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on Oct 25, 2012 in Digital Darkroom, Field Reports

Moose & Mac – Month 2

Well, finishing up my 2nd month with the MacBook Pro Retina and to say I really, really, really am enjoying it is an understatement! I’m just getting back in the office after basically a 5 week road trip (I did come home for 38hrs after week 2) with nearly 2TB of new images! I did not change up my basic system since I got the Retina, using 2 ioSafe 1TB USB3 as my digital library and the Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt as an extension of the internal SSD of the Retina. On the road, it worked great. I did learn a couple of things like, when Bridge is building a cache (I use Bridge to manage all my finished files only), don’t close the lid on the Retina and walk back to your room. Spent the next hour making that all happy again. On the road, the workflow screamed thank goodness as I was jumpin! Images brought in with Photo Mechanic and filed and backed up on the ioSafe (TSA...

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on Oct 3, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

Coffee Talk

In case you did not hear, OnOne Software has announced Perfect Photo Suite 7. And what they’re doing for it is really cool! It’s called Coffee Talk and every morning, they are online and on the air showing, teaching and inspiring with what’s new in PS7. It’s free and it’s great, check it...

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on Sep 18, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

Moose & Mac Week 3

Yeap, I’ve had the MacBook Pro for nearly a month now. It just went through two entice weeks of use with Photoshop World and the Reno Air Races. Bottom line and the most important think, it delivers the speed I was looking for! Is the Mac perfect? No, I have locked it up 3 times now. Does it deliver the speed the money promises? It does, and a lot more! At Photoshop World, it did all the presentations, took care of all my mobile business perfectly. Much of this was done with the battery which has a killer life. At the Reno Air Races, it had to deal with 80-100GB of images everyday. My old work flow was to plug in all the cards, click to upload them all and go to dinner. With the MacBook Pro Retina, that was all blown out of the water! I would plug in the cards into the hub, click Ingest and within minutes the cards were uploaded! I’m serious, I would turn...

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on Sep 10, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

Fall Class HDR Presets

I can’t thank you folks enough for your response to my new Kelby Training Fall Color Class being posted on Fall Color Class! Rob at the answer desk tells me he is receiving requests for my Basic and Canopy Preset. Well…here they are … Photomatix HDR Win (PC – zip) Photomatic HDR Mac (Mac – zip) While it’s easy for me to supply you with the presets, you might find installation a challenge. I can only, sorta help you there. On Win you will install them User>Roaming>HDRsoft>Preset and then click Load Preset in Photomatix. On the Mac, you will have to run the chflags nohidden ~/Library/ in Terminal and than in Finder look under Library>Photomatix to see where to install it (not bad for a guy new to the Mac). Hope this helps and once again…thanks for the support...

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