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on Feb 23, 2013 in B&W Photography

Grand Canyon & Perfect BW

K&M Adventures is down in the Grand Canyon where this morning is was a bright, crisp 0 with the wind! Didn’t stop the hot shooting. This image from last night is a simple D4 / 24-70AFS click. What is “special” is that the B&W was done in the new onOne Software Perfect B&W! And I’m here to tell you, I ~really~ like it! Those who have followed me know I’ve been a SilverEfex Pro guy from the get go. Well, Perfect BW has some features not found in SilverEfex including color targeted mods. You might be wondering about a “Structure” slider that is so big to me with SilverEfex? Well, try the Detail Slider…I like!!! I’m in my first week of playing with 7 and so far, really loving what I’m seeing! PS…Thank Eric for letting me use his hot spot…first time online for...

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on Nov 29, 2012 in B&W Photography

My Gas Mileage Sucked!

You’d think for a guy who’s been on the road for three months, he might just stay home after just getting home. What can I say, moss doesn’t grow under my %&#)&.With a presentation in Los Angeles and a “big” snow storm coming in, Sharon & I threw the dogs in the truck and headed south to the warm home of our marvelous friends. I’ve written many times and shared many an image from the Eastern Sierra when a storm rolls in. The skies, the light, the texture, the mood is just something else. Not every storm is the same, each has its own character and this one was no different. This one had wicked winds and at two different altitudes which created some amazing skies. The big problem was, I would be driving and see some amazing photo but by the time I found a place to pullover, the winds had scrambled everything. I would stop, scene changed so I went then stopped again, get out and shoot,...

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on Nov 9, 2012 in B&W Photography

Shootin Down the Road

A few years back, Sharon & I started a new tradition of spending Veteran’s Day down in Mesa, AZ. With snow knocking at the front door, we got in the truck and headed down the road. It was a gorgeous day to drive through the desert! With D800 / 24-70f2.8 AFS in my lap, we dumped the dogs off with the sitters and off we went! Now when I say, “Shootin down the road,” I mean just that. The window goes down, the camera gets stuck out and the motordrive goes clickin away. I started doing this long ago because there never seems to be a place to pullover when I see the shot. And if there is, it’s never where I want to stop or, I go by it so fast, it’s too late when I see it. So, I go shooting down the road! I’ve gotten real good at sighting over the lens barrel, guessing pretty closely to the framing and then laying on the shutter release...

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on Oct 29, 2012 in B&W Photography

Mono Amazing Weekend!

This past weekend was simply great! We held our last Mono Lake Workshop for the year with simply a really great group of photographers! Lots of great shooting, laughs, teaching and of course, gorgeous Eastern Sierra weather. I’m always intrigued how each workshop seems to have its own tone, theme and techniques that want to be learned. They are never the same and this weekend had its own. In that process, I get in a couple of clicks here and there. We had two very different mornings with one being pretty typical of no clouds and another with some high, scattered clouds. A number of folks asked about me and clouds. They’d noticed I shoot a lot of them and on occasion, they turn out pretty good. So they asked what was my secret. There is really only one, and that’s selecting the clouds and matching them with the subject. Clouds tend to have a pattern to them, a pattern that “points” to something. So the trick is having...

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