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on Sep 8, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Where to Put The Sun?

The first morning of any adventure is special, in Africa on the Mara, it’s incredible! There is no doubt you’ve seen a photo of sunrise / sunset with an Umbrella Tree from Africa. Talk about a tried and true tired theme. But when you’ve not taken it, you just gotta do it. At least, that’s how I saw it. Gotta have that one image in the files. So the opportunity presented itself the first morning and click went the camera. But working the situation trying to make it different from what I’d seen was in the back of my mind. So at first, I went wide and centered everything. The clouds are what made the arrangement of elements rather simple. Centered it all. Center it, really, you ask? Hell ya. You’ve probably heard never do that. All I can suggest is look at a lot of photos. You will see some great stuff with the subject dead center. How’d I get the sun centered with the Umbrella Tree on...

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on Aug 24, 2015 in Landscape Photography

The Mara Landscape

When those who know of the Maasai Mara think of the Mara, they often think lions, tigers and bears, oh my! (Ya, a bit of a windy). A majority though don’t think about the place itself, The Mara. Without the place, there would be no critters (that’s true for the whole planet you know). I, like most, was taken back by the wealth of critters but I was also quite taken by the landscape. In many of the locales of the Mara, I saw the California landscape back in the 1800s. No, I wasn’t around back then but have read so many accounts of those who were, I feel as if I had been. This sunset pano is a perfect example of what I’m talking about (taken with Df / 24-120VR). There is a spot west of Bakersfield looking off towards the Temblor Range that even today looks much like you see on the Mara. When your imagination and heart can wonder over a landscape with your camera leading...

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on Aug 12, 2015 in Landscape Photography

A Hidden Passion

Long, long ago, I spent a lot of camera time shooting architecture. These days, I only indulge in this old passion when it presents itself in a quick and easy shot. So when I ran up to our room to change for the party, I stopped to look out our window. This is what I saw. It was just simply pretty and I wanted the photo. So I grabbed the Df / 24-70AFS and made a quick and simple two image pano shot. You might look at how straight The Delano is and assume I took time to do that. Nope, the beauty of the pano feature in ACR is that even though the building leaned to the left in the left photo and to the right in the right photo, ACR as you see made it all straight. I actually took less time to take the photos and process in ACR then write this post. Those are the perfect photographic memories because you spend time on the memory...

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on Jul 28, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Over Africa

With a stop over in Istanbul (a while and crazy town), Sharon and I boarded our Turkish Air flight to Nairobi. It was a great flight and as we’re coming down into Nairobi, the sun was coming up. It’s just a simple shot out the window with the Nikon V3, but it was gorgeous light. It got me all excited cause there is nothing better than great light!...

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on Jul 27, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Don’t Forget Me!

Sharon & I are very fortunate to live in what many call, paradise. The Eastern Sierra is a gorgeous place, what John Muir name the Range of Light. Naming it such wasn’t a real stretch for Muir because hardly a day goes by when the light doesn’t play in some unique way on the landscape. But it seems that just before we take off on a long road trip, it really performs. Some of my favorite shots come then so I make it a practice to travel with my camera. And this time was no exception. The God Beams bounced around Mt Tom again and the afternoon thunderstorm gathered its forces to make us wet. A simple three image pano, shot with the Df / 24-120VR made quick work of it. I knew I was going to B&W with the pano, so assembled and did the majority of the finishing in ACR then used Silver Efex Pro to do B&W conversion. You can see a video on how I...

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on Jul 24, 2015 in Landscape Photography

A Love for Curves

Lines, our eyes love lines in all their flavors and complexities. And when it come to arranging elements in a frame, many like to lean on lines to move the eye around the frame. I’m no different except for maybe, I look for curves more than straight lines. The problem with curves is, they are typically a line that brings the eye right back to where it started. That makes using curves a pain in the butt but when they work, a beautiful thing. Where’s the line? Huh .. a funny pun. Cruising Brandon Beach in Or with the D750 / 18-35AFS, there are lots of lines, most being real angular. But when you work the tide and the lines the water makes around the boulders, you find circles. How do I make the most of those circles? The first is to get REAL close to them, as in as physically close as I can be, within inches. At that distance, you gotta wide, as wide as possible. And...

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