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on Jul 7, 2015 in Aviation

Work The Clouds

Ever since I first saw the Monocoupe 110 Special a couple of years back, it has been on the top of my list of aircraft to photograph. This individual plane is a very historic aircraft. The badass of the 30’s built by a farmer, it just has the meanest lines. So when photographing it as a static, making the most of those lines is essential both in telling its unique story and being photographically pleasing. At the same time, planes are meant to be in the sky, not sitting on the ground. So that needs to be included in the storytelling as well. Hard for one photograph to do it all. Then there are clouds. We started the morning “trapped” in the hangar by a huge thunderstorm. You don’t take such aircraft as this out in the rain. So after the sun had kissed the horizon, we pushed it out and into place. Actually, we pushed out four aircraft his morning for the folks of our AirAdventure to photograph....

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on Jul 3, 2015 in Aviation

This 4th …

This 4th, while fireworks are so very cool, I want to encourage photographers to also point their cameras at something else as we celebrate the 4th. Our families are such an important part of our lives and the 4th is the one day each year we tend to gather and celebrate being a family. The freedoms the 4th represents in large part are the sacrifices many families have made for over two hundred years so we can celebrate the 4th. The American family like the Engkvists in North Dakota are great examples of that celebration. So this weekend amongst the watermelon and fireworks, count your blessings and turn that camera on the family. A memory that must always be told and recorded...

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on Jul 2, 2015 in Aviation

How’d You Get That Photo?

Ever since I posted Fadin Fast, a whole bunch of emails have come in asking how I got the photo. It is something you all can do! The very first ingredient in getting the photo is establishing an amazing working and personal relationship with a special group of plane owners and pilots. That relationship with your subject, be it person, place or thing is essential cause that’s how YOU become the storyteller. Then it’s having the basics well established along with viable tools, that’s handholding and panning. Then there is an imagination that hooks up with what life is presenting. And finally, putting that together when a pilot says, “Want do you want?” In this case, I was at a private airstrip for an evening BBQ with a special group of friends. The day’s work was done so to relax and celebrate the great freedom we are so fortunate to enjoy, the Piper J-3 and PA-11 are pulled out, preflighted and take to the air. No ceremony, it’s just...

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on Jun 30, 2015 in Aviation

Flyin “Dirty”

If there is one better reason than common sense why to constantly practice your panning, it has to be the unexpected opportunities. This past weekend is a prime example. There we were in the midst of our K&M AirAdventure when there was a need for a maintenance flight for the FG-1D Corsair. We were offered the opportunity for the whole gang to head to what’s called “Moose Stump Hill” to photograph the Corsair at evelevel and lower. Well, with such an opportunity, off we went! Showing the speed of the Corsair is REAL easy when you use a slow shutter speed. Blurring the prop to show motion is real easy with a slow shutter speed. Getting a real sharp image at a slow shutter speed when you panning while composing the moving subject is really, really hard. Hard if you don’t practice your panning all the time. Because when you have an opportunity like this is not the time to practice. Unless you want to hate yourself in the...

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