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on Sep 9, 2013 in Landscape Photography, B&W Photography

Drive with the Camera

The desert is such a magical place especially when you look, I mean really look. When the monsoons are blowing through, they take on a kaleidoscope of colors as the miracle of water brings new life as summer takes its last bite at heat. Photoshop World is held in Las Vegas in September which is a drive from our home due east and then when coming home, directly due west. The route covers some amazing desert and desert ranges and it never fails to produce memorable images. Of course, they are memorable to us because we love the desert and the drive. The trick, to make the photo to help you fall in love with it. There are a couple of critical elements needs to make this happen. The first are brakes, that means not that they are working on your vehicle (which is required no matter what) but that you have the time to use them. When traveling, stopping to take a photo takes time and that fact...

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on Aug 23, 2013 in Aviation, B&W Photography

Ms Piggy

I called out the directions and Kevin being Kevin, just followed them. I kept telling the group we were going to see Ms. Piggy. Now if in Hollywood, such an adventure wouldn’t be thought of as odd. Up in the tundra of Churchill, Canada, odd is putting it mildly! We’re there in May to photograph birds, not some Muppet character. We make the turn and leave the main road (which is dirt) and take another dirt road. We “run” through the snow patch on the road, get past the junkyard dog, we bumped down the rock strewn road and barely make the left that brings us up to a semi “parking” area. They look around and then I point up the boulder ridge and there is a gasp in the car. That’s because one wouldn’t think a C-46 Commando could “blend” in the tundra. Ms Piggy as it’s been called as long as I’ve been heading up to Churchill is an old cargo plane that landed a tad short...

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on Aug 16, 2013 in B&W Photography

“You Seen Any Birds?”

I’m up in Bandon, OR with my good friend Bob looking for shorebirds. It’s that time of year when the nesting shorebirds of the tundra head south and if you hit it just right, there’s not enough room in a photo to squeeze in a matchbook. The trick is, you’ve gotta see them! After putting in 12hrs, we had a break in the fog only to find a couple of Black-bellied Plovers and a Dowitcher before they were swallowed up again in the mist. This is a highly ify proposition, going after that one moment in nature to make the shot. But if you don’t try, you won’t get it. This is my first attempt at such a shot, going after one I saw back in the 80’s that I’ve always admired. And when you’re on the coast in pea soup, the logical thing to do is, find a lighthouse. Here’s the Cape Blanco Lighthouse where the volunteers said they hadn’t seen the sun, or the coast all day....

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on May 15, 2013 in Landscape Photography, B&W Photography, Simple Click

Simple Click – Lake Tahoe Monster?

An over active imagination? Ya, I have one of those! My love affair with rocks is pretty well known and that’s due in part to my imagination. For example this one at Lake Tahoe, it looks like a fish monster rising its head from the depth to spit out some chewing tabaco on us dumb photographers getting up early on a bald sky morning to shoot rocks. Perhaps a little more nuts is not only seeing this but then shooting to bring it out. Getting down near water level with D800 (ya, even wanted extra detail in the head) with the spooky sharp 18-35 and then processing it in Perfect Suit 7 B&W. Of course, when I say out loud what I was seeing, I was perceived as nuts and that is probably very correct. But then getting up early on a bald sky morning, is...

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on Apr 23, 2013 in B&W Photography

B&W Landscape Class Update

My latest class on Kelby Training, Master B&W Landscape Photography is now posted and ready for you! Why am I telling you this again? A whole lot of you asked why it was called Outdoor and not Landscape. Well, you’ll now notice it’s back to the original Landscape. Some have asked why there is Nik B&W and not onOne in the finishing. That’s because when we filmed the class, onOne hadn’t made their B&W public yet. Thanks to ALL of you making this one of my most successful...

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