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on Sep 21, 2015 in Aviation

A Romantic Sunset Flight

“This flight’s for me” is what Warren said after we finished the brief. The photo mission had no specific goals other than to have a romantic sunset flight on a gorgeous North Dakota night. The plane is a rare one, a ’32 Monocoupe 110. Back in the day, it was the speedster winning many a pylon, derby and cross country race. So one photo I had in mind was that “Pylon 4” shot with the Monocoupe up on wing edge. Did we get it? You’ll have to watch and find out. Equipment Used: *D4s *80-400VR3 *Vulture Strap *2x GoPro 3+ Silver *Lexar 256GB CF *Lexar 64GB Micro...

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on Sep 17, 2015 in Aviation

Saying “Speed!”

Working with a still medium, when it comes to saying “movement” in our images, there are challenges. When trying to “freeze” motion and get a sharp image of something moving, we pan so the film plane keeps pace with the subject. The element in the frame that is not moving physically and relatively is the background so that’s what we blur to say movement. And when there are elements in the frame moving perpendicular to the film plane, they will blur as well if we use a slow enough shutter speed to so that motion. This is a lot to think about when photographing a passing bicyclist or car. It gets even more complicated as you get to larger subjects and you want to say speed! Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. This gorgeous Super Cub, it’s not thought of as a speed demon but it is going at least 90mph to fly. Now we can say visually it’s moving by simply using a slower shutter speed...

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on Sep 15, 2015 in Aviation

Airport Hangin

Sharon and I have been in a favorite locale of ours, Minot, ND for a marvelous week. It started with a great air to air for a client. Then we had three great days with our K&M Air Adventures, then I had to go to work! Argh …. Na, it’s really pretty darn fun but not having done big sets for quite some time, the old brain took a little time to kick into gear. Thankfully, once the big sets were done and quite well I might say, it was time for some old fashion airport hangin. Part of the job are what I call “pick up shots.” These are no more than photos that just happen without any planning that if I’m Johnny on the spot, fill the criteria of the job. Like the one above. Heard it was coming in, saw it on approach and because it was a handsome plane, put myself in the right place to make the shot. Now the flying dust spot, I...

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on Sep 11, 2015 in Aviation


Back up in Minot, ND shooting today. Had a sunset air to air project which was a lot of fun. You know it’s going great when the pilot pulls out his iPhone and says SMILE! These are simple clicks, D4s / 80-400VR3 with some really skilled pilots. Thanks for the great evening...

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on Sep 7, 2015 in Aviation

Happy 100th Dick Cole!

Dick Cole, Col Jimmy Doolittle’s right seat on the Doolittle Raid in WWII just turned 100! He is a fascinating gentleman, living history and still goin! We were very fortunate to have him in part of our Warbirds and The Men Who Flew them film. Dick is still on the tour circuit so if you have the opportunity to hear him and meet him, be sure you do. Happy Bday...

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