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on May 18, 2015 in Landscape Photography

The Great Smokies Smoke

Spent the last few days in the Great Smokies looking for the story “Great Smokies.” Summing up such a gorgeous locale as this in just a photo or even a series of photos was a challenge for me especially going after just the “smoke” aspect. To this story, I offer up these from our first morning. I’ve not spent nearly as much time as I would like exploring The Smokies. It’s got lots of mysteries within its borders and lush forests. I’m fortunate to know a couple of cool locales for sunrise, this being one of them. The ground fog which forms easily here is of course the subject and what we chase. It comes and goes so quickly while defining the story. Capturing it just right, that’s the trick! Shooting the Df / 24-70AFS, I jumped from spot to spot as the fog would dance about the field. I love this kind of action where no matter how fast you click the shutter, each image is different. While...

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on May 6, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Spring at the Park

One of Sharon’s and mine favorite past times is to wonder through Central Park in spring. It is simply a magical place where life is renewed. We wondered for about four hours watching the critters, from squirrels to people with great delight. I cruised with the Df / 85f1.8AFS clicking and elements came into play that said, spring in the park. Now it’s well known I’m don’t do macro, flowers very rarely so to post such an image is rather amazing! And wouldn’t you know it, when we came upon these tulips and I decided it would make a cool photo, the wind came up! Shooting at f/1.8 I focused on the one flower you see sharp and then ripped of over 30 images. I have one, just one where that one tulip is sharp. But that’s all I need, just one, to remind Sharon & I of our delightful walk during spring in the...

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on Apr 29, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Take a Yank Photowalk – Brilliant!

Sharon and I ended up walking 9 miles with the London Nikon Group on a Photowalk of epic proportions! Twenty-five folks meet at Big Ben (the bell, not the clock) and for hours and hours walked, shot, laughed and as advertised took the Yank for a walk. I wish I could share with you everything that was shared with us as it was stunning! We did many of the iconic London things and then we did some of the more hidden sights. For example you’ll see a green detail shot in the slideshow below. That’s from one of the last 11 taxi stands from the turn of the century. The group was simply brilliant with all they shared and the excitement they had to share it. Half way through the day we had a great lunch in the bottom of an old pub down a tiny alleyway, so English is was killer! We finished off our day at the Tower Bridge with gorgeous skies. It began at 09:30 and...

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on Apr 28, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Magnificent Send Off!

Sharon and I left for London starting off on our three hour drive from our home to Reno. We have done this drive hundreds of times, the truck know the road so well, I can sleep in route. That was not the case this morning. I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy sun rise in the Eastern Sierra for decades, but none come close to the majesty we had this morning! It made the drive one that is burned in our hearts as it was so glorious! The sad note, had to keep going, had a plane to catch to England and that was frustrating to be polite! Finally, at Bridgeport, 45min in our drive I could stand it no more! I had to pull over and at least make one click as a preservation of this special memory of the beginning of our trip. So I grabbed out of the Think Tank Int’l the Df / 24-70AFS and shot for a couple of minutes before jumping back in the...

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on Apr 22, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Earthday 2015

It’s a day to celebrate the treasures we’ve been so fortunate to embrace. The wonders this planet has to share are incomprehensible. Take your camera out and tell its story and share it with everyone. Remember, your photographs can change the...

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on Apr 14, 2015 in Landscape Photography

The Post Crop

Simply by putting the word Crop in the title of this post, I increased my site traffic today by 20%! Cropping is a hot topic and why, because it is truly poorly understood. I’ve written about The Crop many times before but this is not a repeat of those. Cropping, be it in the viewfinder or in post, why? What makes cropping so powerful, so misunderstood and misused? In looking at a ton of images lately, when I make the comment that this or that element is distracting, 100% of the time the solution voiced back to me to solve this problem is, crop! But cropping is not a solution but rather, often becomes the problem. Like every single tool and technique in photography, there is a place when cropping should be used. Is there one time cropping especially in post shouldn’t be used? IMHO ya, to make the subject size larger! Having the subject smacking the viewer right between the eyes is the goal. It’s how we tell...

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