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on Sep 30, 2014 in Great Outdoors

Going Back Old School

Our good friends asked if I would mind taking photos for Woodrow’s senior year. We were happy to do it and I found it good to go back to the old school days of portraits. Now understand, I’ve got to think this stuff through, it doesn’t come naturally to me. And just to keep things interesting, they picked all the locations. I had no clue where we were going, no preplanning. So for two hours on Saturday we had a good ol time making some images. This first location they liked was this tunnel of trees. Shooting with the Df / 80-400VR3, I brought the Profoto B1 in close with a Beauty Dish attached. Shooting with the new TTL Remote for the Profoto made the exposure a snap! Shooting with the 80-400, I could incorporate the “tunnel” while at the same time move the Profoto/Beauty Dish in real close, as in five feet away from them. The photography part was easy, getting brother and sister to look at the...

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