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on Jun 23, 2015 in Aviation

Bad Light Color Too

On the opposite end of the spectrum of Bad Light is the solid overcast. Color needs light to pop in our images. While our mind’s eye (combination of our vision and brain) make it possible for us to see color in any light, the camera, not so much. The color is there, in fact in overcast light the color can be really saturated and more vibrant than normal if you know your craft and recognize the light source for what it is and shoot accordingly. I put up these examples to illustrate my points. The first thing to take advantage of the saturated color in this bad light is your White Balance. You might think since there are clouds, switch to Cloudy which is an option (that’s 6000k). I went to the Sunny or more importantly, 5500k for my White Balance. Why? Using Auto White Balance (AWB) will get you in a situation like this, about 4200-4600k which to the untrained eye, an ok looking photo, color wise. But...

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on Jun 22, 2015 in Aviation

Knowing Wx is Essential!

One of the most influential elements to our photography is weather. If you watch the TV for weather information, you often look out your window and wonder what they are looking at. Weather is constantly changing and with it our photograph. From the clouds overhead, the light and many other factors, it can make or break your photography. I offer up these three images taken in England in April to illustrate my point. This Dragon Rapide offering rides at Duxford is a cool looking aircraft. Any plane called a Dragon has gotta be cool, right? With bald skies, it would still be a cool aircraft but the photograph, perhaps not so much. These photographs were taken over a 15 minute period of time. Looking at the first image, would you guess the third image is just 15min away? With the influence of clouds on our photography, learning to understand which way they are traveling helps. On an aerodrome such as this, you can look at the windsock for a...

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on Jun 19, 2015 in Aviation

Sharing Just Feels Good!

Make it a summer goal … share your passion with no strings attached! Capturing flightWell-known photographer Moose Peterson says North Dakot's a great place for aviation photography. See… Posted by The Minot Daily News on Friday, June 19,...

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on Jun 5, 2015 in Aviation

110 Special

I first saw the Monocoupe 110 Special two years ago and ever since, getting in the air with it was on the top of my list. A week ago we had a magical morning flight with this amazing aircraft. Only 7 were made and this particular one has an amazing history. Besides winning many races, one of its owners used it to escape Cuba flying it across to the US. This morning they were burning off crops and in the early morning light with the breeze and ground fog, made for simple click magic. I hope this weekend, your photographic dreams take flight and the light and subject come together in your...

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on Jun 3, 2015 in Aviation

Arses I’ve Loved

Over the last month of travels, I’ve seen some really great arses. Now I use to say ass when referring to the rear view of an aircraft until I was in England. There, my new pilot friend Howard informed me they have no asses but plenty of arses and that’s what I’ve called them ever since. There are many views of an aircraft and the rear when the skies and background are in your favor, is a very dramatic way to show off a girls lines. These were taken with D4s and D750 with either a 14-24AFS or 24-70AFS. The key is getting low, look at the lines of the wings and remember the split grad in ACR is your best friend. After that, it’s just a matter of having fun. So here are what in the last month are the ares I’ve...

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on May 29, 2015 in Aviation

Fire Boss

We were in Minot, ND filming two new classes for KelbyOne (Air to Air Photography & Pilot Portraits). The film crew had left that morning, Sharon & I staying an extra day to finish up the still shooting for the classes. Warren and I were taxing out for a flight in his Waco cause … it was a gorgeous day to fly. We were just about to get on the active when he said, “Hey, 802s on floats landing.” I turned to see these two, bad ass aircraft touching down. There were gorgeous but we were taking off, so I thought no more of it. That’s because, lots of planes come into Minot Aero Center to get gas and keep on going down the road. Hours later we come back and parked there in front of the hangar are the two Air Tractor 802Fs! There was one killer sky growing behind them. Mo said she had just been lying on the ground photographing them when the pilots came out...

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