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on Jul 20, 2015 in Camera Tech

Hittin the Road Checkup

Just like having your car serviced before a big road trip, I like to do the same with my camera body. We’re heading off to Africa with Images in Africa Safaris shortly for ten days of amazing photography. The last place you want your gear to go down is in deepest Africa when the killer shot is in the viewfinder. So the D4s went in for what is called a CLA, Clean, Lube and Adjust. Two things to be sure you do before you send it in … first … make sure you have the current firmwares installed. Second, copy your settings to your card. The reason for the 1st is so when you do the 2nd, when the camera comes back #2 still works. If they update your firmware for you, there is the possibility you will loose your settings even if you copy them to a card. Keep in mind that if you do loose your settings, you can start over using mine as a starting point....

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on Jul 15, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Your Screws Loose?

Just heard another disaster story so I though I should remind all … Tighten them 70-200VR2 tripod foot screws! I first posted this warning years ago and then a couple of years ago. Now many put loctite in these screws holes. I will never do that because if the lens goes to Nikon for repair (a big if), they want those screws loose. Yes, I know about the loctite that’s not permanent, still ain’t going there! I just need to remember to check them every so often and all is good. I just wanted to pass that reminder on to...

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on Jun 5, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Big Studio Small Flash

The Profoto Gear you see in the video * B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit * Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon * Speedring for OCF Flash Heads * OCF Octa Softbox (2′) * OCF Softbox (2×3′) * OCF Softbox (1×3′) * OCF Softbox (1.3×1.3′) * Barndoor for OCF Flash Heads * Snoot for OCF Flash Heads * Grid Kit for OCF Flash Heads * Li-Ion Battery for B2 250 Power Pack * Extension Cable for B2 Air TTL Off-Camera Flash...

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on Jun 2, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

WR-T10 Simply Brilliant!

As you read this, my best friend and long time shooting partner Kevin is laughing, very much out loud. That’s because it was probably a year ago he first showed me, in a bragging way, the Nikon WR-T10. Technically, just the transmitter is called the WR-T10 but they have no one name for the three pieces that make up this really great, tiny, camera remote system. The Transmitter, WR-T10 connects with either the WR-A10 (10 pin connector) or WR-R10 (USB connector) to fire a camera. In the top picture, you see the WR-R10 inserted into the WR-A10 into the ten pin socket of the D4s. When used this way, you have three channels available to you so three WR-T10s can be used at once and not tripping other cameras. What is cool is, you can leave the WR-A10 in the D4s, place the WR-R10 in the USB socket of another camera like a Df and when you fire the D4s, the Df fires at the same time. You shoot...

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on May 29, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag


An amazing Gimbal head is now available, the Zenelli! This video pretty much says it all. When it comes to providing stability, flexibility and support for our expensive long glass, this is...

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on May 1, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Grays of Westminster

There is this fabled land of myth and lore where Nikons live, and it really exists! If you’re into Nikon, I mean really, really, really into Nikon, you know Grays. It was either back in 1980 or ’81 when I first talked with Gray Levett of Grays of Westminster about an eclectic, obscure piece of Nikon gear. We have talked and emailed throughout the years enjoying a delightful friendship. Today, Sharon & I had the great fortune to actually spend time with Gray and Gillian at what can only be called, the Disneyland of Nikon. You see here the ever dapper Gray, holding his F36 Cordless he shot rocks bands with back in the 60s, with the same passion he had back in the day. His knowledge of the Nikon system, the entire system from its very beginning up to the very latest is simply stunning. While Grays has all the current gear, what they are so well known for is their service, knowledge and inventory of some of...

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