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on Feb 23, 2018 in Landscape Photography

I Soooo Love Tiny!

I LIVE for these kinds of shots! When your subject can be the smallest element in the frame but the one that not only smacks you in the face WHILE telling the story, well they are just gold to me! This was all serendipitous, nothing planned other than my being crazy to stand in a snowstorm looking for opportunities. This delightful image just unfolded and when the person turned to look in the direction of the gorgeous oak outlined in snow, I knew it was a good day to be a photographer. That because I so love...

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on Feb 21, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

What’s In Your Favorite?

There are so many “things” that go into a photograph! There is the great, brand, f/stop, shutter speed and of course, the Photoshop concerns. The one “thing” that I find many photographers don’t consider or act upon is the most important element to go into a photograph, themselves! Ya, there are all the worries, the … will this qualify for the camera club judging or the … will I get a bunch of likes on Facebook, but what about your wants, desires, your favorites? What is it YOU want in your photograph? This is the most difficult because all I just listed and more plus the fact there is no, (insert your name here) Menu Setting or Slider that automatically puts (insert your name here) instantly into the formula. Do you even know what that might be if you could have such a setting? I can tell you some of mine, the Glossy Ibis above is a good example of them. All my images require light, not just light...

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on Feb 12, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Elegance of Flight

The magic of flight that birds appear to do so effortlessly is a photographic storytelling challenge. That’s because as we watch it in real time, the mind fills in lots of gaps so all that registers is that magic. But when you take just one moment from that flight, that single moment in flight might not translate that magic that we’re after. How do you bring home that elegance of flight in your photo to share with others? As you watch them ring up, raptors make circles and in that circle there is a photograph and only one moment. In that moment is the elegance but how do you capture that? It all starts really with the gear you’re shooting with, in this example, I used the captured by D5 / 800mm but an easier set up for most would have be something handheld like the 300PF on the D5. The gear gives you not only the image size but ability to isolate the flight from the background. There...

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on Feb 6, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Our Moment of Zen?

There are those moments when the air is still, the light has kissed it when the subject comes through to be blessed by it. With the D5 / 800mm mounted we had such a moment with this Fl Brown Pelican glided past. Our moment of...

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on Feb 6, 2018 in Landscape Photography

It Starts With …

There is an unspoken ingredient in the photographic chase that can be hard for some. It’s hard because one, it’s an ingredient not in the instruction book and two, even once known it’s hard to conjure up. And that’s an imagination. I often talk about photography is a visual storytelling medium, a way to tap the viewer’s heartstrings. While f/stops and shutter speeds are needed to make some of this process begin, it only travels home when passion drive by imagination wraps up that visual story and takes it to the heart. How can you find your imagination, expand it and exploit it? This was a question a photographer asked me recently and to be honest with you, being one with a vivid imagination, forever, I’m still searching for the answer. For now, I have this. Last week we walked about Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone, what one in our group called the World Tour. With D850 / 18-35 or 105f1.4 or 70-200f4 in hand (me with my 18f2.8), we...

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