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on Feb 3, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

“You Want …. What?”

The business of photography is a huge roller coaster ride. This is in part because it’s a marriage of our creative talents with those needing those talents to tell a story or sell a product. This means there are human beings involved and as soon as you add that to the mix, the roller coaster ride begins. Case in point, delivering to a client what they actually need compared to what they think they want. When it comes to a photograph or series of photographs, this can be a challenge where being a mindreader doesn’t always help. It actually requires acute listening skills and combining that with current trends with our spirit to visually communicate to come up with the perfect final result. A simple example would be working with a photo buyer and in listening to what they are saying, even though they say they want horizontal format images, you add in the submission a couple of perfect vertical format images (or vise a versa) because that’s what...

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on Jan 27, 2017 in Friday Thoughts

Keymission 80 – New to the Locker

Constantly using the Keymission 360 (now have 4 of them) & 170 (now have 6 in housings), curiosity finally won over so now I have the Keymission 80. What in the heck for you ask? I was attracted by its incredibly small size cause this sucker is small! Because of that size, you can put it just about anywhere. Next is the ease of use. The touch screen LCD on the back permits quick and easy operation, whether you’re shooting video or stills. Now I have a couple of crazy thoughts about how I’m going to use this new tool but to be honest with you, it’s so darn cute I’m already in love and I’ve not even shot with it yet....

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on Dec 9, 2016 in Friday Thoughts

Keymission 360 Firmware Update

You might have missed the Keymission 360 firmware update. It makes a difference so go get it! Connecting and reconnecting to your iPhone is much, much better and that was an issue at times for me previously. I used the KM360 a whole bunch this week and it never let me down and in fact, saved my butt one time so while it’s still not perfect, it’s an important tool in my...

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