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Rob Sheppard, former editor of Outdoor Photographer says:

“The BT Journal is a tremendous technical and biological resource for wildlife photographers.”

The BT Journal is a the only comprehensive Journal for Wildlife Photographers now going into its fifteenth year! This is the only publication of its kind and it’s now on the iPad! Published quarterly, this 28 page journal provides you with the information you need to capture those images of a lifetime. Discover the latest in biology and how to combine it with today’s camera technology!

Written by Moose Peterson, the BT JOURNAL brings you information and insight into wildlife photography and the business of photography that you won’t find in any other publication. There are no hold bars here, you get it straight from Moose. The Journal fills in all those holes and leaves no stone unturned in answering the questions you need to know to improve your photography and appreciation of our great outdoors. The Journal goes to thousands of photographers. Subscribe today to find out the secrets everyone cannot live without! Not sure? Download a preview copy or have a look at the free Premiere Issue of the Digital BT Journal.

The Digital BT Journal, on iOS and Android, get it and enjoy all these great tricks of the trade, including more photos, more captions, videos, and more info than ever before, without delay!

Current Issue
Volume 18.2 Features:

B News: Dotted Land with Trees and Animals – The Maasai Mara

The usual morning nip is colder than normal so the bright red blanket on our seat is a welcomed site. Tucked in the blanket and into the seat, gear settled and ready, the slow rock and roll begins as we creep out of the dark forest that is our home. We know the sun is coming but there is no hint of it yet. The sounds emanating from all directions covers the entire scale from the lowest growl to the highest twitter as the chorus greeting the day warms up. Our eyes are adjusted to the dark and bizarre shapes mingling about. We keep slowly moving forward wrapped in our warm blankets and cameras in our lap. The anticipation is about bursting because we know that as soon as the light levels come up, the shutter will be flying and heads filling with the imagery that is the beauty of the Maasai Mara.

Africa; heading back a second time in less than a year and to say I had a few reservations is an understatement. The biggest thing I had in my mind was could this trip live up to the last? My first trip to Mala Mala was so amazing, one of those once in a lifetime trips where you had to pinch yourself every turn of the vehicle, I didn’t know if a second trip could live up to that. But there Sharon and I were heading off to Africa, and I have to admit, as soon as we hit that plane and started making that long flight over there, the excitement crept in and started to build. I can tell you now, we were not disappointed! When you have 26 mammals and 99 birds species in 10 days and 24k images in the can, it was just absolutely… well, Shangri-La doesn’t even begin to describe just how amazing and fantastic the Mara is.

Now, if you haven’t been to Africa it’s kind of hard to understand the size and the scope and diversity that it has to offer the explorer, the adventurer, and especially the wildlife photographer. That’s probably why I wanna tell you about it, our time at Maasai Mara was just absolutely eye opening. It was heart wrenching, encompassing all the senses, 24/7 with the most amazing vistas and critters this planet has to offer. Well, how do you do it? How do you get there? How do you make the best and most of this opportunity and more importantly, bring back the photographs? Well, that’s what we’re gonna talk about. This is another special issue of the journal. And you might be saying, “Why? You just kind of did an Africa journal not too long ago.” It’s not the same. It might be the same continent but that’s the only similarity, that’s where it ends cause after that, anywhere you travel is a whole new adventure. So sit back and relax, we got a lot of fun to go after.

Getting There: An Interesting Challenge