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on Sep 13, 2016 in Aviation, Simple Click

1/40 + Light = Action

My subject for the day was our dear friend Bernie. The most common way folks see Bernie is wrenching on a plane and this week, he’s at the Reno Air Races as chief mechanic on the Unlimited Class Voodoo doing what he does so well. He’s really good at what he does though and I wanted to say that visually. So during a run up test on Voodoo was a great opportunity to say just that. I sure wouldn’t want to stand there and to say that in a photograph meant be close (70-200f4 AFS) and a lots of clicks at a slow shutter speed (D5) to get the one with the right body gesture. Simple formula once you think through what you want to...

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on Sep 5, 2016 in Aviation

Bringing Speed to the Still

Last weekend, B&H & Lexar hosted a marvelous event at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. It was a marvelous time with some great folks and aircraft. It was a very target rich, photographic satisfying location with marvelous subjects and backgrounds lending themselves to storytelling. I posted a couple of images and they got lots of notice and comments. The “feel” of being a daredevil going fast in old flying machines comes through the photos and many have asked how I made that happen. Well, here it is. First is the light. The three aircraft are in sun where the backgrounds not so much. Next, the aircraft are a good distance from the background, that is important. This sets up the rest of the technique. Shooting with a long lens (80-400 at 300mm) and with a camera that can rip off the frames (D5 at 12fps), you next want to rip off the frames at a slow shutter speed (1/50). This combination means that when the subject travels in front of...

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on Aug 30, 2016 in Aviation

The Amazing Old Rhinebeck!

Sunday at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome was simply, amazing! A Lexar sponsored B&H event, we had 75 photographers out in upper New York having the time of their lives. We had the company of a WWII B-25 pilot, Marty Biener as well as the classic “antique” aircraft of the Aerodrome. Sharon and I have been on the go since the event so unlike normal, I’ve not gotten to even look at all my photos yet. Saw some great images yesterday at the B&H Crit and more have come in since so I’ll have more to share shortly. Like, how did I make this reall old, slow 1910 Hanriot look like it’s going real fast? But wanted to say thanks to all who came out and made it such a fun day, especially the Aerodrome!...

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on Aug 11, 2016 in Aviation

Congrats Bob … & Family Too!

The plane might look familiar, it was featured in EAA Sport earlier this year and in our Pilot Portrait class on KelbyOne. We got to know these great folks a year back after I first saw their completed Starduster Too. They were so kind to let me “invade” their lives with my camera on so many occasions. So it was great fun when at Oshkosh last week, Bob, Sherri & Gannon appeared from the crowd cause we didn’t know they would be there. Even funnier was Bob telling us that he entered their Starduster Too in the competition for aircraft construction. The best was when the last night of Osh, Bob sent me the text photo of his trophy! That was a highlight of my week at Osh. Not only is their plane gorgeous, but they are such a great family. Congrats to you...

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on Aug 5, 2016 in Aviation

BTS Howard 500

I posted this photo yesterday on my Instagram account and someone said they would like to know how it came about, the planning and the like. When I read that, I had to laugh. Why? Here’s the BTS of the photo so you can laugh too. It was our last night after 13 days of shooting on the road. There was little left of our crew, we were all totally wiped! So wiped, one shooter in our bunch just wanted to sit and watch the show and didn’t even shoot. Knowing there were going to be fireworks, while eating dinner I looked for an aircraft to be in the foreground. Parked there was the Howard 500 so I texted the owner and asked if the plane was sticking around. He said yes and have fun. So we ate our dinner, strolled over to the plane with our chairs, planted our butts down and when the show began, hit the shutter release. This shot was a 25sec exposure with the...

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on Aug 3, 2016 in Aviation

Our Special Moments

Alan (TFLM B-25 pilot) sat there and told me this long story of this WWII vet he had meet many years earlier in Sioux Falls, his name was Wendell. Wendell was a B-25 pilot during WWII flying the Hump as well as the Pacific (flying for a time a B-25H … a bird with a 70mm canon in the nose). Wendell had one helluva lot of adventures during WWII and could spend days telling them and not run out! Well, Alan had the honor at that meeting years ago of taking Wendell up in the B-25 as SIC which was a thrill for the then 90yr old. But as happens all too often in life, Alan had lost contact with him. He tried and tried to reconnect with Wendell but was never able to find him again. Alan was sadden by the thought his friend might have passed away. Alan had told me this story just before he headed off for the brief for the Sioux City AirShow a...

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