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on Jan 30, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Genaray LED Bi-Color Lights

Lighting for video can be a challenge, especially if you’re a one-man band. The Genaray LED Bi-Color Light kit from B&H Photo can make your life not only simpler but more effective and video more handsome! The kit I have contains (the link above): 3 x Escort Bi-Color LED Lights 6 x NP-F750 Batteries and Chargers 1 x Wireless Remote Control, 98′ Range 3 x Compact Light Stand (7.2′) 1 x Padded Nylon Case, Shoulder Strap The quality of light by themselves that the Genaray create is pretty nice but not perfect. The built-in barn doors help you control the light as does the remote and the LEDs flexibility. To truly make the Genaray beautiful light just like a flash, you want to use a light modifier. But it would be easy to introduce it to the mix and then you have magic. Check out the video and watch all these marvelous lights can...

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on Jan 4, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Peak Design Anchor Link

It will go right to his head, but Chuck was right! I’m a well-known hater of camera straps. Why? Watch the video! Chuck though has cured that by introducing me to Peak Design Anchor Links. First, I always hated putting my camera back in the bag with the strapped attached. Why? Because they tend to scratch the *)@($$! out of the bodies. Next, they can scare off critters. Lastly, they often just get in my way. Curing all of these issues and more is the Peak Design Anchor Links quick release system. The video explains the rest. Oh, and Chuck … thanks! The straps I mention: AN-4B Nylon Neck Strap – Black Gripper Camera Strap 1.5″ with Swivel Quick Release – Black A4 Vulture 1.75″ Camera Strap with Aluminum Quick-Release Adjuster (what I use in my A2A...

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on Dec 28, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

“This Lens Work with the D850?”

It’s very exciting to hear from all the folks who have received their D850. It really is a great camera delivering what it promises in a fun package! The last week or two, a new kinda email has been coming in from folks who have the D850, “This lens work with the D850?” or “What’s the BEST lens for the D850?” With a couple of folks, I asked them why they were asking this question and in part it’s because what they read on the web (argh) and the other because of the list published here and elsewhere about the best lenses for the D850. I fear this has lead some to the wrong conclusion. IMHO there is no lens in the Nikkor lineup that wouldn’t perform beautifully on the D850. In my experience, photographers either at the camera or in post do more image quality damage then perhaps a “bad” lens. We can all have the same hammer and same nail but when it comes to driving it...

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on Dec 20, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Think Tank Advantage Plus – video

The new Think Tank Advantage Plus not only replaces the original Advantage but also the Airstream and Int’l for me! It still fits in the overhead of small regional jets while being a tad bigger permitting us to carry a tad more gear. The Advantage Plus does a great job of making our gear easily accessible while protecting it. The video should answer all your questions and why you might just want the Advantage...

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on Nov 30, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Epson Metallic … Who Knew?

You can tell it’s winter in the office, I’m printing like a madman (thanks for all the gallery print orders!). So much so, a complete Epson 700ml ink set just arrived last week for the P7000! I seem to do a lot of printing experimenting in the winter, perhaps it’s the long, dark nights and I’m so excited about the latest paper I’m testing. Epson’s Metallic Glossy paper for aviation is freakin off the charts! It has, out of the printer the look of a metal print but a roll of 24″x100′ Epson Metallic paper is less than a single metal print. Then you have your Epson Metallic mounted by the folks at TruLife Acrylic and light it and it simply JUMPS off the wall! No, this is not a new paper, just new to my printing paper locker. And no, I won’t use this paper on my wildlife or landscape images, it’s very specific to just the aviation. While Legacy Platine is still my favorite paper, for aviation...

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on Nov 16, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Impact Quikbox Micro Softbox

I acquired my QuickBox a couple of weeks ago when they went on sale for the silly price of $29.95. I’ve now acquired a couple of these marvelous little light modifiers. They fold to such a small size, they easily fit in the flap of any Think Tank. And with their double baffle and light surface size, they greatly enlarge the light surface of the SB-5000. The sale is still going on so I wanted to get the word out about them while you can still buy them so cheaply. I hope to get a field review posted...

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