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on Aug 22, 2014 in Friday Thoughts


The first day of class at Brooks in 1978, we received our first assignment, the EDL. The EDL, Every Day Life is all about taking photos of what we see every day, often things we take for granted and make a visual story about that event. It didn’t make a difference what your major might have been at Brooks, this assignment which is very editorial in nature was required. Being an Industrial major, it seemed really stupid to me and I didn’t like doing them at all. Not only did it take me way out of my comfort range, it required me to work at taking photos when I wanted to have fun. Man, am I ever glad that I was required to do these every week for a couple of years! Now you’re all going to Photoshop World, right?! Because while there you need to listen to the talks by the master of EDLs, Jay Maisel. Called by most as the Father of Color Photography, Jay does EDLs...

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on Aug 5, 2014 in Friday Thoughts

“Why Do You Shoot So Much?”

“Why do you shoot so much? You have so many great images, why are you always out shooting?” This question came in lately and it struck me as a little odd but then I started to notice things on the web that might have been the genesis of this question. The first and most heartfelt answer to why I shoot so much is simply, I love it! And just can’t think of anything else I want to do (being with Sharon of course goes without saying). Is there another reason? Long ago, an editor said to me, “You’re only as good as your last published image.” Is that true? I don’t know but I took those words to heart. I took them as meaning that I need to constantly shoot to improve my photography and more importantly, visual storytelling. I need to perfect those techniques that are working and find new techniques for those photos that fail. It’s a constant process which is kept alive simply by shooting, a...

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on Aug 4, 2014 in Friday Thoughts

Changing Our Measuring Stick?

Why do we go click? Why do we go click after click after click? We all, thank goodness, answer this question differently. But no matter where we are in our photography, so much goes into every click seemingly having the weight of the world on it. And because we are all different and because we are all in different places in our photography, we all measure the success of our clicks differently. But measure we do and from that rating, we make judgment calls. We might simply change exposure or lenses at the point of capture. Or later, we might delete or print the photo. What is the stick you measure your photos against … perfection? “It’s Sharp!” “The Exposure is good!” “I like it!” These common measures are all very valid reasons along with a long list of others to measure our photographs as successful. These are the best reasons to keep clicking and to share those clicks. But are these measures enough, are they the starting point...

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on Jul 11, 2014 in Friday Thoughts

How Our Photography Gives Back

We first meet Brian a year ago. He was in a wheel chair recuperating from a near tragic airplane crash in his Ag Tractor. We were in the showroom of our dear friend, Brian’s partner when he was wheeled in. He had more rods, pins and sutures then you might see in an old Frankenstein movie. But Brian’s great laugh was still very much alive and in use. And his love of life and friends was greater than ever. So while he looked like death warmed over, his heart warmed up the room. A year later and he’s recouped and as you can see, doing just great. The only thing he lost in the crash was fulfilling a part of his great passion for flight. He can no longer fly any of his aircraft. While still very much a part of the business and a mentor to many other pilots, Brian isn’t in the cockpit. Sharon and I had just gotten off our flight, not even left our luggage...

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on Dec 31, 2013 in Friday Thoughts

A New Year Wish

It’s New Years again, where did that time go? As photographers we are blessed we can answer that question. We can reflect back on our year through our images, our memories, passion, failures and successes forever preserved in those carefully organized pixels. We can look back on the plans we made the year prior and how they actually unfolded. And now we look forward to the unfolding next year with the plans we have made this year. I often wonder if photography itself makes time go faster, speeding up our lives by its very nature of constant providing a visual milestone of our lives. A year ago Sharon & I were in the last throws of months of secrecy as we packed for our trip to Costa Rica. We along with a crew from Nikon were heading out to the rain forests for a two week shoot with the then unknown D7100. A shoot on this scale starts months prior and encompasses aspects of life and photography we normally...

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