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on Dec 29, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

By A Hair!

I was a tad to slow! The White-headed Woodpecker had been frozen on the perch for nearly twenty minutes. All the feeders were empty and the Mountain Chickadees could be heard but not seen. There’s a predator on the prowl and all the critters were telling me that. Two days before, I’d seen a small flash chase a bird into tree three, but I didn’t see who it was. It was small and rusty colored so thought our No. Pygmy Owl was back. So with all the critters communicating a predator was around, I was looking for the owl. Smaller than a dollar bill, they can be very hard to find in the trees. So yesterday with all the signs, I was just turning away from looking at tree three for the owl when it dashed in and landed. It wasn’t a owl though but rather a small, male Sharpie! It was looking around so I grabbed my D4s / 300PF (left out just for this reason) and walked...

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on Dec 14, 2015 in Simple Click, Wildlife Photography

Trying to Get it for 20yrs

For a long time I’ve wanted my own, cool shot of a White-breasted Nuthatch and no matter how I’ve tried, no luck. I keep coming up short. This is in part because they just don’t hold still! You can’t bribe them to come to the same spot over and over again. You gotta watch them land at the top of a tree, work their way down the trunk to the food source, never taking the same path twice, and hope you get in a click. Only if there is an avian predator might they hold still for a moment. So, I’ve been on my deck since the first snow fall again trying to get the shot. I’m standing out there with my 300PF and using the snow as a reflector. And this this weekend, I finally got one photo good enough to post. It’s a start, but I’ll be back out there working on...

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on Dec 11, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Learning from Our Past?

Been personally witnessing this for three decades, it’s not new. I don’t believe the warming of our planet is man caused but damn sure believe we’ve greatly intensified and sped it up bigtime, faster than Mother Nature can ever evolve for sure! Living “up high” and working on the edge a lot, we’ve seen with our own eyes so much of the change. There is a simple yet eloquent piece out in High Country News you might want to read. No matter the ills that befall us, the more we know, the more we can effect a positive change. Give it a gander and remember, you can change the world with your...

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on Dec 4, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Int’l Cheetah Day

It’s International Cheetah Day, might be a celebration not on your calendar. It’s sad that the world’s fastest land mammal is also Africa’s most endangered cat. When we were in Africa, we were afforded a short time with this amazing critter but never got to see it first hand run and reach its legendary 65mph speed to bring down prey. And like so much of Africa’s, the world’s wildlife, the Cheetah is in trouble. You might want to find out a little more about this amazing adaptation to life on the plains. Here’s a good, simple page of neat trivia that might just reach out and grab you. If you have a basic “house cat” and you have the opportunity to watch a Cheetah in the wild, you will see a lot of similarities. In the photo above, this cub seemed quite mesmerized by its own tail for a short time. I was hard to shoot laughing to myself as it nearly went cross-eyed wondering where the tip of...

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on Dec 3, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Switch to Winter

Nature truly amazes me! Many times I ask, “What was the first individual who thought it would be a good idea too …” like in this instance, molt all my brown summer fur and turn all white for winter? It would be nice, really nice if I could say, molt all my grey hair and go back to brown hair but such is not the case. The Arctic Fox is just one of many small mammals that literally sheds one color coat for another twice a year. Some birds like Ptmarigan do this too and for them it’s a simple strategy to keep from being eaten but there is nothing that is out to eat an Arctic Fox. Why then do they switch? Living in an environment that is 24/7 dark for forty days and with temps well below zero, keeping a dark coat to absorb heat from the sun doesn’t work. You only get a hint of why they turn white and develop that thick coat when you...

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on Nov 27, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

7 Degrees and Loving It!

With winter in the Sierras comes cold temps and with a long lens, you can stay inside and warm while shooting the great outdoors. That’s what I did yesterday in my never ending quest to find the uncommmon in the common. Yesterday, Sharon called out that the “love doves” as we call our pair of Morning Doves were in tree 4. So I stopped making scratch waffles and headed to the D4s / 800mm to shoot out the window. Because of the cold temps, 7 degrees, the doves were perched trying to stay warm. The pattern in the wing of the one above really caught my attention, its near circular shape is pretty uncommon cause from it being puffed up. Not everyone loves the cold like I do, that I know. But when you can make these simple kinda clicks, I’m shooting in 7 degrees and loving...

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