which was lucky for me. It had to move which brought it even closer to me and in fact at one point, the wing went over my head. It was a cool opportunity that just transpired. Lucky me! Photos captured by D3x, 18AF on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on Aug 3, 2010 in Just Out!

Nik's Pro Talk Interview

I’ve been interviewed A LOT but none have ever turned out as well as this one. Click on the photo and enjoy! Oh yeah, thanks to Stephanie for the new mug shot. Oh yeah yeah, Nik Radio posted an interview on iTunes on 22 July just in case you ain’t had enough bull for one day...

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on Jul 30, 2010 in Simple Click

Simple Click – It's Off to Osh!

This movie requires Flash Player 9 Yeap, all this gear had to go in the back of that little plane. Just getting the gear pared down in the first place was a challenge! This movie requires Flash Player 9 We got it all in, as well as a Moose and three...

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on Jul 28, 2010 in Great Stuff

It’s "Take a Moose to Work Day"

This movie requires Flash Player 9 Yeap, I’m in Wichita with my best bud and long time shooting partner Kevin. While this is not my first time to go to work with him, I always leave thinking if was my last. Why? I’m on my best behavior except for that sign, “No Cameras.” Damn if that doesn’t always get me in trouble! So, I’ll be at “work” for the day other then taking a quick flight down to OK for lunch. Then back for a repack (stripping down my gear weight from 132lbs to 70) so we can load up in the Cessna 206 Thursday to Oshkosh. Yeap, for those counting, it will be a week of aviation and aviation people oriented blogs. This is a whole new experience for me and will be playing it out here blow by blow as it unfolds. The photo here is from yesterday mornings breakfast at Stearman Field. This is a student pilot who was doing touch and go’s to get his...

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