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on Apr 17, 2014 in Digital Darkroom

What I Used at PSW – Wacom 13HD

I’ve had a number of folks who came to my Landscape Class at Photoshop World ask what I was using when finishing images. I had the Mac Retina and the Wacom 13HD. I never leave home without either! They both have the same footprint, they both fit in the Think Tank 2nd Brain and they both greatly speed up my work in the digital darkroom. As you can see in the video, the Wacom 13HD is a portable Cintiq, a monitor and tablet combined into one unit. It’s pretty darn cool technology and as you saw in class, it permits great speed and creativity. So there’s your answer to what I was using on...

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on Jan 16, 2014 in Digital Darkroom

PrinTao 8 to the Rescue Mac Printing!

If you run a Mac and your print on a big Epson, you know it’s just not easy. Well, now it is! The video barely touches the surface of the power and ease of PrinTao 8! The gear featured in the video is PrinTao8, Mac Retina and Epson 4900. You can download a Demo of it and see a more indepth video on the PrinTao8...

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on Jul 10, 2013 in Digital Darkroom

Moose’s Basic Workflow

I’m constantly being asked “What’s my workflow?” I’m really never sure just what is really being seeked by this question nor what information is really useful to folks. It really is a lot like the image creation process itself which varies as we all know from photographer to photographer. It all depends on what you want in the end that determines all that comes before. So before I explain my workflow, understand what my end is all about. Let me use a real world example. You’ve probably noticed there are a number of blogs of late of aircraft from North Dakota where we spent the 4th. Thinking I was going for just to celebrate the holiday with friends, we ended up doing a lot of flying, over 5hrs and that produced a helluva a lot of images. Now one thing that I pride myself on is speed, speed in getting prints to the pilots to say thanks. To make this happen, all those images I captured need to be...

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on Jun 20, 2013 in Aviation, Digital Darkroom

It’s Not Magic, It’s Vision

Paying dues, it’s how the biz operates. The amazing opportunities that seem to come my way I wish were just presented to me on a silver platter but such is not the case. There is a ying to the yang and after it being that way for three decades, I have no issue with the system. I know in the end that the opportunity I have in my heart will materialize. This is the relationship I have with Stead Airport, I put in my time doing photographs you wouldn’t think are your typical Moose genre and in the end, the opportunity appears that is just up my alley. That’s how the afternoon shoot with this gorgeous P-51D came about. The seed was planted years ago and on this day, it bloomed. It’s how I have come to operate. I wasn’t very patient when I was a kid with this system but life has taught me to be patient. It does come and when it does, oh, is it sweet!...

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