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Rob Sheppard, former editor of Outdoor Photographer says:

“The BT Journal is a tremendous technical and biological resource for wildlife photographers.”

The BT Journal is a the only comprehensive Journal for Wildlife Photographers now going into its fifteenth year! This is the only publication of its kind and it’s now on the iPad! Published quarterly, this 28 page journal provides you with the information you need to capture those images of a lifetime. Discover the latest in biology and how to combine it with today’s camera technology!

Written by Moose Peterson, the BT JOURNAL brings you information and insight into wildlife photography and the business of photography that you won’t find in any other publication. There are no hold bars here, you get it straight from Moose. The Journal fills in all those holes and leaves no stone unturned in answering the questions you need to know to improve your photography and appreciation of our great outdoors. The Journal goes to thousands of photographers. Subscribe today to find out the secrets everyone cannot live without! Not sure? Download a preview copy or have a look at the free Premiere Issue of the Digital BT Journal.

The Digital BT Journal, on iOS and Android, get it and enjoy all these great tricks of the trade, including more photos, more captions, videos, and more info than ever before, without delay!

Current Issue
Volume 18.1 Features:

B News: The Rainforest of Costa Rica

Lying in bed, we can hear the rain pound on the thatch roof overhead. It’s another brief night storm, which is typical and with its end, the smells of the forest waft in. Fresh, sweet, pungent, warm, and humid, the smells swirl about. In our busy world, it’s hard to imagine life revolving around just one living entity. But in the rainforest, that’s how it is, and it is simply, miraculous! With the life giving rain, sounds emerge from beyond our room that in seconds is without doubt the most harmonic symphony on the planet. It takes no imagination to picture the magic awaiting you right outside your door, though it’s pitch black. It makes it hard to go back to sleep, excited to see what the sun will bring. With the first particles of daylight skimming across the moist air, the Howler Monkeys announce the start of the day, and life in the rainforest is renewed.

Sharon and I were incredibly fortunate to venture to the Costa Rican rainforest with the Nikon D7100 project, spending three glorious weeks in this Shangri-La in 2013 (and going back 2017). We’ve been very fortunate to venture to many spectacular locales on the globe and always say, “We’d love to return,” but there are so many still to visit for the first time, we never seem to make it back. Costa Rica was number one on the list of places we wanted to return to, but didn’t think it would ever happen. We were so thrilled when K&M Adventures went international and our first destination would be, Costa Rica!

I WANT YOU TO GO to the rainforest! There are so many great reasons why, from emotional to photographic, from cultural to environmental. I figure the best way to get you there is to provide you all the information possible to give the most incredible time and come back with the best images that you feel guilty if you didn’t go. So let’s get to it!

It’s So Easy to Get There!