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on Jun 15, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Touch of Man

When I started, it was film days and there was no Photoshop. In those days, we did everything we could to never include the “touch of man.” This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Up at Many Glacier in Glacier Nat’l Park is this amazing waterfall at the outflow of the lake. I can stand there for hours watching it. This morning, wanted to use my new technique (this shot was taken handheld with NO filters) to capture the flow. In the process, this building was incorporated in the shot with is kinda abynormal for me. That old school thing. I’ve been changing slowly to include more when the “touch of man” brings something to the story. Now if this building were pink, it would not be in the frame. But in the Nat’l Park browns and where it’s located, I decide to include it. Shot with D4s & 18-35AFS, I very carefully included the building and not the van parked in front. I’m still pondering...

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on May 28, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Dapple Light

One of the sweetest way to grab a viewer’s attention to our photograph is a kiss of light. Also known as dapple light, I offer up these two photos as examples of what I’m talking about. The top one is a favorite of our recent K&M Adventure to The Smokies. Both were takin on the Roaring Forks road where you drive for a forest just chuck full of this kind of light. But stopping at the right spot to make the shot takes a critical eye. Here’s some thoughts on what to look for. These were shot with the D750 / 14-24AFS cause lots of detail while going wide was important to me. Taking that all in, you have to be careful and watch the “spots” of light in the viewfinder. The mind’s eye goes to light and bright. If you have more than one “spotlight” of light in this type of scene, they all need to lead the eye to one thing and not multiple. “The” spotlight of...

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on May 22, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Smokie Green

One aspect of The Smokies I love this time of year is its green! The number of shades of green that carpet The Smokies mountains is so numerous, it takes the eyes miles and miles to see them all. That celebration of spring is an element I search for but on a smaller scale. There are many small roads and trails that take you into the forests and that’s where you can accomplish this. Cruising with the D750 / 14-24AFS, I look for amphitheaters in the forest to visually talk about this explosion of spring. What do I mean by amphitheater? I want a curve to the trunks in the photo with no trunk dead center in the frame. This provides a visual depth and therefore an visual expanse to the grove and the green. The one addition to the photograph which you might think is unusual for me is the bright sky. It pulls the eye through the forest. Wanting a “bright” photo, a celebration of spring, I...

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on May 19, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Smokie Water

Not that it’s just a Smokies thing, but in thinking about telling that story, I wanted blurred water. We all know the song, “Smoke on the Water.” If you’ve not been to the Smokies, you might not know that water is everywhere! It’s a prominent feature that truly helps define The Smokies as The Smokies, the water itself and its effect on all the foliage. So in photographing the water, I think in telling the story, The Smokies has to be in the photo, all of it. So with that in mind, there is only one of these three images that to me, says “water in The Smokies.” While all three were shot in The Smokies, at the same locale at the same time, only one says Smokies. Now does that make a difference? No, not when it comes to taking purty pics. But to me in wanting to be a storyteller, it does. Two of the photos could have been shot anywhere and they say that visually. The...

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on May 18, 2015 in Landscape Photography

The Great Smokies Smoke

Spent the last few days in the Great Smokies looking for the story “Great Smokies.” Summing up such a gorgeous locale as this in just a photo or even a series of photos was a challenge for me especially going after just the “smoke” aspect. To this story, I offer up these from our first morning. I’ve not spent nearly as much time as I would like exploring The Smokies. It’s got lots of mysteries within its borders and lush forests. I’m fortunate to know a couple of cool locales for sunrise, this being one of them. The ground fog which forms easily here is of course the subject and what we chase. It comes and goes so quickly while defining the story. Capturing it just right, that’s the trick! Shooting the Df / 24-70AFS, I jumped from spot to spot as the fog would dance about the field. I love this kind of action where no matter how fast you click the shutter, each image is different. While...

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on May 6, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Spring at the Park

One of Sharon’s and mine favorite past times is to wonder through Central Park in spring. It is simply a magical place where life is renewed. We wondered for about four hours watching the critters, from squirrels to people with great delight. I cruised with the Df / 85f1.8AFS clicking and elements came into play that said, spring in the park. Now it’s well known I’m don’t do macro, flowers very rarely so to post such an image is rather amazing! And wouldn’t you know it, when we came upon these tulips and I decided it would make a cool photo, the wind came up! Shooting at f/1.8 I focused on the one flower you see sharp and then ripped of over 30 images. I have one, just one where that one tulip is sharp. But that’s all I need, just one, to remind Sharon & I of our delightful walk during spring in the...

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