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on Aug 20, 2015 in Camera Tech

“You Use HSC?”

“You shoot with a 800mm lens, you use HSC?” This is what a person exclaimed at me at PSW last week in a hallway conversation. They exclaimed it when I said I do and in fact, used it quite a bit on my Africa trip the previous week. They asked the obvious question. Why? That answer is actually real simple, for the subject in the viewfinder I wanted no only the bigger image size, but I needed the faster FPS to capture the action. In the perfect world, first, I would be lying on the ground making on the shot. Second, I would move closer physically to make the shot. But I was in a Landie in Africa so neither was possible. I have the Video Record button on my D4s set so when depressed and sub-command dial is turned, the camera goes into HSC (High Speed Crop). So making this shot of a calling Wattled Plover (above straight, below with HSC) was really rather quite simple. It’s a...

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on Aug 18, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

New Nikon Lenses

When I got back online after Africa, I was slammed with questions about the three new Nikon lenses announced while I was offline. I had NO clue these lenses were coming out so when I received the emails, I wondered what I had missed. In case you missed it, Nikon announced the FX 200-500f5.6 and 24-70f2.8 AFS VR and 24f1.8AFS. At this point, I’ve not seen any of these lenses but plan on having two in my hands shortly. The two that peak my interest are the 200-500 and 24-70. The reasons? I think the 200-500 with that staggering low price point will make wildlife and aviation photography available to a whole bunch of folks. That’s bloody exciting. And the 24-70, well, I wanna see if the 24-70AFS in my bag now can be improved since it’s an amazing lens. I’ve been told it is sharper, a bunch with its brand new optical formula. But to be honest with you, its bigger size and 82mm front element make me...

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on Aug 12, 2015 in Camera Tech

Chloride’s Last Light Lesson

The last demo shoot of our Photo Safari from Photoshop World to Chloride was with these desperadoes. Emily and Sam were great sports to participate in the heat in this simple setup. The top photo is the original shot. Take with no flash and 0 exp comp in the camera, as I explained to the group, to understand using flash, you have to see the available light. So this original shot shows many of the deficiencies in the ambient light. There are highlights and shadows but the biggest issue as I see it is the quality in the light. It simply has no character and since character is the storyline, we needed to bring in flash. It was done quickly and easily! I was shooting with the Df / 24-70AFS and the light source was the sun and the Profoto B2. The B2 had the OCF Softbox (2×3′) attached to it. It was placed just outside the field of view on the left side of the photo. The key...

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on Jul 22, 2015 in Camera Tech

Viewfinder Dust

Can you see dust when you put your camera to your eye? If you do, you are not alone! First and foremost, if you can see dust when you look through the viewfinder, IT’S NOT on your sensor! Next, No, you won’t see it on your photographs. And yes, it can be annoying. When I received my brand new D4 when it was first released, it had a bug. I mean a real bug, a six legged little dood that I saw walking around in my viewfinder on the screen after my first shoot. It disappeared but not before it left a little stain on my screen. It drove me nuts! When there is dust on the TOP of the viewfinder screen (or bug stains), your only real option is to send the camera in to have it cleaned. Viewfinder screens can’t be removed by us mortal folks. Now, you can take a can of air and blast it through the side crack of the screen but more often...

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on Jul 20, 2015 in Camera Tech

Hittin the Road Checkup

Just like having your car serviced before a big road trip, I like to do the same with my camera body. We’re heading off to Africa with Images in Africa Safaris shortly for ten days of amazing photography. The last place you want your gear to go down is in deepest Africa when the killer shot is in the viewfinder. So the D4s went in for what is called a CLA, Clean, Lube and Adjust. Two things to be sure you do before you send it in … first … make sure you have the current firmwares installed. Second, copy your settings to your card. The reason for the 1st is so when you do the 2nd, when the camera comes back #2 still works. If they update your firmware for you, there is the possibility you will loose your settings even if you copy them to a card. Keep in mind that if you do loose your settings, you can start over using mine as a starting point....

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on Jul 15, 2015 in Moose's Camera Bag

Your Screws Loose?

Just heard another disaster story so I though I should remind all … Tighten them 70-200VR2 tripod foot screws! I first posted this warning years ago and then a couple of years ago. Now many put loctite in these screws holes. I will never do that because if the lens goes to Nikon for repair (a big if), they want those screws loose. Yes, I know about the loctite that’s not permanent, still ain’t going there! I just need to remember to check them every so often and all is good. I just wanted to pass that reminder on to...

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