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on May 26, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Join Us … Your Photos Will Thank You!

Photography in large part is about growing personally and photographically just as much as capturing that amazing moment. Our Workshops and Adventures are geared to meet those common needs and a lot more. We have a couple of openings, one might just be what your photography and you need to grow! Many find the time in the vehicle and at meals just as helpful as behind the camera. I’m here to help you with YOUR photography. 26-30 June ’17 Madera Cyn, AZ 1 opening 18-23 Sept ’17 Palouse, WA 1 opening 09-13 Oct ’17 VT Fall Color filled 25-30 Oct ’17 Yellowstone filled 01-06 Nov ’17 Oregon Coast, OR filled 05-09 May ’18 Grand Canyon, AZ 1 opening 18-23 May ’18 Yellowstone 1 opening Want to sign up or have questions, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506. Look forward to shooting with...

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on Apr 3, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Five Came Back

Netflix has just started streaming their new documentary series Five Came Back. This is just an outstanding series about five directors, movie makers, famous Hollywood storytellers and how they took on the mission of telling the story of WWII. Capra, Ford, Huston, Wyler and Stevens go to war to bring back the images and stories that became history. This three part series is so well done and for modern storytellers a moving, educational and inspirational window into our world. You must watch all three episodes because one the most important precepts in photographs is beautifully laid before you. The click you are making is the culmination of all your experience up to that click. Not of your photographic experiences, but all your experiences of...

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on Mar 10, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

The Print – Move Your Photography Forward!

This print is the final polish of your photograph sharing your visual story with the world. Getting to that point takes craftsmanship at the camera and the computer combined with the passion that makes you, YOU! This weekend workshop explores, explains, educates and entertains that process from click to click. You will be taking home prints of your photos you probably didn’t were possible while learning how to continue to use the print to improve your photography. Come, join us for what’s going to be a great weekend! Dates: 25-26 March, 2017 Time: 9am – 4pm Location: Westin Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA Price: $395* Limit to 20 participants (2 spots) What to bring: Camera gear, computer, images and passion Registration: Sharon Peterson 661.204.1506 *2 nights stay at Westin required for this...

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on Feb 3, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

“You Want …. What?”

The business of photography is a huge roller coaster ride. This is in part because it’s a marriage of our creative talents with those needing those talents to tell a story or sell a product. This means there are human beings involved and as soon as you add that to the mix, the roller coaster ride begins. Case in point, delivering to a client what they actually need compared to what they think they want. When it comes to a photograph or series of photographs, this can be a challenge where being a mindreader doesn’t always help. It actually requires acute listening skills and combining that with current trends with our spirit to visually communicate to come up with the perfect final result. A simple example would be working with a photo buyer and in listening to what they are saying, even though they say they want horizontal format images, you add in the submission a couple of perfect vertical format images (or vise a versa) because that’s what...

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on Jan 27, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Keymission 80 – New to the Locker

Constantly using the Keymission 360 (now have 4 of them) & 170 (now have 6 in housings), curiosity finally won over so now I have the Keymission 80. What in the heck for you ask? I was attracted by its incredibly small size cause this sucker is small! Because of that size, you can put it just about anywhere. Next is the ease of use. The touch screen LCD on the back permits quick and easy operation, whether you’re shooting video or stills. Now I have a couple of crazy thoughts about how I’m going to use this new tool but to be honest with you, it’s so darn cute I’m already in love and I’ve not even shot with it yet....

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