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Journal Snipits

A preview from Volume 17.4

B News – The African Mystery

In the chill of the morning air, I would never have thought I’d be standing here. Never! The tree next to me had a calling Gray Go-Away-Bird telling everything within a mile the sun is coming. Below my feet literally are all sorts of creatures from Elephants to Bush Bucks with Hornbills and Rollers flying about. In the 1970s, going to Africa was all the rage and photographs from the “bush” were in nearly every magazine. Personally, I never saw the great attraction so it was never, ever, on my list of adventures. But on that porch that first morning, I knew what I had been missing and what I had missed not coming to Africa all those years!

Even to this day, I don’t have the word to describe our experience in South Africa. I have the feeling that I’m not alone in that search. This is probably why I never had the final drive to get to witness this amazing part of our wild heritage. Ya, there are lions and elephants and so much more than you’ve heard about roaming the grasslands and woodlands of Southern Africa. But Africa is so much more than this, it’s more than I captured with my heart or my camera. And there lies the photographic challenge that now looking back at my images still haunts me.

I’m not the first nor will I be the last to visit Africa and comeback with images and stories. In fact, I want you to be one of those who makes this grand journey and explores what was called the Dark Continent and bring light to it. What I have for you here is the story of our time in South Africa, how we got there, worked, and retuned with more than 20K images. But more importantly I think is I present here the challenge for you and me to go to Africa and comeback with that one word that eludes me, might elude you, that sums it all up so it preserved for future generations, the Africa mystery.

Why Did I Finally Go?