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on Sep 19, 2017 in Landscape Photography

The Long Landscape

The Palouse continues to be a spectacular tapestry providing amazing patterns and textures at every turn! There are said to be over 3k square miles of this rolling hills and I plan on seeing as much of it as I can. Now the challenge is how to bring what I’m seeing and feeling back in my photographs to share with you! As I mentioned in my Podcast51, the Long landscape is just one way I plan on doing this. It’s in principle really simple using the D850 & 80-400VRII as the cornerstone. It all starts by seeing the pattern, texture, alure of the Palouse with your imagination. Next is to pull out the tools which include camera gear, proper long lens technique and Digital Darkroom knowledge to frame up that photograph in the viewfinder. Now, why is digital darkroom in this equation? Because some finishing is required to bring out some drama in the clouds and you need to know that before you go click to help with the...

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on Sep 8, 2017 in Landscape Photography, Digital Darkroom

Removing the “Fish”

The 180degree view of the Fisheye lens like the 16Fish or 8-15Fish can be stunning and essential to a visual story. At the same time, the natural “curve” the Fish can create might be desired. Here’s a simple digital darkroom lesson how to deal with it. Keep in mind everything was done at the time of capture to “plumb” the subject at the time of capture. That makes a difference in the digital...

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on Aug 30, 2017 in Wildlife Photography

Season for Fur

Fall is less than a month away and with it comes colder temps and thicker fur. At the same time for many mammals, it’s time for fall mating rituals. When you add into this mix the colors of fall and the gorgeous light and you have a wildlife photographer’s nirvana! This all can bring to the table a huge challenge as a visual storyteller. You might think gear can be an issue, but I think that’s the least of them. The basics of photo creating gets in there quickly. There can be a lot going on in excluding those elements that take the eye away from the subject while including those that tell the story. But on the scale of the biggest, it has to be the romance. Here are some thoughts. I’ve selected the images I have illustrating this post based on all the varied gear used to make the photos. The only common thread is it’s all Nikon and all digital. After that, it’s kinda all over...

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on Aug 21, 2017 in Landscape Photography

St Mary’s at Dover

On our final day in the UK, we saved what we figured would be the best for last, the Dover Castle. It did not disappoint! One of the first stops has you walk through this massive and incredibly impressive piece of history is the St Mary’s Church that just happens to be next to an AD1000 Roman lighthouse. These structures from the outside are so majestic perched on the hillside commanding a spectacular view of Dover, the English Channel and France in the distance! Taking photos was soooo easy, the subject did all the heavy lifting! Since landing on English soil, I’ve posted many a “light” photograph on my Instagram account. I’ve received a whole lot of emails asking me how I’m taking these “great” photos? It’s actually really easy. It starts with the gear I’m shooting with, the Df / 8-15Fish. The Df works wonders IMHO in low light, I’m often shooting at ISO 1600. Then the nature of a Fish taking in so much area like the...

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on Aug 18, 2017 in Landscape Photography

London’s Canals

Our good friend Michael arranged a photo walk while we were in London with the Nikon Users Group. It was a great day, 9 miles along the canals of London. Many don’t even know they exist. Built back in the 1920s to move commerce around the country (there are over 300 miles of canals), today they are home to many as well as a path back through time. These boats are actually home morred in place for a while until the move to another location, different scenery. Every manner of ingenuity is used in making these boats a home. That includes from tomato gardens to solar panel to sun decks, all in the space of a postage stamp. It was a photographic rich target that just kept on providing amazing possibilities! Knowing how busy such a locale could be, I went fast in lens selections. Attached to the Df might have been the 24f1.4, 50f1.4 or 105f1.4. All three lenses used to create these images, all shot at f/1.4....

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on Aug 15, 2017 in Landscape Photography

Gorgeous August Night on the Thames

It was simply a gorgeous night to walk the Thames with friends and family! How do you incorporate the delightful temp, the sea air smell, the sounds of people enjoying the outdoors and of course, the view, in a photograph? What you see above is how I went about that challenge. Shooting with the Df / 24f1.4 hand-held, I got up high so I could have them in the foreground but not a dominant silhouette. I then crank the ISO up to 3200 (even though shooting at f/1.4) and shot as the kayakers floated by. I used the lights of the bridge and tower to move the eye through the frame and the folks in the foreground for scale and story. The rest I hope the viewer fills in with their...

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