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on Jul 31, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

New Nikon 28f1.4 is Schweeet!

I have long loved the 28f1.4 AF lens! The original AF version was spectacularly sharp and the only way you could buy it was used (costing more than the new version). When Nikon announced the new 28f1.4 AFS I got so excited. I already have the 24f1.4, 50f1.4 and 105f1.4, I was thinkin this might just be the ticket for me! Getting right to it, it’s gorgeous! It feels great in the hand and is spectacularly sharp! I have it to shoot at f1.4 and at that f/stop, it performs, oh, does it perform! Already made 24×30 prints so quite sold on the lens. There is a whole lot more shooting to do but oh man, what a lens!...

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on Jul 27, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

First Shoot with the 8-15Fish

B&H got the new Nikon 8-15 Fisheye just a couple of days ago and I’ve been dying to shoot with it ever since. Once upon a time I owned the 8f8 Fisheye and I’ve owned a 16Fish forever so the idea of having one lens that does all sounded really attractive to me. Then I went in my files and search how much I use the 16Fish and found it was real little. So I didn’t think I would buy this lens because simply, I didn’t shoot Fish enough to justify it. Then I shot with the 8-15Fish today …. Here are just two examples from today’s shooting with the 8-15Fish. First, it’s real fun to use, the shade and lens cap system makes it simple to use and protect that front element. Then when it comes to applying its magic, that was pretty seamless as well. Lastly there is the file it produces. To say I’m very pleased with my results is an understatement. And now the lens...

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on Jul 13, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Getting 2 Know New Lens

Balance point, operational rings, filter, MFD, straight-line-rendition and many other attributes of your new lens need to be ingrained in your photographic toolbox. These and other thoughts are in the video. And here are some of the links mentioned. What Lens Should I buy? In the Bag – 24-70VR Picturing the World through Wide Angle...

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on Jun 20, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Eco ProFessional 2

Dawn di-GPS has just come out with their latest version, the Eco ProFessional 2. The biggest is the addition of a digital compass. What this does is provide you with a Heading, or the direction the camera was pointed when the photo was taken. It also has built-in flash remembering the last GPS coordinates in case you want to apply them to a different photo. For me, this replaces the Eco ProFessional because that Heading every so often would be really useful info. If you’re wondering, yes you can screw in the WR-R10 to the Eco Pro or Eco Pro 2 and it function. Pretty cool! Note: I’ve had reports of the WR-R10 working and not working with this unit. The reason why it does or doesn’t work is not in my wheelhouse as I didn’t design, build or sell them....

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on Jun 14, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Getting to Know Your Best Friend – Your New Camera

It is essential you get to know your best friend, your new camera body! But how do you do that and at the same time, make it an integral part of your photographic arsenal? Well in this video I give you some ideas on just that topic from learning its functions to imputing you first settings. I mention in the video my settings, you can find them here. A CRITICAL thing I didn’t mention in the video (because I stopped reading my list, duh!) is to do the Teddy Bear Exercise to understand the meter, the advice your best friend provides and make the exposure...

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