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on Jun 9, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Nikon D500 – Bloody Well Done!

The D500 has arrived finally and wow, Nikon really did a bloody fine job with this camera! The size, feel, FPS (what a great sounding shutter) and right out of the box appeal is simply over the top! The first body B&H shipped me is the D500 Kit (comes with 16-80DX) in part because I figured this lens Nikon determined was perfectly matched to the performance of the D500. The D500 is so closely matched to the D5, it was very easy to pick it up and go. The D500 incorporates the round eyepiece on the viewfinder which I love. It is larger than the D750 which is nice and uses the same batteries as the D750 which is great. Has the fold out LCD which I love and you can change the AF Sensors in Group AF to dots (which I miss on the D5). The real biggie for me is the 4k video which I’ve just started to dive into. I have a basic set of D500...

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on May 26, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Nikon Lens Wipes Rock!

Aviation just makes camera gear messy and oily. So finding something to instantly clean it on the spot has been an on going search until two months ago. Ya, I’ve tried brand X, Y & Z but none I’ve found work as great as these Nikon Lens Wipes. Over the last month, I’ve given these out to many photographers to get their impressions as well. All have loved them so much, they’ve gone and bought them for themselves but there is the rub. You can’t find these at any of your normal outlets. I found this 200 count box on Amazon, but they are not always there and the price can very from $9.99 to $29.99 for the same box. I use these on my front elements, lens barrels, camera LCD and rubber, glasses, computer keyboard, nearly everything and they do a killer job. Thought I would pass the find along, they do make my life in the field a littler easier, and...

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on May 25, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

Face Detection Magic?

Ever since we first started shooting with the D5, understanding how it works with its new features has been a fun quest. The first big puzzlement came when photographing Sharp-tailed Grouse using Auto Area AF, the D5 grabbed on and locked focus in low light on subjects BEHIND grasses. Its performance defies IMHO how the classic AF systems work. They need contrast, strong vertical and/or horizontal lines to operate and in this scenario with the grouse, the lines were IN FRONT of the subject yet the AF system consistently locked focus on and delivered sharp images. And if Kevin hadn’t been beside me shooting with his D5 getting the same results, I would have thought it a fluke. But it’s not a fluke! While at Magee Marsh photographing the warblers as they danced in and out of the tree limbs, at one point the D5 locked on and in the viewfinder I saw what I hypothesize as being how the AF system works. In the upgrade of the D5...

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on Apr 21, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

DSLR Parka – Brilliant!

This is simply a brilliant product! Where have you been? The DSLR Parka Cold and Rain Protector is so simple but sooo effective I wonder why it didn’t come out long ago! It’s real simple, you place your camera / lens inside and place your hands inside and you shoot. You can shoot easily down to zero with no gloves easily with this. You can put a flash through the top slot and see everything through the viewfinder and LCD with clear back panel. It’s real simple to attach or remove and get your hands inside to your gear. The inside lining is soo soft as well, it just screams “come in!” It fits any body, any lens as well as any size of hands. If you’re shooting with a Nikon AFS lens, be sure to have it set to M/A and not A/M. Otherwise, this is the perfect outdoor photographer accessory. Where’s the snow when you need it? Oh, BTW … it makes a great sound blimp too!...

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on Apr 12, 2016 in Moose's Camera Bag

D5 – 2 Week Impression

The D5 has blown past my expectations! I’m so grateful B&H got one to me ASAP upon their release! The first 24×30 prints are on the drying rack and I love the results. Many keep asking me if I see in my photos all the bad things they’ve read about on the web about the D5. Wow, negatives about a new body on the web, glad I was sitting down when they asked me those questions! This photo of a Greater Prairie Chicken is a perfect example of my complete satisfaction with the D5. Shot D5, 800mm w/TC-25e, Standard Picture Set, Auto2, ISO 800, no exposure comp in low light with Group-Area AF doing the focusing, all I had to do (and that was enough) was keep the sparing chickens in the viewfinder. The D5 did all the rest! The 24×30 print is stunning having qualities I don’t see out of the D4s. So, the D4s is going to be sold, D5 is firmly in my camera bag (here...

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