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on Dec 14, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

IoSafe & Synology

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of IoSafe. You can read below how I depend on IoSafe to manage and safeguard my digital assets. Well, long before I owned the 1515+ system, I bought a IoSafe N2. It was my test unit which years later still works perfectly. The N2 has always been my video vault which just became full! Moving to new storage units has never been a job I’ve liked mostly because of the time involved and concern I did it all right and didn’t loose anything. Well, I started to look into what it was required to move up to a 6TB system. Well, I found out I could “simply” expand the N2. But how simple is simple, right? Well, my N2 raid is set up with the Synology Hybrid RAID making the migration of files a non-issue. I called up IoSafe, got their recommendation for new hard drives, plugged in and I’m up and running. Too bloody simple! It’s come a LONG WAYS...

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on Nov 22, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

The 1 Piece of Gear I Never Leave Home Without!

You guessed it, FLASH!!! Seriously, at the very minimum I have one SB-5000 (with WR-R10) always, everywhere, with me all the time (powered by SD-9 loaded with eneloop batteries) . Does it get used every time I go out? Heck no but that’s not the point. It is such an essential tool that can’t be replaced with anything else when flash is needed. The vast majority of the time, I need flash to simply kiss a subject like the Australian King Parrot where the color quality of the Flash was required. My application of the SB-5000 or flash doesn’t stop there. Everything from portraits to macro often require the kiss of flash to bring the story to life in a photograph. So one SB-5000 goes with me everywhere all the time. When does that change? When I’m going to a project where I know flash is a must have tool, I’ll grab my other two SB-5000s or up my flash game with bigger light. Like this pilot portrait I...

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on Nov 10, 2016 in Camera Tech

KeyMission 360 & 170 – 1st Thoughts

I’m so incredibly excited by all the possibilities these new cameras, tools bring to storytelling! I’ve had the KeyMission 360 and KeyMission 170 for a week now. My good friends at Crown Camera rushed them to me once they were shipped by Nikon. Ever since I’ve been learning these things. Like so many of you (cause I’ve heard from you), it’s not been perfect sailing. Pairing was smooth as silk the first time, the first time. Staying paired and connected has not been smooth. It doesn’t effect shooting, just controlling the camera remotely with the iPhone. I too have experienced the “Overheating” error message and at this time, I don’t have a solution to pass along. The KeyMission 360/170 Utility works great and has been the saving grace (great job for outputting a finished file!). The most important aspect to me is the enormous potential of this new technology! The VIDEO these units product is spectacular! To this point, all I have to offer is the basic battery /...

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on Oct 3, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

What Remote Do You Use?

“What remote are you using for your star trails?” Man, had that question a few times today from my Stary post. I only use the WR-R10 anymore because the only thing wrong with it is its so small, I’m afraid I’m going to loose it! Seriously, one of Nikon’s best accessories EVER is the little known WR-R10. It’s been around for years now and yet few know about it. It’s real simple, whether you have a 10pin socket or the other little funky type, this works perfectly (I use it with my D750 as well)! The added bonus of the WR-R10 is if you have the D5 or D500. With those bodies and the SB-5000 and WR-R10, you have wireless flash which is the BEST accessory Nikon has come out with in over a decade! And in case you’re wondering, yes you can fire remotely and use wireless flash at the same time with this. That’s just darn...

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on Sep 29, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

“Now What Do You Use?”

With the loss of Copperhill, many have emailed me asking, “Now what do you use?” I went right back to what worked before, Visible Dust Swabs. I didn’t switch because they weren’t great, I switched because I wanted to save money on something that is a necessary evil that’s disposable. I never stopped using the Visible Dust Corner Swabs, they are great! I’ve just gone back to their full sensor swabs. Now in the interem, I would swear they have made some improvements on their swabs as they are doing a better job. I’m still using the same cleaning solution as with the Copperhill, Eclipse, and even in humid conditions, cleaning seems faster, easier and better. I guess I’ll have to redo my cleaning gear videos but here’s the old one to get you started. And that’s what I use...

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