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on Mar 16, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Filter Time

“Do you use filters to protect your lenses?” This is a real common question and the answer is a giant yes and it’s time to replace them, again! Ya, I’m aware of resolution chart tests, lists of photographers who don’t and how the image quality is degraded by using the filter. Silly me, I still use filters on all my lenses that accept them. Yes, technically, I’m sure that there is some degradation of the image quality. And no, I’ve never had a photo buyer say, “I’d use your photo but you used a filter to protect you lens and I can see the image quality suffer because of it! Which is easier to replace, the Nikon NC 77mm filter or the front element of the 24f1.4AFS? This one pictured is on my 18-35AFS and I replaced it just a year ago. Why? I work in conditions that can be unkind to lenses. The 18-35AFS gets a ton of environmental abuse and I often clean off the filter with...

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on Mar 12, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

300PF From the Hip

Many have asked how the 300 PF is for a birds in flight lens. Shooting down in FL, I had the Df / 300 PF on a shoulder strap and pulled it up “quickdraw” fashion when wanting to photograph a bird on the wing. The 300PF did an amazing job of the job! It’s so light on the shoulder, it’s great! And fast focusing and sharp images … oh ya! So in answer to the question if the 300PF is great for flying birds … it sure...

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on Mar 3, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Verticals & Flash are Why

When the 300PF came out I noted it doesn’t come with a tripod collar. And being the same size but less weight than the 24-70AFS which we use without a collar, why have one for the 300PF. Well, now I know why you’d want a collar. When shooting this past weekend when I needed to go vertically FAST, you simply can’t beat the speed of a tripod collar! Ya, if you have a L Plate on your camera body, you can flip it in the tripod but if you’re working with a shy subject like I had, that movement probably scare it off. You have three options, the Nikon RT-1, Vello TC-N1 Tripod Collar or the Really Right Stuff LC-A12 (the 70-200f4 & 300PF use the same collar). Now why did I go with the most expensive one? It was real simple, when I go vertically I want the flash to remain above the lens! By using the RRS LC-A12 I can use the Flash Arm. Real simple, clean...

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on Feb 26, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

300PF or 80-400VR?

Ever since the 300PF was introduced, I’ve been constantly asked … “What’s better for wildlife, the 300PF or the 80-400VR?” Now in answering this question, I’m looking just at 300mm vs. the 80-400VR at 400mm. The first at most important thing, IMHO, the 300PF and the 80-400VR are just as sharp as each other. There is no advantage over each other here. Adding the TC-14eIII to the 300PF getting to 420mm f/5.6 doesn’t change this IMHO (you can see in the photo above the length comparison, the 300 w/1.4x still much shorter than 80-400). So when answering the question, which is better, there is no help looking there. Neither is there looking at focusing speed, both focus just as fast. So in coming up with my answer which is better for wildlife photography, I bring your attention to the two lenses specs: 300f4 PF80-400VR Weight: 26.6ozWeight: 56ozMFD: 4.6'MFD: 5.74' Aperture range: f/4-32Aperture range: f/4.5-32 - 5.6-40Aperture at 300mm: f/4Aperture at 400mm: f/5.6 VR: YesVR: YesWork with Converter: YesWork with...

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on Feb 6, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Macro -D750/SB-910

It’s pitch black, the trail is narrow, slippery and heading downhill. Headlamp on the forehead and I’m pouring sweat. Pouring! Sounds like a perfect night to head into the Costa Rica rainforest to find and photograph some frogs. Before ever heading down the trail, had to do that photography thing first. Get the gear out, set up and tested. With sweat pouring down your face, with slippery footing and trying to find a small subject in the viewfinder, in the field is not to time or place to set up up gear. I took this gear to Costa Rica specifically for photographing the frogs. The D750 for a couple of reasons. One, it’s so light it is very easy to hold in one hand. Two, it’s pop up flash, that was key. Three, love the detail its file produces. The lens, the old 70-180macro zoom. It’s still one of the finest lenses Nikon has ever made IMHO and does 1:1 with a HUGE working range. Lastly, the SB-910, the...

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