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on Oct 1, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

P800 & Exhibition Watercolor

My good friend at Epson, Eddie, knows how I love to share my images via the print. He also knows I’m really, really, really a stickler when it comes to print quality. My favorite papers are Hot Press Bright and Exhibition going through a TON of it each year. Now one paper is a Matter and the other a Luster and depending on the subject (the most important), the client and the wall the print is going to be hung, I select the right paper (and at times, I go metal with Image Wizards). While we were talking about the new Epson P800 (repl for 3880) printer, a new paper (at least new to me) came up, the Exhibition Watercolor Fine Art (what Eddie affectionately calls the 80grit paper). Now I’d never heard of or tried that paper and trusting Eddie, a box of it arrived. Sadly, a couple months back. I just started test printing with it and man … it’s gorgeous!!!! You can’t tell a thing about...

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on Sep 10, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Have Camera Will Travel

One of the great treasures from our adventure in Africa were the relationships created. We had three special Maasai as our guides, drivers and interrupters on the Mara. Each was as unique as the critters they shared with us. Each had a passion for their world and desire to share it that was simply infectious. And all three were so much fun! I tried, and failed miserably to learn some Swahili. The “boys” were my teachers so at o’dark thirty each morning as I loaded my gear in a Landi, I would get my word for the day. Half way through our stay, talking with our Maasai who walked us down the path, I asked him for the word for his “spear.” I thought he said, my cookie, as in, it’s my cookie with cookie being the name. Well I knew I could remember that one. So the next morning, I thought I’d surprise my teachers with the new word I learned. I said “where’s your cookie?” and all...

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on Sep 8, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Gotta Have Power!

You simply gotta have power to run our babies! There was a time when with the first DSLRs of fifteen years ago you had to switch out the battery every time you switch CF Cards (and those were 64MB cards!). Those days are long gone, thank goodness!!! But there are times when our ability to charge our batteries can be the challenge. On my recent trip to Africa, I just didn’t know what power we’d have for charging batteries so I took extra batteries. I’ve had a lot of you have asked about off brand batteries. As you might have figured, I’m a “stick with the brand” kinda guy so have always stuck with the Nikon EN-EL18A to power my D4s. Well I had a sample of the Watson D4 battery come in and figured this was the perfect time to do a true field test and as it turned out, a stress test field test! The EN-EL18a is a 10.8V, 2500mAh battery that has served me brilliantly! The...

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on Aug 26, 2015 in Camera Tech

What the Hell is Flare?

“That’s Flare?!” Had a person exclaim this last week at Photoshop World when I answered their question, “Why does my image look flat and colorless?” I post this image taken a couple of weeks ago which I think is a classic example of flare in action. The top of the frame is normal, the bottom part of the frame has flare contamination. The lions mane around his ears has contrast and color, the lower mane is flat and colorless. I could see this in the viewfinder and took this photo just to illustrate the issue of flare. Shooting with the 800mm (D4s), I had the tiniest pinch of direction sunlight striking the bottom of JUST the front element (no other elements in the lens). That light was enough to cause the most common form of flare which for most photographers, is really hard to see in the viewfinder. In the case of the lion, to remove the flare, I asked that the vehicle be moved forward just one foot...

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on Aug 21, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Tascam DR-40

I’ve been doing a whole bunch of interviews of late. I take notes for important points, but count on a digital recorder to record the entire interview. My old Olympus LS-14 does a great job, but I found I needed a separate recorder for video as well. I went looking and asked advise of the experts at B&H Video and got the Tascam DR-40 and love it! This is why … The DR-40 captures up to four tracks from built-in, high-quality condenser microphones, XLR mic or line inputs. The internal mics are adjustable from XY to AB position, helping you to tailor your recording to the sound of the room. A pair of great-sounding TASCAM microphone preamps welcome condenser microphones with phantom power, recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution. It accommodates balanced XLR or 1/4″ line inputs using locking Neutrik Combo jacks. The DR-40 accepts SD or SDHC cards up to 32GB, and a 2GB card is included. Once recorded, play back your takes with EQ and the optional...

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on Aug 20, 2015 in Camera Tech

“You Use HSC?”

“You shoot with a 800mm lens, you use HSC?” This is what a person exclaimed at me at PSW last week in a hallway conversation. They exclaimed it when I said I do and in fact, used it quite a bit on my Africa trip the previous week. They asked the obvious question. Why? That answer is actually real simple, for the subject in the viewfinder I wanted no only the bigger image size, but I needed the faster FPS to capture the action. In the perfect world, first, I would be lying on the ground making on the shot. Second, I would move closer physically to make the shot. But I was in a Landie in Africa so neither was possible. I have the Video Record button on my D4s set so when depressed and sub-command dial is turned, the camera goes into HSC (High Speed Crop). So making this shot of a calling Wattled Plover (above straight, below with HSC) was really rather quite simple. It’s a...

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