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A preview from Volume 17.3

T News – The Business of Photography

Volume 17.3

I truly believe that YOU can do it! I’ve seen the formula that we’ve used duplicated by other photographers over and over again through the years to great success. And we want to share that formula with you. “I want to make money with my photography!” I’ve looked at a lot of portfolios and when I ask the presenter what they want from their photography, this is the #1 answer. Most photographers I think have this inner desire to sell their photography if for no other reason than as an outside approval as to their worth as a photographer. A monetary measure that our photograph is worthy. I can honestly tell you that without a doubt, it is a HUGE high that few other things can replicate. And once you take that step towards making money with your camera, your photography will forever change.

The only time you make money is when you’re behind the camera! Without that photograph, you have nothing for the page, nothing for the wall, nothing for that slideshow. Never forget this #1 creed in the photography business!

Before I go any further, lets be clear on one thing. Making money from your photography and becoming rich are two totally different things. Yes, photographers do become rich, and you can count those who have on one hand. What we’re going to talk about here has nothing to do with fame and fortune, which I know nothing about. What we’re going to talk about is plan old, everyday, common sense business that pays bills and allows you to follow our dreams. And unlike what most think is a product driven industry, it’s a service driven industry, where those who provide the best service are the businesses that last through thick and thin to enjoy the fulfillment of the good times.

Some of what we (Sharon & I) have to share will be aspects of photography you’ve never heard of before. Some will sound totally stupid and others will completely make sense. Some will most definitely fly in the face of what is repeated as must do and the rest a repeat. What we have to offer here comes from our being in the successful business of photography since 1981. It comes from the mere fact that we have managed to survive these decades in the photography business, buying a home, raising a family, sending the boys to college, and come out the other end still a growing business. This is a slow and easy wins the race kind of proposition that as long as you keep your passion for photography, YOU can do it too!

This business thing is all based on one premise, you gotta get published. No matter your genre of photography, the editorial market is where you learn to make a good to great photograph, how to tell a story, what it is to be a professional and learn the realities of the business. If you’re in some genre other than editorial, I’m not suggesting for a moment that you give that up, quite the opposite. I’m not suggesting, I’m saying flat out, you will improve in that genre of photography and make more money if you’re involved in the editorial market. Throughout this entire discourse I will prove this point over and over. So that’s what we’re going to talk a whole lot about, making it in the editorial market place. Here’s how …

Where it all begins and ends…