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on Jan 20, 2016 in Aviation

The Casual Pilot

I’ve been flying with Brian since almost day one. He’s a dear friend and a great pilot. And getting him to be in front of the camera while not in a plane one of my greatest accomplishments! Now when you say “portrait,” folks take this to mean many different things, usually some type of formality in either dress, pose or both. That’s just not Brian but even with the knowledge it was casual, taking time for a portrait took over a year of convincing. I think once it sunk in he could wear his Hawaiian shirt, he was OK with it all. And have his jeep in the photo, that just made it that much better. One of the challenges of this shoot was the background. The T-6 (plane) and jeep were placed where they were placed for two reasons. The main being the very busy background. They are visually blocking a whole bunch of junk. At the same time, the strong backlight of sunset help put other busy...

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on Dec 23, 2015 in Aviation

Pilot Portrait Project

It started as a single photo for a single article. It evolved into a book project that I’m truly enjoying working on. We travel the country photographing very special pilots and this past week, we worked with a couple more, Larry Perkins being very special to us. He has flown many a photo mission for my lens, the Epson Finish Strong campaign in the Super Corsair #57 one of the most memorable. Our relationship with Larry goes back to day one of our aviation work and that really helps when setting up the shot. Until you see the finished book will the single portrait make sense. But with Larry, the P-51D Mustang was the perfect backdrop for this gifted and amazing pilot. The majority of these portraits I do by myself so the system I have is based on that. This time, I had Sharon which does help when it comes to making exposure adjustments (she’s a stand in during testing). The set up is rather simplistic so I...

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on Dec 15, 2015 in Aviation

The Relationships are Brilliant

A month ago I had the great honor to meet Stan Whalley, a WWII pilot from England who like other Brits, trained in the US. He shared so many stories with us then and with the blessing of the internet, we’ve been able to keep the conversation going. This just came in from Stan which I’m pleased to share with you … “I have just seen the excellent account of my visit to Falcon Field in November, for which I thank you sincerely. However, I wondered if you could add to your account my later flying in Europe, following my return from Falcon. After flying inTiger Moths I flew P51 Mustangs and found myself in Germany after WW2 ended. I toured a ruined Germany, all the best big cities, in Berlin I entered the ruined Reichstag parliament building and viewed the big hole, outside Hitlers Bunker, in which Hitler and his new bride, Eva Braun, were thrown and burnt. I left the Royal Air Force in 1947 and followed...

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on Dec 10, 2015 in Aviation

AoD Video Released

May 8th is a pretty important day to us, yet few know that. It was celebrated this year to honor all those who took part in protecting our freedoms. We felt very fortunate to participate in a very small way as part of the Texas Flying Legends Museum cadre, to say thanks to all those vets. Take a moment to watch the video, it just might put a lump in your throat. And if you want to learn and see more, be sure to check out Jake’s Book celebrating the...

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on Dec 1, 2015 in Aviation

FlyPast Spit

We’re quite thrilled and honored that our story on the Texas Flying Legends Museum Spitfire MkIX is a 7pg spread in FlyPast Magazine just out today. While we think it’s a great read, we’re happy because once again, it’s a joint project with our son Jake. Won’t be on the newstands here in the states for a few more days, but hope you pick up a...

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on Nov 23, 2015 in Aviation

Pushing Past Boredom

Have you ever spent a lot of time at some locale, shooting it until you are bored? Then, you have a friend who has never been to that locale and they ask you to go and because of your friendship you go knowing you will probably be photographically, bored? We start off at such opportunities already thinking, “I’m not going to get any photos today!” We know we shouldn’t think that but hell, we’re human! It can be hard to get excited when we repeat a photographic opportunity for the twentieth time but that’s the time to dig down and move our butt! I’ve spent a lot of time in hangars and while the planes change, the hangar is the hangar is the hangar and normally, they are a visually busy place. They are simply a photographic challenge. The number of hangars I’ve “gardened” for that one shot and then “ungardened” afterwards is more than I care to think about. Even with that, if you think about it, I...

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